Top 9 Best Shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4- Buyer’s Guide 2022

Best Shocks for Dodge Dakota 4x4

Over time, you will enjoy the services of your Dodge Dakota 4×4. But as it goes on numerous off-road terrain adventures and has been loaded with cargo that takes a toll on its existing shock absorbers, there comes a time when you need to have them replaced with quality shocks.

You’re currently researching the car parts stores for the best replacement shocks for your Dodge Dakota 4×4. However, we take pride in providing you with a selection of the best shocks compatible with your Dakota vehicle, which you can get quickly online right now.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Monroe 58650 Load Adjust ShockCheck Price On Amazon
Detroit Axle - 4WD Front and Rear ShocksCheck Price On Amazon
Bilstein Set of 4 Front/RearCheck Price On Amazon
Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks Set of 4Check Price On Amazon
KYB Excel-G Shocks Kit Front/RearCheck Price On Amazon

Best Shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4

1. Monroe 58650 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

If your Dakota 4×4 tows or hauls heavy loads on occasion, the thick gauge, calibrated coil spring in these shock absorbers reduces sag when loaded up to 1,200 pounds.

Internally, these shocks use an OE all-weather fluid with special modifiers that can withstand high temperatures when driving.

These Monroe shocks improve your Dakota’s performance through their nitrogen gas charge, which maintains tire-to-road contact. This improves the ride and handling by reducing aeration and shock fade. 


  • The PTFE banded piston enhances responsiveness to changing road conditions. 
  • It gives longer service life due to the self-lubricating fluid seal which retains gas and reduces excessive friction against the piston rod, thereby minimizing premature wear.
  • It is resistant to vehicle bounce, roll, and sway, as well as brake dive and acceleration squat. 


  • Some customers complained that the Warranty is useless.

2. Detroit Axle 4wd Front and Rear Shock Shock Absorbers 

They are an excellent four-piece set of customized OE shocks for the Dodge Dakota 4×4 from 1997 to 2004. These shocks are manufactured by Detroit Axle, which is a leading global retailer and distributor of new OE aftermarket auto parts.

It is committed to providing first-class products, and these shocks are among the premium merchandise that they fabricate. 

These Detroit Axle shocks are ready to meet the rigorous demands of your Dodge Dakota 4×4 because they have undergone impact, wear, and fatigue testing to guarantee quality and durability. 


  • Ten-year warranty.
  • Front and rear complete 4-piece set.
  • Customers say they’re the best within their affordable price bracket.
  • They fit perfectly and are well packaged. 


  • Some customers say that they do a bit of wiggle when their Dodge Dakota 4×4 goes uphill. 

3. Bilstein Set of 4 Front and Rear Monotube Shock Absorbers 

The Bilstein complete set of front and rear shocks is designed to help your Dodge Dakota 4×4 achieve the pinnacle of ride performance and handling that has been identified with the Bilstein brand. 

The superior control that they offer keeps your kids and other passengers secure, even if there is a load of cargo. 

Bilstein’s patented dampers allow your Dakota to glide over even the toughest road surfaces it can encounter and still maintain complete control.

They even extend the service life of your Bilstein shocks, which are proven replacement components for your 1997 to 2004 Dodge Dakota 4×4 truck. 


  • It has a unique velocity-sensitive digressive piston which reacts with flexibility to changing road conditions. 
  • An improvement over the stock shocks 


  • They are a bit stiff 

4. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks Set 

The essence of this innovative gas shocks set from Rancho is its patented and unique rebound valving system, which has an advanced compression phase. 

It enhances the overall handling and performance of your Dodge Dakota 4×4, with each shock pressurized to 150 PSI. 

Its twin tube and gas pressurized design minimizes air in the oil mixture that causes shock fade and foaming. 


  • A mild boost in spring rate for your Dakota is provided because of gas pressurization.
  • They have a larger 2 1/4 inch diameter body that has increased fluid capacity that allows for cooler operation.
  • It has patented progressive rebound and compression discs.


  • Not recommended for heavy duty.

5. KYB Excel-G Front Suspension Shocks 

Right from the box, these premium heavy duty shocks from KYB lets you forget the sagging ride and spongy feel that you got from your previous Dodge Dakota 4×4 shocks. You’ll enjoy better handling and ride quality right from the start. 

You’ll also enjoy a pain-free installation that is custom made to the shocks requirements of your Dakota. Their velocity-sensitive valves self-adjust to the changing road conditions, whether it’s a back road or the highway. 


  • Hardened chrome piston rods and seamless eyerings and cylinders allow for superior strength with minimal foaming and aeration.
  • Life-time warranty 


  • Each purchase is only for one shock.

6. ECCPP Front Shock Absorbers Struts Kit 

These shocks offer good comfort due to a nice buffering effect, which can effectively filter the impact from the external environment of your Dodge Dakota 4×4. This greatly improves your riding feel. 

ECCPP solves the usual problems of cornering tilt, high-speed instability, and screeching. Thus, your driving will be steadier and safer. 

These premium shocks also eliminate abnormal and unnecessary noise while driving, making for a distraction-free travel experience. 


  • Harsh paths like snow, desert, and rolling terrain roads are of no consequence to these shocks.
  • A special process of one-time molding ensures more wear resistance.
  • It uses a CFM multi-lip piston rod seal, which is very durable and stable.
  • Installation is easy with simple hand tools.
  • One-year warranty


  • Some customers say that their Dodge Dakota 4×4 makes a dull-sounding metal crash when the truck negotiates rough patches on the road. 

7. Unity Automotive Rear Gas Shock Kit 

Unity has been making shocks for over 50 years, and this has been recognized in the aftermarket automotive industry. 

Their suspension parts are designed for trouble-free installation and long-lasting reliability on 2005 to 2010 Dodge Dakota models. 

They are twin-tube gas-charged shocks that are utilized as direct-quality replacements for failing OE Dakota shocks. 

As direct fits, it is constructed with a seamless working cylinder, which would provide your Dakota with the best sealing surface throughout the entire piston stroke. 


  • The piston seal adjusts to maintain the tight seal between the piston and the pressure tube, minimizing leak paths.
  • Nitrogen gas charged for superior response and consistent control.


  • Only for the rear 

8. TRQ Shock Absorbers Front and Rear Kit Set 

These premium TRQ shocks, complete 4 piece set, have all the required tools needed for the efficient operation of your Dakota’s suspension. It is a medium to long-term investment that will benefit you a lot as you travel on several journeys in your Dakota outfitted with TRQ shocks. 

The bolts and nuts are of high quality. This being said, they can resist all the rough and tumble of the offroad terrain that you occasionally drive into. These shocks are perfect for your Dodge Dakota 4×4 and can equal or even exceed the original factory shocks that they replaced. 


  • Easy installation, without the need for professional help.
  • Made of carbon steel, which is a very durable material.
  • The design is sleek and attractive, with a matte black exterior finish. 
  • Compatible with several Dodge Dakota 4×4 models (1998 to 2004).
  • It comes with a fluid that reduces road friction. 


  • Cheap hardware tools included.

9. CCIYU 4 x Front Rear Struts Shock Absorbers 

All the CCIYU shock absorbers for Dodge Dakota 4×4 that are delivered to the customers are all of the same premium design and performance, but they arrive in different types of packing boxes. 

Because they are custom fit, they ensure a seamless connection to your Dakota, as well as a consistent damping force at the underside of your truck. There will also be accurate positioning of the installation hole, reducing the possibility of deviation. 

The CCIYU brand also assures you that with its set of shocks, no oil leaking will happen and that the abnormal noise that happened from the previous shocks will now not be a concern for you. 


  • It exceeds manufacturing standards for elevation requirements for your Dakota by 2 to 3 inches.
  • A thicker diameter of the center expansion rod and a high-strength polyurethane connecting sleeve ensure longer service life.
  • Damping oil inside is resistant to oxidation, vaporization, and corrosion.
  • Electrophoresis painted, making the shocks resistant to acidity.
  • One-year warranty.


  • Relatively unknown shocks brand.

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing the Best Shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4 – Buyer’s Guide

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Your Dakota’s Replacement Shocks Should Be a Perfect Custom Fit

They should be specially designed prototypes for several years of models for the Dakota. And when they’re fitted, if possible, the truck owner can do a DIY procedure of installing them on the vehicle with minimal use of manual tools. If your Dakota is still with you after a decade or so of use, then it means you’re a very good owner and your truck deserves the best replacement shocks. 

Well-Coated With Corrosion Protection

When your Dakota is on the road, the conditions are predictable and the terrain could be rough, sticking all kinds of foreign elements on your shocks. Purchase those with a quality coating that protects your shocks from premature aging and unexpected breakdown.

The Number of Shock Pieces Purchased in a Single Purchase

Having to buy your required shocks in multiple transactions is inconvenient. It is best that in one click online, you can buy all four shocks (front and rear) simultaneously. And never buy in odd numbers but always in twos or fours, because, in the end, you won’t keep track of the ages and timeline of each of your Dakota’s shocks.

Undeniable Off-road Excellence 

The Dodge Dakota is the closest vehicle that Chrysler has created as a small truck with a big engine. Since it is a truck, you would want to traverse it too in off-road conditions, which are expected territories for trucks.

As a result, your new shocks should be comfortable on both rough roads and smooth paved highways. That means it should dampen well and also give your passengers an unforgettable ride!

The Country Where They Are Produced

The Dodge Dakota is an American truck, so its buyers have a majority propensity to be loyal to anything stateside when it comes to automotive parts.

They have this sensitivity that gives them joy when they know that their truck components, like their replacement shocks, are made in the USA. Anything else is inferior to them.

Brand Reputation

Wherever you go, whatever you buy for your truck, you always have the tendency to look towards the brand name. The reputation of a high-end shocks set for vehicles, particularly for your Dakota, should already dramatically influence your purchase.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Shocks on Your Dakota? 

Typically, they do not have to be replaced unless they have become noisy or have begun to leak.

Shocks replacement is usually determined on how they are used and the road conditions. Generally, a mostly city driver may not need to replace shocks till the recommended manufacturer mileage, as compared to someone who drives on gravel roads and off-road at times, who may have to change the shocks way earlier.

What Are the Best Shocks for Dodge Dakota 4×4? My Personal Recommendation

The Dakota is a small truck with a powerful engine. But its owners would want it to be able to tackle rugged terrain whenever the situation calls for it. 

This is because when folks go out of town, they hardly ever bring their sedans or small cars. It’s always their trucks or SUVs that carry the burden of carrying you and your passengers over the dirt, potholes, and unpredictable terrain that you sometimes encounter when you’re out for adventure. 

We have lined up for you the best replacement shocks for the Dodge Dakota. Our criteria is that your new shock set should equal or exceed the original factory shocks on your Dakota.

All of them represented here have their own properties, like flexible and flexible-sensitive valves that adjust to the road conditions, tight piston seals which minimize the occurrence of leaks, and corrosion-protected bodies which delay wear and tear. 

And most, if not all the OEM shocks here, guarantee that they are custom fit for your Dodge Dakota, requiring minimal use of hand tools to install. 

I’ve always been partial to heavy duty shocks that have been known to serve the body and the load that trucks have to carry well. All the properties I’ve mentioned above are all true for the Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks Set.

Plus an additional feature which the other shock brands don’t have-a larger 2 ¼ inch diameter body which increases fluid capacity and allows for cooler operation. 

This means that even if your Dakota traverses rugged roads for several hours, your Rancho shocks will still be cool and function efficiently even when subjected to a lot of cruelty. 

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