The 11 Best GMC Sierra 1500 Shocks on the Market- Buying Guide 2022

GMC Sierra 1500

The GMC Sierra 1500 is certainly reflective of the motto of GMC which is To Stand Apart and Not Be One Of The Herd. This pickup has exclusive touches and vibes that make it distinct from its competitors.

If you already own one, this outstanding pickup needs no introduction. But after some years of exemplary service to you, your beloved Sierra would definitely need a new set of shocks.

After being out of touch for a few years with the suspension market because your Sierra shocks didn’t give you problems just until now, allow us to recommend to you the best shock absorbers which are compatible with your Sierra.

Our Top Picks for GMC Sierra 1500 Shock Absorbers

Image PreviewProduct NameLinks
Bilstein 5100 Series Shock AbsorberCheck Price On Amazon
Rancho RS5000 Series Shock AbsorberCheck Price On Amazon
Bilstein 4600 Series Shock AbsorberCheck Price On Amazon

Best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500

1. Bilstein 33-238319 Shock Absorber

These American made shocks are direct fit answers perfect as shock absorber replacements for lifted SUVs and trucks such as your taller than usual GMC Sierra 1500. It has a distinctive and velocity reactive digressive piston which adjusts to changing road conditions. 

It is a popular application specific solution for commonly purchased lift kits because it is easy to install. And the fact that it’s made in the USA is a guarantee that Bilstein ride engineers have designed it to give you optimal performance and improved handling.

This makes you enjoy and cherish your GMC Sierra 1500 more even though it has also served you a couple of years. It’s only that, the Bilstein 5100 shocks that you yourself installed under it makes it even more safe and reliable than ever! 

It’s way lower in price compared to competing shock absorber brands but it doesn’t perform cheaply at all. 


  • Made in the USA with German engineering 
  • Bilstein monotube technology 
  • One of the most affordable shocks in the market 
  • If your Sierra is lifted, this shocks is for you 
  • Easy to install DIY
  • Velocity sensitive piston is flexible towards different road conditions 
  • Designed for lifted vehicles, but if your Sierra (or another vehicle) is of stock height, it’s also excellent
  • Its multi layer zinc finish is the most sturdy in the market 


  • Sold only as one piece. You usually need two. 

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2. Rancho RS55265 RS55198 Pairs of Shock Absorbers

The Rancho RS5000 are the preferred shocks of choice of pickup owners all over the world since 1985. They were the first set of shocks to execute application specific valving. This brand is also well attuned to each unique vehicle model, and the GMC Sierra 1500 is no exception. 

These shocks are flexible, either for work or play. Rancho is just as comfortable underneath while traversing off road conditions just as well as a smooth highway journey. 

It doesn’t matter if the Rancho shocks are as stock or as a lifted application, it still delivers the performance you expect. 

What’s more, Rancho is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

When you purchase Rancho shocks for your Sierra, you’ll expect a front and rear RS5000 set for stock height vehicles. This shocks also include red protective boots. Also, anticipate a 10 stage velocity sensitive valving performance that gives you tuning specific for the demands of your GMC Sierra 1500.


  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Proven shocks brand since 1985
  • Velocity sensitive valving performance that adjusts to the quirks of your Sierra 
  • You won’t feel any difference in performance whether on highway or off road 


  • Pricier than competing brands 

3. Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers

This ideally fits the stock height of your GMC Sierra 1500 4WD. It is designed to optimize the ride performance and handling superiority of your Sierra which is expected from such a trusted shocks brand such as Bilstein. 

It’s surprisingly easy to install as a direct bolt on and no modification is required whatsoever. Plus, you purchase it with confidence because of its lifetime warranty. 

This Bilstein shocks set features Monotube Gas Pressure Technology which gives you trustworthy control and stability, safe handling, amazing comfort and peak performance. 


  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Has proven Monotube Gas Pressure feature 
  • Easily installed as a direct bolt on with no modification requirement 
  • Made in the USA


  • Don’t come with boots 

4. KYB SR4079 Strut Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly, Black

It’s one of the best performing complete strut assemblies in the world. KYB doesn’t do shortcuts and make a product that fits several types of vehicles. This is completely true with the Strut Plus which is specifically designed for the needs of GMC trucks like the Sierra 1500. Needs like the restoration of proper ride height and the expected handling capabilities of your beloved pickup. 

Unlike its competitors, KYB creates function specific automotive parts for different ride heights, vehicle weights and also left and right side applications. The Strut Plus is no exception. 

This ideal OE replacement has an improved coil spring with corrosion resistant coating. It also helps maintain correct wheel alignment which results into longer tire life for your Sierra. 


  • Made in the USA 
  • Restores proper ride height 
  • Specifically designed for the GMC Sierra 1500 


  • Aside from GMC trucks, not recommended for other brands

5. Detroit Axle – Front Struts Rear Shock Absorbers Replacement

This kit includes 2 units of front left and right side strut assemblies and 2 units of rear left and right shock absorber assemblies. 

This Detroit Axle set is a perfect OE complete replacement set for your 2007 to 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 and other GMC trucks. Its fitment is a new body style that is easily installed as long as your Sierra has no electronic suspension and lift kits that have been improvised on your Sierra truck. 

Its upper strut mount have premium nuts, bolts and bearings which accurately match OE specifications. The coil springs are made of high quality steel with a precise calibration that ably supports your Sierra’s weight and maintain its height steadfastly. 


  • Made in the USA
  • A complete set (front and rear) 
  • Bearings, nuts and bolts have OE standard sizes which makes this set easy to install 


  • Some buyers contend that this set makes their truck bounce and sway on difficult roads

6. Monroe Shocks & Struts Reflex 911262 Shock Absorber

They are ideal for vehicles like your GMC Sierra 1500 with a high center of gravity. Monroe’s valving technology automatically makes an adjustment for your pickup to absorb the impact. This reduces vehicle roll and dive. In effect, this shocks provide great improvement for your handling and for your vehicle stability. 

It has specially designed modifiers which work together harmoniously to produce a flawless rod reaction that minimizes the chances of friction to be felt by your steering wheel. 

These shocks also has a fluon banded piston which gives you a consistent seal between the piston and the pressure tube. 


  • ASD technology which is an innovative valving update which improves overall ride comfort level 
  • Fluon banded piston 


  • More expensive than similar shocks 

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7. Eibach Pro-Truck Lift System Stage 1 E80-23-007-01-22

These shocks are known for decades as perfect for off road racing vehicles. It’s a combination of Pro-lift kit springs and Pro-truck sports shocks which together produce an excellently tuned suspension system.

Despite being off road focused, it’s also perfect for smooth road conditions. This means, it delivers powerful dampening capabilities regardless of the situation while on the road. 

Its Pro lift springs have been tested to ensure maximum ride height without sacrificing the integrity of your Sierra’s ball joints, bushings and other components. 


  • Fits either left or right side 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Designed for off road racing, but also perfect for normal road conditions 
  • Consistent ride height 


  • Professional installation is necessary and wheel alignment afterwards is needed. 

8. KYB 565104 MonoMax Gas Shock, Red

They are shocks designed for the daily regular haul and drive. But they are also heavy duty components meant for lifted off road or workhorse trucks like the GMC Sierra 1500 that frequent rough terrain. 

They have increased compression and rebound damping which help lessen the pressure on the Sierra because of heavy loads, bigger wheels or impossibly bad terrain. 


  • A great performing heavy duty shock 
  • Meant for offroad use but also great for smooth roads 
  • Increased compression and rebound damping 
  • Monotube gas pressure design 


  • Increased road feedback due to design for offroad conditions 
  • Available only in red which might not match your Sierra’s color. 

9. ACDelco Specialty 519-30 Rear Spring Assisted Shock Absorber

It superbly fits the rear of your GMC Sierra 1500. ACDelco is an accredited General Motors Original Equipment (OE) parts brand. It has a century of experience, quality and innovation into more than 90,000 GM OE parts, and this includes quality shocks. 

They are fitted into more than 2 million GMC vehicles a year, fresh from the assembly line. So it means you won’t go wrong when you replace old ACDelco shocks with these new rear spring assisted shock absorbers. 

Keep your steering smooth and free from vibration with these ACDelco rear spring assisted shocks. 


  • Backed by more than 100 years of ACDelco partnership with GM for the latter’s auto parts requirements 
  • Even as an OE part, GMC treats ACDelco as one of its original parts 


  • Only for rear side use 

10. Gabriel 43181 Load Carrier

They are Front and Rear Spring Assist components by Gabriel. They are an excellent tandem of shock and spring coordination to help minimize the loss of ride height in unexpected loaded conditions. 

The constant rate front coil springs improve stability and maintain ride height. The variable rate rear coil springs give 500 lbs per pair of load capacity. 

It has a super finished chromed piston rod which fights corrosion, guarantee correct seal lubrication and assure for a more consistent wearing of the surface. It also has DOM (Drawn over Mandrel) tubing which which lowers internal wear and gives you longer product life. 


  • Perfect Shock and coil spring partnership minimize loss of ride height. 
  • Chromed piston rod which fights corrosion 
  • Gabriel has more than 100 years automotive experience 


  • Manufacture warranty have to be requested from their customer service

11. Rough Country 1.5-2″ Leveling Lift Kit

It gives your GMC Sierra 1500 the perfect blend of smooth road and off road performance. It’s definitely a leveling suspension kit because of its set of high quality forged tension keys that fine tunes the torsion bar to be able to level the front of your Sierra with the rear. Within a1″ adjustable range, these keys can be dialed in to your needed angle. 

Save money on labor charges with its 100 percent guaranteed Bolt On Installation process which enables you to put this set on your Sierra by yourself easily.

You’re also backed up by Rough Country’s three year warranty. It’s a 10 stage variable valving, high pressure nitrogen charged shocks that’s definitely worth having under your Sierra. 


  • Guaranteed bolt in installation process you can do yourself and save on labor costs 
  • 3 year warranty 
  • Nitrogen charged shocks 


  • Doesn’t fit classic or old body styles

What to Consider Before Buying New Pair of Shocks for Your Gmc Sierra 1500

Performance Level 

Your new shocks for your GMC Sierra 1500 should maintain its proper vehicle height at all times to ensure easy and safe steering and minimal tire wear. 


It should not be so low and not so high within its shocks category. The manufacturer also needs to eke out a fair profit in order to continue creating quality car components. 


Its warranty should be as a lifetime guarantee that relays the message that the brand itself is confident of the shocks’ quality. The Sierra is an excellent truck which needs quality shocks. 


It should be anti corrosive like chrome and zinc.

Flexibility for Different Road Conditions

Adjustable to both regular road and off road conditions. Some shocks are even designed for racing purposes, so this means they’re also good for normal daily driving and load purposes. 

Easy to Install 

One of our main purposes here is for our readers to save money and avoid going to the shop or the mechanic for vehicle component installation or repairs. The shocks listed here are mostly ones that don’t need special screws or drilling in order to be installed. Usually, you just mount them in and they’re ready to be used. Just make sure that the shocks you purchase are designed and suitable for your GMC Sierra 1500.

How Shock Absorbers Work on Gmc Trucks? 

GMC trucks, including your Sierra 1500, need a solid suspension system that holds up their heavy vehicle structure. This reflects in a transfer of vertical and lateral motion to the occupants in the interior of the Sierra while it is on a journey. 

An excellent shock absorber set diminishes the momentum and annoying vibration and makes the handling and steering of your Sierra smooth. 

All Sierras, including yours, have inbuilt OE shock absorber sets which will serve you for years. But the time will come when they will be worn and needs to be replaced for your safety and also to ensure the longevity of your Sierra. 

It is time for replacement shocks to be installed when you feel, more than usual, bumps and potholes when driving your Sierra on the road. These unexpected rough street conditions are the reasons why your set of shocks should always be well conditioned and prepared all the time to meet these demands for your Sierra. 

As soon as you see deficiencies in your shocks, they should be replaced immediately because delaying this can mean regretful consequences like road accidents. 

How to Know When It Is Time to Replace the Shocks of Your Gmc Truck? 

You’ll never know the true extent of the wear and tear of your Sierra 1500’s shocks until you tread into off road conditions which will challenge the undersides of your truck. 

You will hear more thuds and feel more bumps and downward movements of your Sierra which is lower and more scary than usual. 

Taking care of your Sierra is undoubtedly a must, not only for the vehicle’s longevity but also for your own and your passengers’ safety. Your shocks will surely be worn out faster if your Sierra carries regularly heavy loads and ventures out often into muddy, rocky and unpredictable pathways. 

If you know your Sierra like you know yourself, you’ll decide when it’s time to buy new quality OE shocks. 

But make sure that the shocks you’ll purchase is compatible to your Sierra’s configuration. 

Do All These Shocks Listed Perform Well While Off-Roading? 

No. Some are designed only for use on regular smooth roads. Some are designed primarily for off roading and others are even focused on racing. 

But there are some which are just comfortable whether on normal roads or in off road conditions. They are the more practical shocks to buy. 

What I Recommend and Why the Bilstein 5100 Is the Best Option for Your Gmc Sierra 1500 Truck 

I have been in the motoring industry for decades and I have been observing the GMC Sierra 1500 for a long time. The fact that GM has put out a new edition Sierra year after year points out to the fact of its reliability and enthusiasm of its loyal buyers. 

It might be even a fact that there are recurring Sierra buyers throughout the years because they simply love it so much. What most don’t realize is that much of its reliability comes from its undersides – and a big part of this is its shocks. 

After much contemplation on what to recommend to you Guys, I finally come to the conclusion to recommend the Bilstein 5100.

They are made in the USA, which is pretty reassuring because America has strict laws which the Sierra has to strictly implement on its construction, and its installed shocks are no exception. Couple that with the fact that the Bilstein 5100 has German engineering which is really an added plus. 

Also, appreciate the fact that it is a Direct Fit component. Meaning, you can easily install them easily into your Sierra without special tools because the Sierra is one of the vehicles specified that is listed for the Bilstein 5100 installation. 

Originally, it is for lifted SUVs and trucks and if your Sierra has been modified, that’s perfect. But it is at home both on normal roads and rugged paths. The vehicle height is never compromised and it doesn’t ever lower its guard in any situation to a scary thud of a deep pothole. 

What makes the Bilstein 5100 even more saleable is its fair price that is just in the medium range in its category. You saved money on labor costs because you installed it yourself. Now, you even save more money because its price is just right. 

Finally, its multi layer zinc finish makes it a very durable component. 


Can I change the shocks on my Sierra myself without a jack? 

If you’re going to change the rear suspension of your Sierra, you won’t need a jack. But if it’s your front suspension shocks that you’re going to replace, you will need a jack. 

What’s better for the Sierra – gas or oil shocks? 

Gas shocks are preferred. This is because they give your Sierra more accurate suspension support. The pressurized gas produced by these shocks give your Sierra a harder absorption rate that the oil powered shock absorbers. 

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