Your Honda Civic Deserves the Best Struts Coupe & Sedan- Buying Guide 2022

best struts for honda civic

The struts of your Honda Civic are an important component which ensures the comfort and safety for the passengers. When these suspension units fail, it becomes a necessity to change them. 

If you want to do this task with your own hands, then you have to choose an appropriate replacement that will restore or exceed your factory ride performance. 

But, it is not an easy task to be honest. Therefore, before proceeding to purchase your next pair of struts for your Civic, you would definitely want to read this article. 

I have done my homework and I am about to help you in your deciding process. Without further ado, let’s get started with this best struts for Honda Civic review!

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KYB Strut-Plus Complete Assembly- 1pc
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Unity Automotive Front 2 Wheel Complete Strut Assembly Kit Coupe- 2pc set
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Best Struts for Honda Civic

1. Detroit Axle – Front Struts w/Coil Springs + Rear Shocks- 4pc Set

Detroit Axle offers a wide variety of suspension kits to meet the rigorous demands of today’s vehicles. Their components are high-quality, tested and inspected by their technicians, and built with precision and care in the U.S.A., assuring a perfect fit for your vehicle. 

However, not all of their components are actually made by the Detroit Axle brand, they outsource a good portion from off-shore companies as well. 

This complete suspension kit is an affordable option which has been on the market for quite a long time.

Calibrated to support the vehicles weight and maintain constant ride height at all times. This 4pc set is delivers the feel, looks, and performance as an exact OE.

Looking in the comments sections, I can spot mostly positive feedback from plenty of satisfied customers. Which leads me to believe that it’s a product worth mentioning to my readers.

Also, the installation process is something to be spoken about. It is very easy and fast. This unit is for all of you that like to perform the strut replacement process in your own garage.

Please make sure to check the compatibility charts before ordering online, just a friendly reminder to avoid any inconvenience!

  • Ten-year warranty.
  • Quality and durable materials.
  • U.S. brand.
  • Very good price for the value.
  • I found no weak points for this product.

2. KYB SR4241 Strut-Plus

Next on this list for the best struts for Honda Civic is the KYB SR4241 Strut Plus. KYB brings you the original quality strut assemblies for your Honda Civic. These aftermarket assemblies are designed to maintain the original ride height and handling capabilities of your car.

KYB has been supplying premium quality struts and all kinds of aftermarket suspension parts for over 100 years. Their new global design strategy is to use advanced technology and systems to better engineer, manufacture and distribute its products.

An extremely dedicated and motivated team is behind this brand, testing and examining every single product

Which is why they provide a limited lifetime warranty. Perhaps, this is a very confident yet very appealing way to attract more sales. I mean everyone including myself would like to have some kind of assurance in the products we buy. After all, we do that with our hard working money.

Another very important thing is that the KYB SR4241 Strut Plus comes at a higher cost, but with a good reason. The reason behind it is the monotube gas pressurized build. This particular type comes at higher manufacturing cost due to the costlier materials included for the strut itself. However, Monotube and twin-tube struts have their pros and cons, yet the better performing during rough driving conditions is the monotube build.

So, if you would like your Honda Civic to perform way better by replacing your stock worn-out suspension with an excellent unit such as the KYB SR4241, you are on the right path! 

  • Monotube gas-pressurized build.
  • The unit undergoes various tests before put to sale.
  • OEM replacement.
  • Highly reputable brand.
  • Comes at a much higher price per unit compared to its competitors.

3. Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 171433 Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

Monroe 171433 Quick-Strut has been designed to complement your vehicle’s specific ride characteristics, ensuring exact fitment over your stock suspension parts. With the most comprehensive range of replacement products available from one manufacturer, the Monroe brand is confidently one of the most ideal solutions for your vehicle.

This strut is designed to deliver impeccable performance under various driving conditions. Therefore, manufactured with high-quality steel, featuring a superior tube and weld design to deliver structural integrity and durability. 

The spring rate of the Monroe 171433 strut is designed for optimum ride quality, ensuring the comfort level you desire with the handling you need when driving your vehicle.

Many customers claim that with a simple replacement with this Monroe unit, all the clunking noise and vibrations are now past

Monroe comes with a lifetime warranty guarantee. Yes, you heard that right. You are perfectly secure that if any defects occur under normal circumstances, you will get a refund or another product.

  • Easy installation.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Restores factory ride comfort and handling.
  • Quality materials.
  • Extremely reputable brand.
  • Sellers packaging is bad.

4. UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 2-11813-11814-001 Front 2 Wheel Complete Strut Assembly Kit

The UNITY AUTOMOTIVE 2-11813-11814-001 Complete Strut Assembly is a perfect fit for Honda Civic Coupe in the range between 2006 and 2011 years. 

Please note that this model only fits Coupe versions of the Honda Civic.

Unity Automotive has been manufacturing aftermarket parts in the industry for more than 40 years. Uniquely positioned as an industry leader, they have an unparalleled understanding of the demands that their market requires and in turn find a way to execute on those needs better than anyone else in their field.

They’re continually innovating and bringing to market new products that help make your ride better, faster and more stable!

This component is of high quality, tested thoroughly before it was put into operation. Due to the fact that this complete Strut assembly has been constructed with utmost precision, it guarantees you an easy installation and long term service life with no compromise on safety.

Each one of Unity Automotive’s struts is being performance-tested in various fields such as; metallographic tests to ensure metal structure, salt testing durability (phosphate coating is applied to prevent oxidation and corrosion), extreme hot and cold conditions, and development phase road tests for a perfect real-world experience.

Last but not least, this brand strives to provide the customer with exact OEM dimensions and angle to avoid any disruption during the replacement process.

  • Automatic welding machine for excellent integrity and structure.
  • OEM rubber component hardness.
  • Polymorphic grease inside bearing plate tested under extreme temperatures.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Affordable aftermarket struts kit.
  • Very stylish, and good looking unit.
  • None.

5. ECCPP Front Pair Complete Strut Assembly 

The following brand/model on this best struts for the Honda Civic list is the ECCPP Front Pair Complete Strut Assembly. It’s compatible for every Honda Civic from 2001 to 2005.

This unit is designed to provide the customer with a complete strut and spring assembly that can be installed with minimal effort. The ECCPP Front Pair Complete Strut Assembly is an ISO/TS16949 premium quality, which ensures strength, toughness, and anti-corrosion.

Quickly and safely remove the vibration and harsh ride with the replacement of this excellent strut assembly! Reward yourself with a purchase that will make your everyday commute a lot more pleasant.

One strong advantage that in my opinion this brand has is the careful customer care and fast shipment. For that reason, I think that it has a bright future ahead!

However, I’d like to mention that this brand is only 18 years on the market, as opposingly to the previous competitors on this list which are way more established and experienced than ECCPP. 

  • Quality and robust build materials.
  • 24/7 Customer service and fast shipment.
  • Budget-friendly strut assembly.
  • Restores the factory ride feel.
  • An alignment might be needed after the replacement.

6. SENSEN 1890 Front or Rear Struts

The last item on my list of the best struts for Honda Civic is Sensen 1890 Strut compatible for all year models from 2006 to 2011. 

Since Sensen manufactures all the components necessary to put together an elegant and compact full strut assembly, it is a standout from most other competitors.

Note: If you would like to save some cash you can use your stock springs, however, it is best advised to replace all parts at once. 

Unlike most of the companies that sell cheaper suspension aftermarket parts, Sensen struts come with a limited lifetime warranty at your disposal. Now this is what I call an awesome added feature!

Lastly, this unit can be installed quite easily if you have the correct mechanical skills, especially if you know how to work with a spring compressor (in case you only purchase the strut itself or the shocks). However, you can always take your car to the nearest mechanic in your neighborhood and pay a few bucks to have it replaced.

  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Easy installation.
  • Sensen manufactured components.
  • Affordable.
  • This product has no drawbacks in my opinion.


I hope you found value in this list of the best struts for Honda Civic coupe/sedan.

Suspension maintenance is essential to keeping your vehicle in peak condition. It may also enable you, your passengers, and other motorists to stay safe while on the roads.

However, if you or your mechanic conclude that a replacement is inevitable, go for it!

Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. Thanks for reading!

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