The 10 Best Car Cigarette Ashtrays- Buying Guide 2022

In this time and age, if you have not licked your smoking habit, expect some bad news about your health some years from now. 

But still we hear about people living up to 90 or 100 but still smoking cigarettes or cigars every day. Well, each person is different. 

If you drive a car and you smoke, you might want to check out our recommendations of the best car ashtrays which will manage your soot and butts well. 

They will serve you conveniently on the road and they minimize the chances of cigarette butts to scatter on the streets because they are disposed of properly in your ashtray. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Best Car Cigarette Ashtray on the Market

1. Wofo Smokeless Car Ashtray 

It’s made of brushed stainless steel all over, making it fire resistant from any ignited fire that may come from the cigarette butts put into it. Your purchase includes a cleaning brush inside. 

It is perfect either for car use or outdoor purposes. It has a hole in the middle where you just stick right in your used cigarette butts. It can be detached into 2 parts for easy cleaning. 

Its funnel design which gravitates towards the hole in the middle to a 30 degree angle downwards makes the soot or ashes that come from your cigarette, to enter directly into the hole. This means the car movement also helps in making the car clean because it makes this ashtray vibrate and move the ashes down into the center hole. 

Its brushed stainless steel material makes it unbreakable and durable. Its modern and sleek design makes it a nice addition as an accessory in your car interior. It fits right smug in most cup holder compartments in cars. 

  • Brushed stainless steel material makes it fire resistant
  • Creative 30° Funnel design going downwards enables ashes to go directly into hole
  • Fits most cup holder features in cars
  • Includes cleaning brush in your purchase
  • Sleek design
  • Can’t completely eliminate cigarette smoke
  • Doesn’t have separate part below for small trash

2. Co-z Light Weight Steel Fire Safe Ashtray Cigarette Disposal 

It comes with its own trash can. Its sturdiness is reliable and guaranteed because it is designed to be fire safe. Its construction is from tin plated steel and is rust free. Expect it to last for several years. 

It has a compact measurement of 5.5 x 21.9 inches which can easily be stored in a small space. It is able to absorb a 1.2 gallon volume of trash and cigarette ash in its trash receptacle below. 

You can make use of the trash receptacle below and the ashtray on top, together, for a combined trash and cigarette butts/ash disposal. But conveniently, you can detach the ashtray on top and use it in another location. 

Its efficient and slim design has a removable lid and provides easy access to both ashtray and trash can contents. 

Its sand filled base makes it stable despite just weighing 2.3 pounds. It is recommended to be placed in spots with low foot traffic and it enhances the aesthetics of your room. 

  • Fire safe
  • Convenience of ash tray and trash disposal in one product
  • Stable because of sand filled bottom
  • Elegant design
  • Keeps area clean from cigarette debris
  • Can’t be placed inside a moving car.

3. Thikpo Car Ashtray 

It is a portable ashtray designed for cars. Think of it as a mini trash can too. 

It is detachable and can be separated into 3 different parts, making it easy for thorough cleaning. It has a lid and is made of stainless steel material which is fire resistant and not easily susceptible to burn marks. A blue LED light glows from the inside of the lid when you open the trash bin part, which is especially useful when you dispose of trash in the dark. 

The rubber ring inside the lid is especially designed to block off smell from disposed cigarette butts. This keeps the car interior air fresh and the passengers wouldn’t be coughing from the cigarette smoke. 

This product is very much designed for cars because of its appropriate size and the fact that it is also windproof for your outdoor travels. 

Its compact design makes it easy to be fitted in a strategic place inside your car and its lid is easy to open when you use it while smoking. 

It is perfect for cars but also applicable for use in hotels, restaurants, bars, offices and homes. Its large capacity offers you not only space for your cigarette butts and ash but also for small trash items like fruit peels, scraps and tissue. 

  • Portable and easily to relocate
  • Easy to fit in a convenient place inside your car
  • Rubber lid inside blocks cigarette fumes from spreading in car interior
  • Fire resistant
  • Stainless steel material not prone to burn marks
  • Easy to clean because can be separated into 3 parts
  • Stable and compact but can stumble and fall on a rough road when inside the car

4. Takavu Rr-2-3-1 Car Ashtray

It has a blue LED light inside the trash receptacle lid which guides you in the dark when throwing small garbage during night time when you are inside the car and traveling. It also has an attached removable lighter which is integrated seamlessly into the design. It can easily be detached when you want to light a cigarette. An integrated USB port is included so you can charge the inbuilt lighter. 

It is made of top quality and high density, fireproof stainless steel liner inside and premium ABS material on the exterior. It is non flammable and has an advanced automatic turn off function. 

Other passengers who don’t smoke don’t need to smell themselves, so this is a perfect product because it has features like excellent sealing performance when closing the lid. No smoke comes out.

It is easily detachable because of its portable and removable metal liner material. It is a cigarette ashtray on top and a trash receptacle below for small garbage items. 

It has a classy and luxurious look which makes it suitable as a gift item for friends who are smokers. 

  • Easy to clean because the top and bottom parts are detachable.
  • It can be used on a boat and other types of crafts aside from a car as long as it is tightly located in a location that’s snug and would not let it move
  • Blue LED light gives you a visual guide in the dark when you want to dispose of your cigarette butts or small garbage stuff.
  • Ideal as a good looking gift for your friends who smoke.
  • It can’t completely eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke.

5. Custom Accessories Black Smokeless Ashtray 

This seems to be the most saleable automotive ashtray in Amazon, being ranked no. 1. It fits right smug into most cup holder compartments at the front of any car, between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. 

What’s important is it fits right and is stable, without moving, when the car is on the road. And its black color blends seamlessly with most car interiors. 

When it’s time to put out your cigarette, just put the butt into the hole in the center of the product and you decrease the chances that cigarette smoke will stay inside the car interior. 

Unlike most car ashtrays, it doesn’t come with a lid to close it and it doesn’t come with an additional trash receptacle below. 

  • Just throw your cigarette butt into the hole in the center after use
  • Black color blends with most car interiors
  • Small size fits in most cup holder compartments in cars
  • Doesn’t have a lid to cover it
  • Doesn’t have a trash section for other small garbage below it.

6. Eing Portable Car Bling Ashtray 

It is designed with a lot of glittery faux diamond crystal ornaments on top. It seems it is designed for lady smokers, that’s why it’s a great gift for them. 

It also has fire retardant materials on its interior and exterior parts, making it safe against the possibility of fire developing dangerously. 

It can fit smugly into almost all cup holder compartments in most cars. When you open the glittery lid, a blue LED light goes on which is especially useful for nighttime driving when you’re grappling around on where to rest your unfinished cigarette or where to put off your completed cigarette. Battery, which is located on the lid, is easy to replace. It is also easy to clean. 

Its feminine design makes it ideal for female smokers’ use. It is also ideal for office or home use. 

  • Women will be delighted with its design 
  • Blue LED light enables easy cigarette disposal 
  • Made of fire retardant materials, inside and outside 
  • Fits perfectly into most car interior cup holders 
  • Glittery materials serve no purpose and can be a distraction

7. Roadpro Self Extinguishing Ashtray  

It is easy to put inside any cup holder compartment available in your car. 

When you’ve finished with your cigarette, you don’t have to go through the action of stubbing out its sparks. Rather, you could just drop it into this product and the cigarette is self extinguished. This makes it very safe against the possibility of fires developing. 

This makes the advent of cigarette smoke into the car interior minimal. Thus, your non-smoking passengers will not be disturbed. 

It is as if you’re getting 2 car ashtrays in one because it is much larger than most car ashtrays in the market. 

  • Easy to to fit into car cup holders
  • Bigger capacity than most car ashtrays 
  • Just drop a used cigarette into the hole to extinguish itself 
  • Minimal cigarette smoke goes out 
  • Makes you smoke more because of large capacity 
  • No blue LED light for nighttime guidance 

8. Vimvip Portable Cigarette Ashtray 

It is easily transportable from one part of the car to another because it fits most inbuilt vehicle cup holders. It is made of fireproof stainless metal in both its interior and exterior which makes it a really safe ashtray for use in your car, home or office.

It has a sleek, silver design which will enhance the environment of your car, home or office. Its blue LED light when you open it guides you properly to the ashtray in the dark when you want to shake off cigarette ash or you want to dispose of your used cigarette. 

It minimizes the spread of cigarette smoke within the area because your cigarette butts are disposed of properly within this product which has a tight lid. 

It’s a nice and thoughtful gift to give to your smoking friends. 

  • Stainless metal material makes it fireproof 
  • Easily fits regular cup holders in cars 
  • Attractive table item in homes and offices and also looks nice in your car 
  • Blue LED light guides you safely towards it in the dark
  • Stomps out cigarette smoke almost immediately when the butt is inside it 
  • Can’t totally eliminate cigarette smoke 

9. Q1 Stinky Cigar-Car Ashtray 

It is made from durable and heavy duty steel which will not rust and is not affected by fires started by cigarettes. It means it is very safe. 

It is designed to hold both cigars and cigarettes. This ashtray is held in place firmly in regular cup holders in cars. Once it is smug tight into the compartment, even if you venture off into rocky roads, this ashtray will not budge and drop off your lighted cigar or cigarette onto your car floor, risking the lives of the people in the car. 

It also has a lid which covers your cigarette stubs once they have been put inside this ashtray. 

  • It holds well in most cup holder compartments in cars 
  • Stainless steel material makes it fire resistant 
  • Doesn’t totally eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke 

10. Cotton Fly Glow in the Dark

Perhaps there is no other car ashtray in the market with a Glow in the Dark feature. 

A lot of other ashtrays have the blue LED light feature on the lid, but this particularly special ashtray is the only one that Glows in the Dark to guide you to it when you want to dispose of your cigarette butt. It is also a practical ashtray for use in the home or office.

In addition, it is made of quality and heavy duty material which allows it to serve you for a long time. It is also relatively easy to clean. 

  • Distinctive glow in the dark feature
  • Heavy duty materials
  • 3 cigarette holders on the rim
  • Can’t completely eliminate cigarette smoke

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Car Cigarette Ashtrays 

You are a smoker and you can’t seem to kick the habit. You get the urge to smoke even when you are in the car. 

In the market, there are so many car ashtrays to choose from. You’re confused as to what to choose to put in your car. 

Here are the features you should look for to get value for your money:

It Should Be Made of Fireproof Material

Some ashtrays have fireproof material only inside the ashtray, but outside it does not. Still others have fireproof material in their product inside and out. This is ideal, considering that cigarettes are always fire hazards. 

It Should Have a Hole Wherein You Could Easily Insert Used Cigarette Butts

Having a hole that’s just large enough for a used cigarette butt to go through decreases the tendency of cigarette fumes to spread inside the car, compared to ashtrays which have wide open receptacles. 

Added Designs Wherein the Cigarette Butts Don’t Stay On the Surface

As a general rule, butts should stay inside a concealed part of the ashtray, not on top. A design wherein the butts easily slide down to the middle hole would really be helpful in not making the fumes spread in the car interior. 

A Blue Led Light or Glow in the Dark Feature Which Guides You at Night to Where the Ashtray Is

This helps especially when you’re driving and you need to dispose of the butts in the dark. 

An Added Part Wherein You Could Throw Small Trash

Aside from the ashtray, some products also feature an added trash receptacle for your small items like receipts. 

Detachable Into Parts for Easy Cleaning

When separated into small parts, an ashtray is easy to clean. 

Pleasant Design

Aesthetics should also be considered in the purchase of an ashtray because a lot of people will be looking at it.

Types of Car Cigarette Ashtrays 

  • Smokeless ashtray. They have carbon filters which absorb smoke that goes near it. 
  • Silicone ashtray. They are permanent fixtures developed from hard silicone. They are attached to the dashboard or the car door via screws and holes. They could even hold a lighter. 
  • Pocket ashtray. When you’re not using it, it could fit into your pocket. 
  • Cigar ashtray. They have typically round shapes and have bigger slots to accommodate the bigger sizes of cigars. 
  • Glass ashtray. They are nice to look at because they’re transparent and could have decorations. And of course, they’re made of glass.


Will a Plastic Ashtray Melt From the Heat of a Cigarette? 

Most car ashtrays, if made of plastic, are made of a type which is advanced and heavy duty, like the ABS plastic. It doesn’t burn easily and is as durable as stainless steel. 

Can an Ashtray Trap Cigarette Smoke? 

There are car ashtrays that have filters that absorb cigarette smoke. But they can’t totally eliminate the spread of cigarette smoke and allergic and sensitive people can still smell it a mile away. 

Is It Legal to Smoke in the Car? 

Check your state laws regarding smoking inside your car, public smoking or in any vehicle for that matter. You have to be sure about this.

What Car Ashtray I Recommend (Final Thoughts)

When I have reviewed all the best car ashtrays, I picture myself in the shoes of the smoking consumer who drives a car and needs an ashtray by his side. 

After careful analysis, I highly recommend the WOFO Smokeless Car Ashtray.

Its feature which really stood out for me is its 30° angle Funnel on the surface which has a downward path going towards the hole in the middle. 

This is a very important feature when the car is moving because one habit of smoking drivers and passengers is to rest their still used and lit cigarette on the side of the ashtray with the ashes of course calling down. 

When the ashes are on the surface, on other ashtrays they will just stay there because they have flat designs. 

But in the case of WOFO, they slide down because of the 30° Funnel straight into the hole, eliminating any untoward cigarette causing accidents to happen. 

Another feature I like about WOFO is it is made of brushed stainless steel which is fireproof. You see, I place a priority on safety. 

Of course, it doesn’t have the Blue LED light, glow in the dark, or detachable parts (for easy cleaning) of competing car ashtrays, but what the heck. In the dark while driving, you still have other sources of light in the car like the overhead interior light. 

And when you clean the ashtray, having detachable parts doesn’t really mean a thing because all you have to do is to rinse the ashtray with running water.

The point is, the WOFO ashtray quietly moves up the scale for Safety and that is what truly counts. As an added plus, it also looks sleek and fashionable. 

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