Top 10 Best Strut Mounts: Buying Guide 2022

best shock and strut mounts

The strut mounts are the undervalued heroes of your car’s suspension system. This automotive part is located on the top of the strut assembly.

It has two main purposes – to dampen the vibration from in-cabin noise, and second, when fitted at the front, acts as steering pivot points that help in the suspension system movement when the wheels are turning. 

Your strut mounts should be flexible enough to manage the change in angles when transferring vehicle load to the coil springs. Also, these components should also be able to cushion the jarring effects when your car moves over bumps on the road and it absorbs the impact. 

According to car make and date of manufacture, know the different recommended strut mounts today, before you need to replace them. Then, decide what’s best for your car and the easiest to install, and then do the purchase.

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Best Strut Mounts

1. KYB Strut Mount Kit 

If you are replacing your struts, consider also replacing your old strut mounts because they complement each other. Well recommended is this kit from KYB which is built with a design and quality that matches or exceeds OE standards. 

It is a strut mount that is a preferred OE replacement by car owners throughout the decades. This component helps maintain your wheel alignment and restores effective steering response. 

KYB uses the same materials, techniques, and facilities when manufacturing both OE and Aftermarket products. This brand doesn’t compromise on quality and has the objective of restoring the condition of your car to its peak when it was brand new. 

Old and hardened vibration insulators and jarring effects from annoying road bumps because your strut mounts are old and damaged, will be things of the past, when you install KYB strut mounts on your vehicle. 


  • KYB is an old and trusted brand 
  • It comes with spring insulators (you don’t need to buy separately) 
  • Nuts arrive with your purchase. They are needed to bolt into the metal to avoid it from loosening when the car is moving 


  • Doesn’t fit all cars (check the compatibility chart) 

2. Monroe Strut Mate Mounting Kit 

They complement the ride control features of the Monroe struts. Have these suspension components installed when you replace your old struts.

When you purchase this strut mounting kit together with your new Monroe strut, you instantly upgrade your four corner ride control for your automobile. Take comfort in the fact that Monroe is an iconic global brand known for quality aftermarket suspension components. 

This mounting kit is easy to install and your purchase includes premium quality replacement components. They include OE style bearings and mount, SAE grade nuts and bolts, upper and lower spring isolators, front bearing plate, and upper spring seat. All these accessories install very conveniently. 


  • The Monroe strut mate mounting kit has advanced elastomer technology which enhances metal to rubber bonding
  • Much reduced noise, vibration and memory steer due to elastomer technology 
  • A direct fit for OE strut mounts 
  • Checked thoroughly for direct fit and ride comfort quality standards


  • Your order doesn’t come with the rubber isolator. 

3. Moog Strut Mount Assembly 

This quality assembly is engineered by MOOG to exact or even surpass OE standards. When it bonds rubber to steel, expect superior durability. This strut mount has a bearing sealed within the molded rubber, providing ample protection against the elements. 

This suspension part possesses high polish chrome steel bearing races. It’s a worthy replacement for your old strut mounts because it helps restore your vehicle handling and steering. 


  • Longer studs than most strut mounts which allows for a strut brace. 
  • Perfect for for 2002 to 2008 Mini Coopers 


  • Not made in the USA
  • Top rubber coating peels after a few months 

4. ACDelco Professional Front Suspension Strut Mount  

They are car components that are engineered and designed to complement the ABS braking and stability systems of GM cars. ACDelco has had a nice partnership with GM for a long time through a complete line of premium aftermarket suspension parts designed with a focus on GM vehicles, and also other brands as well. These strut mounts are part and parcel of this complete aftermarket line. 

Always insist on an ACDelco strut mount to purchase when your strut is also ACDelco branded to ensure a better fit. 


  • High quality replacement parts for worn GM parts which match the car’s performance for handling, ride comfort and stopping distance (braking)
  • Permits the replacement of separate old and worn out suspension components without replacing the whole strut assembly. 


  • If your car is not a GM product, this might not be the proper strut mount
  • Not made in the USA 

5. KYB Strut Mounts

These strut mounts and bearing plates carry KYB’s reputation for providing a very high-quality standard in the automotive industry. These KYB branded parts minimize the noise and vibration affected by hardened and antiquated vibration insulators. The result is optimal suspension performance which cushions reliably impact from road bumps. This makes riding in your car with these KYB strut mounts below a satisfying experience for you and your passengers. 


  • Quality and design matches or even exceeds OE strut mounts that they replace 
  • KYB strut mounts are critical to steering performance and wheel alignment 
  • Matched grade studs and nuts 


  • Not made in the USA 

6. Bilstein Strut Mount for Mercedes 

Mercedes Benz doesn’t make these strut mounts anymore as OE components so it’s very fortunate that Bilstein has come up with these aftermarket strut mount, designed exclusively for Mercedes Benz vehicles. 

There will always be Mercedes enthusiasts and they will always need the exact strut mount and other suspension components solely applicable to their cars. It fits both the left and the right sides of the Mercedes. 

Applicable and fits perfectly for the following Mercedes Benz models:

Mercedes-Benz 1990 – 1993 300E 4Matic 1990 – 1993 300SL 1990 – 1993 300TE 4Matic 1990 – 1993 500SL 1994 – 1997 SL320 1994 – 2002 SL500


  • Perfect direct fit for your Mercedes Benz (check exact model and year) 
  • Bilstein is a trusted automotive brand 


  • Designed only for Mercedes Benz car models 

7. Motorcraft Strut Mounts 

It’s a premium aftermarket replacement part that’s specially designed for Ford and Lincoln vehicles. These strut mounts have been tested thoroughly for long-life sustainability and excellent performance. To prove their reliability, Motorcraft offers a two-year unlimited mileage warranty, with labor costs included. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect aftermarket strut mounts for Ford and Lincoln cars (but still check the model and year) 
  • They fit both the left and right sides 


  • Many customers report that when delivered, the components were partly damaged

8. Mevotech Strut Mount Kit 

They are agile strut mounts that are flexible enough to handle slight angle changes but can still reliably transfer vehicle load to your car’s coil springs. 

The engineers at Mevotech concentrate on the design of parts like the strut mount which are easier and faster to install, even DIY, into your car. To provide a longer service life, these strut mounts endure durability testing before being sold to customers. 


  • Anti corrosion resistant coating 
  • Handy Labor Savers are included in the box like application specific mounting hardware to complete convenient DIY installation of the part 


  • Not made in the USA 

9. Uro Parts Strut Mount 

Their strut mount is part of the inventory of URO of more than 8,000 premium replacement components for SUVs and European luxury performance cars. Parts distributors and retailers are always excited to be selling URO parts because they are a fascinating blend of value and quality. 

URO strut mounts are manufactured in facilities that align with ISO 9000 standards which ensures that you get the highest level of quality. 


  • URO is known as a quality parts maker for European car brands 


  • Not made in the USA 

10. NewYall Front Suspension Shock Absorber Strut Support Mount 

A reliable suspension component for BMW cars from 2004 up to 2015 models. Variant BMW models include the 120i,128i,130i, 650Ci, 650i, 323i, 325i, 525i, 530xi 645i and more. It’s a guaranteed fit that matches or even exceeds the OE support mount. Refer to the BMW compatibility chart before making a purchase. 


  • If your car is a BMW, it’s a guaranteed direct fit. 


  • Not advisable as a sports support mount, only for regular use 

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing the Best Strut Mounts- Buyer’s Guide

Brand Name and Reputation

KYB, Monroe, ACDelco, Bilstein – these brands have all built a reputation in the aftermarket car components industry. And each of them has specific vehicle brands that they cater to. The others on the list are fast catching up with them in terms of the quality of the strut mounts that they bring out into the market. 


It is important to refer to the compatibility chart of each strut mount recommended here because most, if not all of them, are catered only towards specific car brands, make, and date of manufacture. Each product mentioned here knows that they can’t be a Do It All, meaning make a design that fits all kinds of cars. They should focus on a niche brand or two. 


It is best that the strut mount you will choose is made of anti-corrosive material because rust is one of the top enemies of car components. These suspension components should also be designed well as a perfect direct fit because most car owners would want to install them without difficulties encountered. 


What you choose should be offered at a competitive price compared to competing brands in the market. 


The manufacturer of the strut mount should be confident enough to offer a warranty that gives peace of mind to the customer that his or her purchase will last a long time on their car. 

Designed for Your Car Model 

If your car is a BMW, go for Newyall because it’s known as a BMW counterpart for its OE parts. If your vehicle is a luxury European car, go for URO because it’s specifically designed for this type of vehicle made in a European country. 

But if your Mercedes needs a new strut mount, Bilstein would be best because it specifically states that its mounts are designed for the Mercedes suspension. 

The other brands of strut mounts are not so specific about car brands, models, and year of make. But refer to their compatibility charts, and you will not go wrong. 

Symptoms of a Bad Strut Mount

You will need to replace your strut mount when you see that aging has changed the density of the insulating material within and the bearing portion is also wearing out. You also observe corrosion building up. 

When you also hear clunking noises, feel vibration or experience stiff, loose or noisy steering or your tire wear is uneven, these are also indications that your strut mounts needs to be replaced

Can You Replace Just the Strut Mount?

It is advisable that when your struts, shocks or coil springs need to be replaced because of wear and tear or aging, the mounts should correspondingly be changed too. 

If you don’t change the mounts just because they still look good, it will cause a variety of consequences that will make you regret scrimping money on the mounts. 

When you need to replace the mount, the whole strut and spring assembly also need to be disassembled. Thereby, replacing the mounts simultaneously with the assembly saves you the effort of doing the whole process a second time. 

Are Left and Right Strut Mounts the Same?

Yes, they are the same. What some mount manufacturers do is attach bilateral brackets so that any strut, either the left and the right, can go on either side. 

But what’s important is you make this information clear first with the seller or anybody who is knowledgeable about the strut brand. 

Do Quick Struts Come With Strut Mounts?

This depends on the car brand or make. In some, the quick struts come with the strut mount as one unit and as one purchase. While in other cars, they are replaced separately or are purchased separately. What’s important is that you get to understand all the information that comes with your vehicle. 

What I recommend (Final Words)

I am a guy who wants to avoid any complications when it comes to my car. I also want to spend less on the same quality that I can get. 

All the strut mounts in the list above, except for one, are silent about their country of manufacture or they specifically state that they are fabricated outside the USA. All the mounts here have all exerted efforts to upgrade their standards because they know that car owners are more discriminating than ever for their car part replacements. 

I have a Ford pickup truck and I know that I need to have a mount that’s designed for my brand. 

There you go. I gave it away. I prefer the Motorcraft Strut Mounts. It’s the only brand on the list that is made in the USA. It is also the only strut mount that lists Ford and Lincoln vehicles as its specialties when it comes to aftermarket car component replacements. Perfect for me. 

You would say that Motorcraft is a relatively lesser-known brand. But hey, it offers a 2-year warranty on my strut mount purchase. This means it has the confidence in the quality of its mount to live up to a comfortably old age of 2 years for a car component. That’s good enough for me. 

But hey Guys, you have different cars, different years that they are made. Be flexible. But if you have a Ford or a Lincoln, Motorcraft is the one. 

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