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If you are a car freak, then you might have considered becoming an auto mechanic. It is a wonderful career for car enthusiasts. Where it seems easy to become an auto mechanic, it requires the same amount of work that any other line of work does. You are required to gain the specific education and experience to become an auto mechanic. For anyone who is interested, we have summed up the basic steps on how to become an auto mechanic.

Get the Right Education

If you are in high school and you have made up your mind that you want to build your own auto mechanic company, then try to pick relevant subjects, a lot of institutes are offering auto-mobile subjects these days as well. If your school is not offering any such units, then you can focus on mathematics and electronic subjects. It will build a strong foundation for you.

Get a Diploma

If you are done with high school, and you have decided later on, then you can get a diploma in automobile industries. Auto mechanics usually have diplomas even after high school because it boosts their knowledge and makes it easier for them to get in this line of work.

A man lays under a car holding a mechanical work tool.
adult male Car Mechanic holding a ratcheting wrench laying on the ground

Gain Experience

Education is the basic foundation, but the experience is what builds you. It polishes your skills and makes you capable. Get into an automotive company as a trainee or an assistant. Hands-On experience is incredible for you to gain confidence. It also builds your skills, and you get to see the vehicles closely, which enhances your learning.

Work on Troubleshooting

As a technician, you will have to repair troubled vehicles. Thus, while you are gaining experience, it is best that you acquire troubleshooting skills. Work on troubled cars and assist the mechanic while he repairs them. This will help you improve the most wanted skill of an auto mechanic.

Develop Good Customer Service Skills

As an auto mechanic, you must be good at dealing with customers. You will have to communicate with a number of people about the vehicle’s problems and also demonstrate the possible solutions for their issues. Car freaks will dig into all the details and will be super finicky with you too. Thus, you should be good at controlling your temper and develop good customer service skills as it is crucial to building a strong customer bond.

Get your License and Certifications:

If you want to build a proper career in the automobile industry, then getting licensed and certified is very important. You will have to pass all the state examinations for this. Also, lookup for the procedure to get ASE certification because it makes you a part of the top-rated and well-reputed auto mechanics. This is crucial, and you must work on the certifications if you want a good career in this line of work.


Becoming an auto mechanic is not easy, and you need to gain relevant education and certifications for it. Experience is extremely important to enhance your skills too. We hope this guide helps you and gives you the right direction to becoming an auto mechanic and if you are interested you might check What does an Auto Mechanic do, so you can get a more clearer view of this job.