Basic environment to work as an Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic

Whether you are a professional auto mechanic or just a DIY auto mechanic, it is essential that you work in proper environment to make the work easier and to protect your health. Also, even if you are not an expert at mechanics, you can try to fix your own car or do some basic maintenance following some online guide or video.To make it clear for you how you can create this environment we’ve set up a clear guide to help you out.

Good lighting and ventilation

The first thing which is essential for an auto mechanics work place is that there is good ventilation and good lighting for working. The ventilation is important for it to not become too hot in the workroom and to keep the air fresh with all the dirt that comes into it. Especially for the chemicals that might come into the air after painting it is essential that there is good ventilation. Good lighting is extremely important to see what you are doing while you’re working on the cars because you could do something wrong or hurt yourself if you can’t see well.

The work tools you need

Obviously you’re going to need some tools if you want to work as an auto mechanic, so we’ve conducted a small list of all the tools that you definitely need.

First of all you need a screwdriver, a wrench and a hex set. These tools are essential for every job that you will work own. A hammer is the next tool you need for straightening out something metal for example. A special hand cleaner for mechanics is essential during work. You don’t want your hands to be greasy and dirty all day still a simple soap won’t be enough to clean them. If you’re going to work with chemicals disposable gloves are essential because chemicals are not very good for your hands. Brake degreasers are also really important for getting grime of brakes when that is necessary. Finally you definitely need a hydraulic jack to keep the car up and in place when you’re working on it.

Have an assistant around

First of all it is really handy to have someone around who can assist you with all the work that you have to do as an auto mechanic. Someone to help you out will make the work a lot easier to do and it is also a lot safer. If something were to go wrong you don’t want to be alone in the garage. Having someone else around can really help you out if something goes wrong.

Work hours

Finally it’s important to watch how long you’re working. You can’t be a good mechanic when you’re tired and you might make mistakes. Therefore it’s important to watch yourself that you’re not working more than 40 hours per week since you can become overworked really soon.

If you watch these things closely then you create a safe work environment for yourself which is pleasant to work in. Obviously this is exactly what you want and you never want to compromise on safety.