Top 7 Best Sway Bar Kits- Comprehensive Buying Guide 2022

Best sway bars for upgrading your suspension

In-car suspension systems, there is one component that keeps your vehicle from rolling over when it undergoes a curve or a turn on the road.

It is called anti-sway or anti-roll bar. Choosing the proper stock replacement for your automobile and driving habit may be difficult if you are not very familiar with the available brands on the market.

Hopefully, by reading our in-depth guide so you can make a wise decision and improve your overall ride quality!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best sway bar kits on the market!

How Does a Sway Bar Work?

A sway bar is important for your vehicle because it returns it back firmly implanted to the ground during curves and turns on the road. Don’t you have the feeling sometimes that your car is in danger of toppling over especially when you are driving at a fast speed and then you suddenly negotiate curves and twists on the road? 

Be thankful that you have a sway bar connected to the car’s front wheels. It is U-shaped and is made from durable steel. What happens when your car turns is that its body rolls to one side. This means its weight shifts to the direction where it turns. 

At this moment, your car is in the process of a body roll or body sway. It is but fortunate that you have a sway bar that controls the suspension of each wheel which results in an even-out action of your car’s body roll. The sway bar makes your car stand straight on the road, after negotiating the turn or the curve. It avoids the car from being controlled by the road conditions. 

Will the Rear Sway Bar Help With Towing?

Yes, a rear sway bar will help with towing a trailer, but absolutely zero swayings is not possible. There will still be instances when swaying happens because of crosswinds, drafts from passing trucks and vehicles, and incorrect braking techniques. 

A rear sway bar will help but when you pack the trailer you tow, put more weight in the front to reduce swaying. Also, drive slow when towing, not more than 55 mph. 

If the trailer that you are towing is more than 26 feet in length, it would be best to have two friction style rear sway bars. 

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Best Sway Bar Kits Available on the Market

1. Whiteline Heavy Duty Sway Bar 

When you are in the market for a quality and heavy-duty sway bar, you will not go wrong with a purchase of a Whiteline sway bar. 

This company has a global reputation as a go-to manufacturer of enhancement, replacement, and performance suspension components that give you the privilege of exceptional vehicle balance, steering accuracy, amazing grip level, and overall driving performance. 

Buyers have commented that two lateral side locks come with their purchase. The sway bar itself is of industrial make, and thus, very durable. A warranty can be requested directly from the manufacturer’s customer service. 

  • Manufacturer is a well known sway bar producer.
  • Immense handling improvement.
  • The installation procedure is simple and straightforward.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • It’s possible that it’ll corrode with time.

2. APDTY Front Sway Bar Assembly Kit

Your purchase not only includes a sway bar but also brackets, sway bar end links, and other necessary hardware. 

It is a sway bar that fits the front of a select group of 1997 to 2016 Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick, and Chevrolet cars. Be sure to refer to the compatibility chart to ensure that the fitment of this sway bar is designed for your vehicle before making the purchase.

The APDTY Front Sway Bar replaces a lot of OEM away bars and has been trusted as an alternative sway bar for the above car brands throughout the years. 

  • Made from solid forged steel.
  • More affordable than stock sway bars but rides great.
  • Easy to install if you have lots of patience and little bit of mechanic knowledge.
  • Excellent value for the price.
  • Fits only vehicle front.

3. Dorman Front Suspension Stabilizer Bar

The complete kit includes new bushings, links, and mounting brackets. 

Its solid forged design eliminates the tendency of the ends splitting or breaking. 

It has been fitted to over 3.5 million vehicles to date. 

The company producing this quality sway bar, Dorman, is one of the first companies to produce replacement products for the vehicle market. Up to this day, Dorman is still one of the most sought-after car component manufacturers, including sway bars. It is based in Colmar, Pennsylvania, USA. 

It doesn’t easily fall into corrosion due to moisture and road salt because of its solid forged steel material which gives it exceptional durability. 

  • Backed by exceptional reputation of Dorman, one of the pioneers of the manufacture of car replacement products.
  • Has been sway bar of choice for millions of customers.
  • Convenient and durable product.
  • Doesn’t fit most Japanese and Korean cars.

4. Eibach Anti Roll Rear Performance Sway Kit

If you desire a suspension upgrade, choose an Eibach anti-roll kit. It gives you the distinct privilege of fine-tuning the handling performance of your automobile. 

It minimizes body roll through an intentionally designed stiffness over stock bars. After installation, you will definitely feel an elevated quality of handling and cornering grip in any emergency situation requiring better vehicle stability. 

It is sourced and constructed from high-strength and cold-formed aircraft-grade steel and finished with a red powder coat finish. 

Your purchase includes the necessary mounting hardware and instructions for easy DIY installation. A million-mile warranty is expected to complement this worthy automobile investment. 

  • The 32mm tubular bar enhances front/rear weight balance due to it’s lighter weight.
  • Drastic quality improvement and performance over stock sway bar.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Durable product.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Use only for car’s rear.

5. Roadmaster Front Sway Bar

Specially designed for the Ford F-53 chassis models from 1999 to 2019. It’s a great OEM replacement for the original front sway bar.

The Ford F-53 is a motor home, so this means that the Roadmaster Front Sway Bar fulfills all the heavy-duty requirements of this motorhome when it comes to maneuverability on curves and turns on the road. 

Your purchase comes complete with all the necessary hardware components including the polyurethane bushings. 

  • Heavy duty because it is specially designed for the Ford F-53 motor home which requires a really good stabilizing front sway bar.
  • Designed for the F-53 but can be installed too on other motor home chassis. Consult customer support for vehicle compatibility chart first.
  • Ride improvement, becoming softer and more responsive.
  • It’s simple to set up.
  • Poor quality hardware kit.

6. Belltech Front Anti Swaybar

Do you want to enhance the stability of your sport truck or SUV? Buy a Belltech Front Anti Swaybar and feel the reduction of the boat-like body roll of your vehicle. 

You feel more confident when you’re driving your vehicle because when you negotiate turns and steep curves, the car body remains flat and firmly gripped on the road asphalt. This increases, in turn, the safety of all the passengers on board. 

The product material is cold-formed solid steel and will guarantee accurate fit on your vehicle, as long as you check this data on the compatibility chart. 

You are guaranteed OEM ride quality because of enhanced performance, comfort, and control. 

  • Your purchase comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation.
  • Enhance your big vehicle’s stability on the road.
  • Durable product ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Fits only the front.
  • Some customers complained that the package arrived with missing hardware.

7. Hellwig Rear Sway Bar

Hellwig is a company started in 1946 in Visalia, California with solid answers to load control problems of vehicles. It’s an ISO 9001 certified company and is proud to develop and manufacture this premium rear sway bar. 

Its design is geared towards fast and easy bolt installation which requires some simple hand tools, and in some instances, drilling. But the end result is that your car’s body roll is greatly reduced and your cornering traction and maneuverability is dramatically enhanced.

Tire life is also lengthened because the sway bar induces even pressure on all four sides of the car as it negotiates turns and curves. 

It is made of quality chromoly steel with advanced polyurethane bushings. Each Hellwig rear sway bar is designed to fit perfectly specific car models and also works well with your stock exhaust. 

  • It distributes weight evenly on your car.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Very durable product.
  • Seller provides an excellent installation easy-to-follow guide.
  • Brilliant customer support.
  • Fits only a limited range of cars.

What to Consider When Choosing Sway Bar Kits- Buying Guide

Compatibility With Your Car

There’s nothing more annoying than discovering after you have purchased a sway bar, that it doesn’t fit your car model. Be sure to take your time to study the sway bar’s compatibility chart so that you will be sure it is a perfect fit. 

Made in the USA

There are sway bars that are manufactured in other countries, but the products that are fabricated in the US mainland are the best. There are multitudes of American car owners who would want to retain the vehicles that they have used for a couple of years.

And one way to maintain their cars in top condition is to replace car components like sway bars with quality US-made ones. 

Racing or Motor Home Worthy Quality

When a sway bar is deemed worthy of installation on race cars or on massive motor homes, they are deemed of superior quality because these cars demand unmistakable quality. But in the end, just make sure that the sway bar fits your vehicle. 

Made of Solid Steel

I would choose sway bars made of solid steel anytime, over ones with hollow tubes. The unpredictable conditions on the road demand a lot on your car and solid steel sway bars can withstand the pressure. 

Easy to to Install DIY

Because of advanced technology, many sway bars have designs that can be easily installed by an amateur or a non-mechanic. Some don’t even require tools or minimal manual tools. But still, others require drilling which I don’t like. 


If the company that manufactures a sway bar is confident with its quality, it would offer an extended warranty on the product, confident that whatever the customers dispatch on the sway bar in terms of cruel conditions on the road, it can withstand all these challenges. 

Some kits include end links too, so it means that the price you pay includes these end links. You might as well change the end links too. So, if this is important to you, buy a sway bar kit that includes end links, bushings, and other components. But if you did buy a sway bar without end links, you don’t need to buy new end links if they’re not yet worn out. 

When to Replace the Sway Bar?

There will be obvious signs that you need to replace your sway bar. You will be experiencing a free play of more bouncing and instability when your car is negotiating curves and turns or when pushed up and down. 

The catastrophe that might happen if you delay the replacement of a worn-out or damaged sway bar is that it can separate while the vehicle is in motion. This could be life-threatening to the passengers. 

You will also feel that your car will lean excessively on its side when there are turns and curves. Don’t wait for trouble to happen and check out the sway bars above which can fit your car perfectly. 

Will Sway Bars Make Noise?

A bad or worn-out sway bar will definitely make annoying noises. It breaks and loosens up, it can make rattling and clunking sounds because it comes into friction with other parts of the suspension system. 

Will Sway Bars Affect Tire Wear?

A worn-out sway bar will definitely make premature the life span of your tires because the grip of their rubber on the road will be inconsistent. It is always advised that vehicle height be maintained, and a good sway bar will accomplish this. But a replaceable sway bar will definitely wear out your tire thread faster. 

What I Recommend Final Touch

The first thing I look for when buying a sway bar or any car component for that matter is whether it is made in the USA. That’s one check off the list. 

The next is if it is easy to install by myself because I am quite a car tinkerer and I enjoy this activity. It would help if it doesn’t require fancy tools to install, and worst would require drilling. If it’s a direct fit, all the dimensions will be perfect, and it would be a joy to install as if you’re just playing with Lego blocks. 

The next is it should be made of exquisitely superior material, and in this case, for sway bars, it should be solid forged steel, not hollow. 

Next, I am always looking for that extended warranty. I can conclude that the manufacturer is confident about their product if they put a warranty stamp on it. 

And finally, I look for a sway bar that’s compatible with my car. That’s logical enough. 


It fulfills all the quirks and concerns that I have as a car owner. It is made in the USA by a quality brand that has proven itself in the automotive industry. Many buyers even say that it outperforms their stock sway bars that will be replaced. 

I can install it by myself and won’t need fancy tools. Most reviews say that it can be fitted in less than 30 minutes. 

And I like that it’s made of aircraft-grade steel which is even more of my standard of solid forged steel. That’s durability to the max. 

And they have this extended warranty that I’m talking about. And delightfully, it’s a million-mile warranty which I know is an exaggeration because it’s near to impossible that my car will travel a million miles. This means this warranty is for a long long time. 

FAQ Section

Is a Thicker Sway Bar Better? 

Thicker and bigger are not always better. What you should be looking for are well-engineered sway bars with superior material. A great sway bar should complement the suspension, not overpower it. 

What Is the Difference Between Stock and Aftermarket Sway Bars? 

Their differences are featured through stiffness, adjustability, and weight. 

Aftermarket sway bars, like the ones featured here, are lighter and stiffer and give more allowance to a wider range of adjustments. Many customers even say that aftermarket sway bars are even better than stock sway bars.

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