Top 6 Best Struts for Subaru Outback-Comprehensive Guide 2022

best struts for subaru outback

Looking for the best struts for your Subaru Outback? You’ve come to the right place! 

In this detailed guide, we will discuss different types of the best strut brands available on the market and help you choose the best option for your vehicle.

Geared with the right knowledge, I promise you that after reading this article, you will be able to make the correct decision for your needs!

So, without further delay, let’s get straight to the nitty gritty!

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KYB SR4385 Strut-Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly
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SENSEN 101995-SS Front or Rear Complete Strut Assembly
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OREDY Front Left & Right Complete Shock Strut Coil Springs Assembly Kit 11905 11906
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The Best Struts for the Subaru Outback

1. KYB SR4385 Strut-Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly

In terms of innovative aftermarket suspension, KYB is one of the world’s largest suppliers. The struts they produce are among the greatest in the world since they are made and produced in the United States and Japan.

They’ve made their name by going above and beyond the stock KYB suspension systems and made a variety of advanced systems for both everyday drivers and street racers.

One of the most recognized and sought-after models is actually the one we are exclusively granting the first position on my list of the best struts for the Subaru Outback, which is the KYB SR4385 Strut-Plus Complete Corner Unit Assembly!

If you may not already know, KYB is the OEM strut for the Subaru Outback! That means there could not be anything else better than to choose the part that your car manufacturer suggests!

This model is very well made and calibrated to make sure that your car’s ride height is restored and that it has good steering.

This KYB Excel-G Strut comes with a high-performance designed damping valves to ensure maximum quality and comfort on the road.

Along with that, it also features a robust steel outer shell, which gives the product a much higher lifespan. 

So, if you want your vehicle to perform as it was designed to, make sure to test them out and see for yourself!

  • KYB Excel-G Strut is a high-tech performance model.
  • Installation can be done all by yourself and in under an hour (pre-assembled).
  • Top quality components.
  • KYB is an OEM for the Subaru Outback.
  • Since 1919, the brand has been well-known.
  • Reasonable price for such a high-quality product.
  • I have not found any drawbacks to this excellent product!

2. Unity 4-11905-15920-001 Front and Rear 4 Wheel Complete Strut Assembly Kit

Unity is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to replace their front and rear struts but does not want the headache of manually structuring the strut assembly.

The best strut assemblies simplify vehicle maintenance by combining a new coil spring, shock absorber, and mounting bracket into one easy-to-install unit. Unity complete strut assemblies are already put together and ready to be put in right out of the box.

The second reason why I’ve secured a spot on this list for Unity, is that the ideal strut composition for a Subaru Outback must include additional corky features such as OEM Spec Spring Seal, Phosphorus Coating, and Robotic TIG Welds.

Another important characteristic when looking at the best struts for the Subaru Outback is the NOK seals, which ensure long-term performance without leaks.

Let’s not forget the chrome-plated strut piston that ensures better suspension movement and an overall smooth ride for your vehicle!

On top of that, Unity strut assemblies are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best possible product available on the market today.

When it comes to choosing the right replacement parts for your Subaru, don’t settle for anything less than Unity!

  • Pre-Assembled and ready for an easy installation (approximately 1 hour).
  • These include OEM Spec Spring Seal, Phosphorus Coating, and Robotic TIG Welds.
  • NOK seals for leak prevention.
  • Solid price for the quality you get.
  • None! I haven’t found any drawbacks to this perfect product!

3. Monroe 172566 Quick-Complete Strut Assembly

Monroe 172566 Quick Complete Strut Assembly is the perfect solution for worn out or damaged struts.

This fully assembled unit installs quickly without the need for a spring compressor and restores your ride height for an optimized ride and handling experience.

Made with OE quality standards in mind, this durable product is built to last. It also reduces body sway, vibration, and road harshness before it reaches the passenger cabin, providing improved vehicle handling and steering control.

Monroe has been an established manufacturer since 1916. What else shall I say in this Monroe Strut review?

Everything is crystal clear. This is a reputation that not many brands on the market can be proud of! It’s no coincidence that this particular model secures the third spot in our best struts for Subaru Outback guide!

  • No spring compressor is needed for installation!
  • Ride height is restored.
  • OE quality
  • A robust build, made to last.
  • I haven’t found any flaws in this product!

4. OREDY Front Left & Right Complete Shock Strut Coil Springs Assembly Kit

OREDY has been around on the market for a couple of years. Slowly but securely, they are leaving a strong mark as a quality aftermarket suspension manufacturer!

That being said, if you’re looking for the best complete strut assembly for the Subaru Outback that will make your car more stable and improve its performance, this is the right kit for you.

It comes with premium hollow bumpers, preventing any damage to the strut in the case of an accident or vehicle bottoming out.

It also includes durable dust boots to protect the strut rod and seal against wear and tear for maximum durability.

Since all of the parts are pre-assembled by the Unity manufacturer, this complete assembly comes in very handy for a simple DIY garage replacement.

Or if you would like to leave the job to your local mechanic, the bill will be less expensive than usual if the parts were not assembled.

Additionally, it comes with an 18-month warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that your purchase is protected.

Overall, this is a very affordable option that will do the job just perfectly!

  • Quality components and features for such an affordable price.
  • Pre-assembled units ensure convenient replacement.
  • It improves vehicle stability and steering control.
  • OREDY is a fairly new company on the market.
  • If you want a full set of 4 matching OREDY struts, you might find it hard to find the rear struts for this model.

5. SENSEN 101995-SS Front or Rear Complete Strut Assembly

Another complete assembly on my best struts for Subaru Outback list, this time it’s by SENSEN. Do you really think that I would forget this brand? Of course not!

The SENSEN 101995-SS Front or Rear Complete Strut Assembly will definitely up the game and ensure a way above-average quality ride and riding experience. That means no sagging, bouncing or difficulty braking, which is really important for your safety.

The hard work and dedication of the engineering team from SENSEN has resulted in a quality and durable powder-coated exterior strut design that will ensure corrosion resistance.

Also, another important detail is the seamless tube, which is a much better and more expensive solution than the welded seam tubes due to its higher production cost and lifespan expectancy.

However, looking at the price, you might ask yourself, are SENSEN struts good enough forc your Subaru Outback? Well, you can find out if you give them a shot!

  • Quality components for a longer-lasting experience.
  • It is very cheap for the value you get.
  • Sensen does not outsource any of the strut assembly parts; they manufacture them all by themselves.
  • Installation is a breeze.
  • Meet or exceed the OEM expectations.
  • Gas-charged for maximum performance.
  • Some customers find the upper strut plates to be a bit noisy.

6. Gabriel G57781 ReadyMount Loaded Strut

Intimidated by the dangerous and difficult assembly of the strut components and all the additional tools required in order to fully complete the replacement of your old and worn-out struts?

Worry not, as we have another easy and quick solution for you, which is the Gabriel G57781 ReadyMount Loaded Struts!

With the pre-assembled feature that the Gabriel manufacturer provides to its customers, you can easily replace them in your own little garage with little to no special tools or equipment required.

It features a highly robust and solid build, precisely tested and engineered for the better use of heavier vehicles and users that have heavy-duty tasks in mind!

Another unique detail is the chromed piston rod, which is totally corrosion-resistant and ensures proper sealing thanks to the Gabriel’s G-Force technology.

To demonstrate the superior quality of the best struts for Subaru Outback on the market, they are subjected to an additional series of real-world tests for added convenience and an exceptional driving experience.

Having that said, the build is specially made out of quality materials at a very affordable price range. If you happen to be a proud owner of a Subaru Outback between the 2013 and 2016 model years, you should be able to purchase these babies and improve your life!

  • Top High-quality materials (chrome piston rod, precisely engineered springs, heavy-duty bushings, anodized strut shafts)
  • It is easy to install without the need for any special tools to complete the job by yourself.
  • Gabriel struts are engineered to original equipment specifications.
  • It is much more expensive than the other options listed.

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Struts for the Subaru Outback?

Quality and Durable Materials

You should always strive to purchase struts that have been made with carefully selected and durable components

You’d better pay a little bit more and get better value than having to replace your suspension components every 3 months.


This is a feature that almost everyone considers, and it’s nothing new; just a reminder. Some of the models listed in this best struts for Subaru Outback guide provide a lifetime warranty, which is really a confidence-building move by the brand. 

This suggests that they are pretty confident in the quality of their product. That’s a telltale sign that it’s worth purchasing strut brands that provide this option.

Pre-assembled Strut Units 

You’d definitely want to purchase a single pre-assembled strut unit rather than separately ordering the parts and assembling them yourself. It’s pretty unsafe, even for professional mechanics, to use spring compressors, so please just go for the easier option!

Is It a Creditable Brand?

If a brand has survived more than 100 years, it means that they are doing something good. People always tend to go for the more reputable brands, which is completely right!

I am not hating on the newer brands; I am simply sharing my opinion. With all due respect to the brands that were established in the newer era!

The Number of Struts Ordered in a Single Purchase

If you plan on replacing one strut, you are about to make a big mistake! In case you didn’t know this, you are lucky to be reading this post right now. 

It’s a rule of thumb to replace your struts or shocks in pairs, namely both front struts and both rear, for example. It’s always best if you can replace them all at once. That’s not always recommended, though. 


How Long Do Struts Last on a Subaru?

There can not be any simple explanation for this question, but I will try to clear things up. And the simple answer is, “It depends.”

And you may ask, why? Well, we all have different driving styles, and some of us may be “better drivers” than others in a simple sense by driving more carefully on the road. 

While others will be much more careless and not avoid all those potholes and irregularities on the road. 

All of that adds up, making your suspension wear out way more quickly than it should. 

However, the standard mileage for Subaru Outbacks’ factory struts is somewhere between 50k and 80k. Some people have driven over 100k miles before replacing their factory struts.

Always remember to check for signs of bad struts on a regular basis in order to detect any defects early on, which could save you a lot of money and keep you and your passengers safe on the road!

What Make Of Struts/Shocks Does Subaru Outback Use?

As already mentioned, KYB is the OEM for the Subaru Outback. KYB is a highly established and widely recognized brand. You should always consider the original equipment parts that the manufacturer suggests you use. That being said, I suggest you look after KYB when choosing the best struts for the Subaru Outback.

Do Subarus Have Struts or Shocks?

Struts vs shock absorbers have been a common confusion for plenty of people that own this model or in general, probably simply because these words are sometimes used interchangeably.

The Subaru Outback has struts on all four sides. Keep in mind that this vehicle comes with a very solid and rigid suspension, which makes it a very stable and quality ride. 

By any means, I do not want to say that it is stiff, but rather that you will experience a really smooth ride if you happen to be the owner of one. Just keep in mind to take care of your suspension components! 

How to Replace the Struts on My Subaru Outback by Myself?

Replacing the struts on the Subaru Outback is a pretty straight-forward process if you tend to spend a little bit more on a complete strut assembly, already pre-assembled. There are no special tools required; simply follow the instructions and you’ll be back on the road in a matter of hours!


There you go, that’s all I got on the best struts for the Subaru Outback! I hope you find this article to be beneficial and informative, so you can make the best decision for your money.

The ongoing crisis has had a significant impact on the automotive aftermarket parts industry, which indicates that buyers are delaying avoidable repairs and maintenance.

That being said, before purchasing, you should consider the price unit and all the features that the seller provides to you. So, you can be assured that you will receive an adequate product for the hard-earned amount you have paid for it. 

Thank you for reading!