The 9 Best Truck Shocks for a Smooth Ride- A Buyer’s Guide 2022

best truck shocks for a smooth ride

Shock absorbers, or dampers, are precisely constructed components that ensure a smooth and comfortable everyday ride. They have a piston or two in a hydraulic fluid-filled pressure tube. Most of the types also contain nitrogen gas, which enables better fluid movement and stops aeration.

Nonetheless, different driving styles and habits should be considered when purchasing your next truck shock. Some of you out there might want to cruise through the streets of your town, while I myself am an avid off-roader that hits the beaten paths very often with my four-wheeler.

So what does that mean? Well, completely different types of shocks

By not having the correct shock absorbers, you might risk your safety and lose a lot of money on other replacement parts.

That being said, there are several factors to consider before choosing the best truck shocks for a smooth ride. We’ll do our best, armed with all the available data and experience, to help you make the best decision possible!

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What Kind of Shocks Do You Need for Your Truck?

As we mentioned before, you should examine your personal driving patterns. 

How often do you take your truck off-road? What are your truck’s highest speeds on the highway? Do you tow a camping trailer every now and then?

You and your truck will benefit from different kinds of shock absorbers depending on how you drive and what you intend to do with your vehicle.

It might be tough to choose the perfect truck shocks for you. That’s why I have put up a basic guide in this part that should assist you with your unique needs:

Standard Driver

The best shocks for you are twin-tube gas-charged shocks. It is a cheaper choice as compared to monotube. The reason is that there are no additional parts manufactured to separate the nitrogen gas from the oil. A highly polished piston chamber or a floating piston is non-existent in this type of shock absorber.

A Constant Off-Roading Adventurer

Gas pressurized monotube shock absorbers are highly recommended if you need to drive a bit quicker on bad roads. Monotubes feature higher absorption qualities and provide a smoother ride.

Towing and Hauling (Heavy Duty)

If you are constantly towing a travel trailer or carrying heavy loads, airbags with an onboard compressor might be a perfect choice. However, it might be very pricey, but very convenient. 

You can alter the suspension stiffness on the run with airbags. It might be stiffer when towing a trailer, but when the cargo is empty, it can be softer.

A cheaper option to the airbags is to install helper springs. But, there is one disadvantage to this option. Yes, helper springs will improve the ride and stability of your vehicle, but only if you’re routinely towing a travel trailer for hauling heavy items in the back. 

Helper springs stiffen and firemen your vehicle’s ride even when it’s not loaded.

10 Best Truck Shock Absorbers for a Smooth Ride

1. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set Compatible With 2005-2016 Ford F250 / F350 4wd Pickups

Bilstein 5100 series shock absorbers will be the only thing you need to enhance the standards of your vehicle. It’s an incredible choice if you’re seeking a pair of shock absorbers that will level your car’s height and provide a smooth ride no matter what driving circumstances you find yourself in.

Engineered to automatically respond to various driving circumstances, the shock absorbers ensure that you have a consistent driving experience whether you are in the woods or on the highway.

With a velocity-sensitive digressive piston, the shock absorber can detect and respond to changes in road conditions as soon as they occur, providing you with a pleasant and smooth ride throughout your trip.

According to the durability of this shock absorber, it seems to be a worthwhile purchase for any vehicle that it is intended to fit. The joy of high-level performance while encountering all kinds of challenging situations is really a confidence booster!


  • It improves the smoothness and quietness of the truck’s ride.
  • Washers, bushings, and nuts are all included with the purchase.
  • Although the front shocks are harder to install than the rear shocks, the shocks are straightforward to install.


  • If you do not submit accurate vehicle information, the product may not fit your truck.
  • This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Monroe 58620 Load Adjusting Shock Absorber

Team Monroe has produced another outstanding product. The Monroe 58620 is a high-performance shock absorber that requires little to no maintenance and delivers excellent performance. After installing this device, you may safely put your vehicle through a slew of road tests at any time of day or night, in any weather, and in every road condition, and you will still obtain the same top-notch performance.

When it comes to load-adjustable shock absorbers, the Monroe 58620 is one of those units that can quickly adapt to changing weights and road conditions, guaranteeing that your ride is really pleasant and that you have complete control over your car.

This shock absorber requires extremely little maintenance since it is equipped with an all-weather fluid that has been carefully created to reduce friction to the absolute minimum. This ensures smooth rod responsiveness and a pleasurable riding experience.

My favorite feature is how the valves in the shock absorbers react independently and with micro-precision to changes in road conditions, ensuring that the vehicle remains stable. In terms of durability, the piston in this shock is fluon-banded, ensuring that the piston and pressure tube maintains constant sealing throughout the shock’s operational lifetime.


  • Get rid of the shake and bounce in your car.
  • Regardless of what you’re transporting, it keeps the rear end up.
  • The height of the ride is lifted.


  • When installing, it will be difficult to compress.

3. Gabriel 49235 Hijackers Air Shock Absorber

First, Gabriel invented the shock absorber, which was followed by the first hydraulic shock absorber, the first adaptable shock absorber, and the first adaptable air shock absorber. Because of this, you can see that they’re always studying and working hard not just to lead the pack but to provide the market with high-quality shocks and struts for the brand’s customers.

It is perfect for pulling big weights or trailers and boats with Gabriel shock absorbers. Each pair of Gabriel Hijackers can raise more than 1,000 pounds, reducing the risk of bottoming out and improving control.

These Hijackers have a chromed piston rod that resists rust, provides appropriate seal lubrication, and ensures uniform wear on the pistons. It has a leak-proof piston seal, contributing to its longer lifespan. To put it another way, the fact that this vehicle shock absorber does not need any maintenance implies that it will last for years at a low cost.


  • It has a strong and durable design.
  • A piston rod with an anti-corrosion chrome coating is also included.
  • The user guide for the product is simple to understand.
  • The process of installation is really simple.


  • It’s probable that the inflator you have won’t operate with the valve stem.
  • The shock has a plastic valve stem, which I believe  steel or another metal would be better.

4. KYB MonoMax 565104 Shock Absorber

KYB is among the best suspension companies on the market. All of their products work and are really competitively priced for what they provide.

Consequently, when they began making aftermarket shocks, combining their suspension expertise with their new shocks was certain to improve results, which it did.

Millions of people around the globe utilize the KYB 565104 MonoMax Gas Shocks, and there have rarely been any kind of complaints about their performance. The MonoMax line from KYB is one of the finest on the market.

They were created particularly for cars with wider tires, such as trucks and SUVs, since they put a lot of strain on the original shocks, causing them to fail. The MonoMax is designed to endure extreme pressure while maintaining comfort and performance.

These shocks are suitable for practically any heavy-duty vehicle. They have a dampening power that is up to 40% more than ordinary shocks.

To avoid wear and tear, the MonoMax’s piston is zinc-coated. It also creates the ideal seal. The rubber boot also keeps dirt and debris off the shaft, impairing the seal’s integrity.

This is tempting for folks who use their automobiles off-road, often for business or pleasure. As a result, the strong rubber seal keeps tiny pebbles and sharp items from getting inside.

Fluid leakage is an issue with traditional shock absorbers, which leads to shock failure and potentially puts the car and the driver at risk. A chrome-plated rod in the MonoMax is entirely smooth and produces very little resistance.


  • There is less resistance.
  • Design with a single tube
  • Leakproof
  • Guaranteed for life.
  • Protection against dirt and debris


  • Some models do have bushing compatibility problems.
  • Instructions are provided in Spanish only.

5. ACDelco 580-435 Front Shock Absorber

The ACDelco 580-435 Front Shock Absorber is the next item on our checklist. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that their shock absorbers deliver top-of-the-line performance, which is enhanced by a chrome-plated piston rod that prevents rust and corrosion from occurring.

In addition to being incredibly durable, they can be utilized on any road surface and in any weather situation. Because these dampeners are powered by gas, they have outstanding performance and can react quickly to changes in road conditions.

When it comes to replacing OEM shocks, which are responsible for the majority of the bad performance, they are the best possible alternative. Furthermore, the ACDelco shocks are delivered with all the necessary components for a full replacement.

In conjunction with their shocks, ACDelco offers the customer a limited lifetime guarantee, applicable for the duration of the user’s ownership of the vehicle in which the shocks were originally fitted. If a manufacturer’s fault occurs as a result of poor performance, the product will be replaced at no cost to the customer.

As a result, these shocks may be purchased with confidence since a guarantee backs them. You can reclaim it at any point in time.


  • There is little resistance.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • It may be used on any kind of road.


  • After a short period of use, some devices fail.

6. Monroe MA822 Max-Air Shock Absorber

Because of its top-of-the-line shocks, Monroe has been included in our list of the best shock absorbers twice. These shocks are the best option available for trucks and cars that have to haul or transport huge loads.

As a result of the MA822 Max-Air Adjust Shocks’ wide air chamber, it is possible to deflate and inflate the vehicle’s height with no sacrifice in comfort, durability, or performance.

Greater compression is provided by the fully displaced valve, resulting in a smoother ride. Air sleeves are coated with an anti-wear substance to let them move more easily over uneven terrain.

The reinforced piston rod on this model’s monotube structure aids in control and reduces resistance.

These shocks are meant to be used on the back of a car. Although they sometimes fit neatly in front of automobiles, they aren’t designed for that purpose.

The limited lifetime warranty is the same as for the Monroe 58640. In other words, the guarantee is valid for the vehicle’s life in which the shocks are fitted, as long as the original purchaser owns the car. In addition, if a manufacturing problem occurs, customers are entitled to a free replacement.


  • Built to make a lasting impression.
  • Consistent function is ensured with a 2-inch fluid reserve tub.
  • The use of nitrocarburized rods extends the service life of heavy-duty cylinders.
  • It’s simple to set up and use.
  • There is a vast range of inflation and deflation.


  • Not all of the bolts and nuts are included in the shock’s packaging.
  • There are no airline fittings.
  • In absence of a hydraulic lockout system.

7. Bilstein 24191203 Shock Absorber

With this monotube shock absorber from Bilstein, you can expect a constant and fade-free performance throughout the shock’s service life. However, it performs better on small vehicles than on large trucks, making the Bilstein 24191203 the best option for a wide range of terrain.

A unique velocity and sensitive digressive piston is meant to respond rapidly to changes in driving circumstances, regardless of how fast the vehicle is moving. They are custom-tuned for each application, guaranteeing that they provide the best possible performance on every vehicle they are used on.

Apart from that, the shock absorbers in this series are calibrated individually for each application. This ensures that they work at their best on every automobile.


  • It reduces bouncing, which is very useful in towing vehicles.
  • There is a discernible difference in stability.
  • Improves the overall cornering performance of the vehicle.
  • It is the best vehicle for all-terrain driving.


  • Heavy vehicles may find it a little too soft.
  • Because of the thin coating of paint, it rusts easily.

8. Monroe 34690 Gas-Magnum Truck Shock Absorber

You should choose the Monroe 34690 Gas-Magnum truck shock absorber if you want new shocks that will restore your vehicle’s handling and ride quality to its original condition.

These heavy-duty shocks are constructed of nitrocarburized materials, which assist in extending their service life while also boosting and tightening control without compromising ride quality. The shock is intended to deliver a quieter ride on each bump it encounters, allowing you to enjoy a more forgiving ride when traveling over uneven roads.

However, if you are looking to tighten up your ride, I would not suggest these since they are designed to be an original replacement and hence provide a smoother and softer ride quality than many aftermarket brands. Consequently, if you want to regularly transport high weights, a stronger monotube shock will be more appropriate for your needs.

The yellow paint looks great beneath the vehicle, but you may need to add a second coat since these shocks are not powder-coated and can rust quickly if not protected.


  • The shocks have a strong, solid feel, are well-fitting, and perform as expected.
  • It dramatically enhances the vehicle’s ability to corner.
  • Do-it-yourself installation is a joy.


  • There are squeaks and noises from the bushings.
  • It rusts quickly because of the thin coating of paint.

9. Detroit Axle 80370-6 Complete Absorber Set

Is there anything better than a set of new shocks? Struts and shocks are included as a complete set for a thorough overhaul of a vehicle’s suspension. OEM shock absorbers and struts are perfectly compatible with this kit.

The Detroit Axle is the final shock absorber on our list. However, being last does not mean it’s worse than the others. All the absorbers were picked for their great performance. In terms of performance, the 80370-6 is equally as good, if not better, than any of the other devices on our list.

The company is well-known across the globe for its high-quality suspension systems.

These shocks protect the rider from pit holes and allow them to leap in an unmatched way. They’ve been made to OEM specs, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues when you acquire them.

You don’t even need to hire a technician to install the shocks since they come with all the necessary tools.

It’s best to use the Detroit Axle shocks on lesser vehicles like SUVs and automobiles since they aren’t strong enough for huge trucks.

All in all, these shocks provide respectable performance and are long-term performers. However, they are pricey and come with just a 10-year guarantee, which should not be the case for such an expensive product.


  • Built to exact OEM specifications.
  • Great cushioning.
  • Reliable performance


  • It is expensive.
  • A ten-year warranty is provided.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Truck Shocks for Smooth Ride

The Correct Type

The easiest method to get a smooth ride is to pick a suitable shock absorber. Since many shock manufacturers design their shocks for a certain kind of car, it’s important to make sure that the shock is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing.

Shock absorbers are critical to this operation, and if you don’t start with a good one, you’ll have a difficult time completing the job and risk damaging other sections of the car in the process.

A Long-Term Product

Choosing a long-lasting shock absorber is not only cost-effective, but will also save you time in the long run. Specs alone can’t tell you how long a shock absorber will last, but customer feedback and a reputable brand history may be good signs. The thickness of the piston, a well-protected shaft made of durable material, and a nice paint job are all crucial considerations.

Effortless Performance

The shock absorber is responsible for absorbing the road’s bumps and vibrations, ensuring a smooth ride and continual touch with the road. Always look for truck shocks that come with carefully selected premium quality oil that will withstand the heat produced. It also has a valving system that is adjustable to different road conditions.

High-Quality Components

Even though steel shock absorbers are less costly, they are heavier, more difficult to install, and cannot be customized. Drivers prefer steel shocks over aluminum shocks for the same reasons. Shocks with protective boots on them keep away dust, dirt, and other contaminants. This extends the life of the shock and maintains the truck in good working order for a long period.

Affordability in Installation

Most shock absorbers may be replaced at home with a few simple tools. You can only do this with a monotube design with all of its components incorporated inside the unit.

You need to know how to install a shock and have the proper equipment. Everything you need to accomplish the installation is included with the shocks we’ve looked at. If you run into any problems, check out our shock replacement instructions.

However, if you do not have the time or the skills to DIY, replacement costs may be something you should also consider before purchasing your new pair of shock absorbers for a smooth ride!

Smooth Rebounding

As we know by now, trucks are meant to be driven in various places; some may be harsher than others. Therefore, you put a lot of stress on your suspension.

Getting rebounding shocks fitted on your truck is the solution to the problem. Shocks with rebound bumpers, on the other hand, have an advantage when it comes to rebounding.


A product warranty is often the last item on a person’s mind when purchasing a product. If you are spending a lot of money on shock absorbers, you should expect them to come with a lifetime guarantee or a limited lifetime warranty at the very least. 

You will be protected if anything unfortunate occurs. Even if you are not spending a lot of money on shock absorbers, you should be aware that they will almost certainly not come with any type of guarantee.


And that’s the end of this article! I’ve spent a lot of time researching to bring you the best truck shocks for a smooth ride.

Once again, as a reminder, shocks of high quality are essential to a proper suspension system. If you don’t have them, you’ll be unable to maintain control of your car and be exposed to bumpy journeys.

Thank you for spending time reading this post. Please give any feedback or suggestions.

I’d be very pleased to help if you have any questions. I am also very curious about what you think is the best choice. Or maybe you have good or bad experience with a particular brand or model.

Let me know in the comments below!

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