Restore Your Vehicle’s Suspension at a Low Cost! Detroit Axle Shocks & Struts Review 2022

detroit axle shocks and struts review

Detroit Axle struts may be a dime a dozen, but they are more than a cheap alternative to the popular shocks and struts made by name-brand companies. 

Furthermore, they are designed to withstand more than 80,000 miles of wear and tear, implying that they will last even longer than the competition, yet at a significantly lesser cost. Isn’t that incredible?

I’ll try to be as honest and transparent as possible in this Detroit Axle shocks and struts review, so you can determine whether this brand meets your requirements. More importantly, I’ll spit out a variety of facts so you can decide for yourself if anything this brand claims is true!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Top Pick: Best Overall Performance

Detroit Axle-Front & Rear Complete Strut & Spring Assembly Replacement (4pc)

Highlighted Product Features

  • It has an electrophoretic coating for protection against corrosion and oxidation.
  • It enhances vehicle comfort and height thanks to the premium quality coil springs, which are highly stable. 
  • Exceptional quality components: an upper mounting hardware (bearings, nuts, bolts, all are a precise O.E. match), dust boot, and lowering spring isolators.
  • Ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. So you can be at peace of mind.
  • Struts are engineered with a valving technology to match each vehicle’s specific ride and handling characteristics.
  • The package has everything you need to install the struts and have them ready for use. As a result, you don’t have to assemble them manually, which saves plenty of time. There is also no need to purchase anything separately.
  • Super easy installation. It requires no prior experience at all. Simply follow the installation guide that comes with the strut assembly, and you should be good to go. 

Detroit Axle Shocks and Struts Review:

Since Detroit Axle Shocks and struts are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, almost anyone can enjoy the benefits.

1. Detroit Axle Uses High-Quality and Durable Parts to Assemble Their Units

As much as I have heard about Detroit Axle parts being outsourced from overseas companies, I am still very confident in the quality and longevity of their struts. Besides that, plenty of other popular aftermarket suspension brands does the same. Only a few brands manufacture all parts and assemble them in the same facility. 

More importantly, Detroit Axle is committed to manufacturing products that last longer than the average competition available in the market. Therefore, you should be at peace knowing you are in good hands.

Struts are not something you change daily, so considering the material quality and durability of the parts are vital factors. Detroit Axle Struts checks both these factors when it comes to the quality of its products. 

2. The Longevity of Detroit Axle Struts

Detroit Axel Struts need to be maintained regularly like any other suspension part. Proper maintenance can make the struts last up to 80,000 miles, or even more if done right. However, this does not mean they never have to be replaced. 

How long it will take for your specific Detroit Axel Struts to wear out mainly depends on your maintenance habits, driving conditions, and driving style. The struts’ lifespan may be prolonged or shortened based on the above-mentioned factors.

According to the company, the struts are designed with quality and performance in mind. As a result, you should not have to worry about replacing them anytime soon if you follow all company guidelines regarding maintenance and use. 

3. They Provide a Hefty Ten-Year Worry-Free Guarantee

In an unfortunate instance, if you end up ruining your struts within the first ten years of purchase, Detroit offers a worry-free guarantee. This does not cover accidents or on-purpose damage to the product. 

Instead, if there are any performance issues without you doing anything to cause them, the company will fix the struts. If they are unfixable, you will get a replacement under warranty. 

The ten-year worry-free warranty is what makes the Detroit Axel Struts a great option because not many strut brands offer such an incredible warranty policy. 

4. Detroit Axle’s Products Are Affordable Yet Valuable for the Price

Another great advantage of the Detroit Axle product is that it offers excellent value for money. While these can be categorized as low-budget struts by any chance, you can not underestimate the changes they can bring to your vehicle. 

Given the competition, it is the perfect balance between value and money, where you actually get more than you are paying. 

Consider it a long-term investment because spending a considerable amount right now is better than replacing them soon with some cheap quality struts.

5. Detroit Axle Has a Variety of Products Likely to Suit Your Vehicle

If you are worried about whether Detroit Axle Struts will fit your vehicle or not, worry not. Detroit Axle has a wide variety of products, and chances are you will find something that suits your vehicle.

The brand is dedicated to bringing top-quality struts with incredible handling and control performance to all vehicles. You just have to do some online research, or you should talk to your local dealership that sells Detroit Axle Struts. 

Discuss your needs and your car’s requirements with the salesman or someone from the company. They will hook you up with the most suitable product for your vehicle. 

6. The Stylish Design Is Appealing to the Customer

Detroit Axle Struts are also known for their stylish design, which often appeals to customers. It is a great aesthetic addition to your ride, especially if you want it to look good. Even though they are not quite visible while installed on the vehicle, it is still something that pleases your eyes when seen at the time of purchase. 

Other than that, the design is precise in that it can easily replace your stock struts. You can get your hands on two different variants of Detroit Axle Struts, including the standard and heavy-duty versions. It is entirely up to you which one you choose. Just make sure it is the perfect version for your needs. 

The struts are also designed to be adjustable, so you can fine-tune the performance according to your driving conditions and style. This incredible design feature makes driving a more personalized and pleasant experience. 

To top it all off, the design of the Detroit Axle Struts is such that it helps enhance the lost comfort of your ride. The design is further complemented by corrosion and oxidation-protecting coatings, which also aid in making them last longer. 

7. Installation Is Simple, Even if Done in Your Own Garage (No Need for Special Tools)

When you buy struts or shocks from Detroit Axle, you can be sure that you will be able to replace them on your own. Without the need for any special tools or the help of a certified mechanic. 

If you are one of those Americans that loves fixing things in their own household or garage, then go for it!

However, the need for at least beginner-level mechanical skills is mandatory. If this is the first time tinkering in your garage, I strongly recommend that you take your car to the nearest mechanic store.

8. Detroit Axle Is a Reputable and Growing Brand

With over three decades on the market, Detroit Axle is currently one of America’s best aftermarket suspension brand choices. However, they have only sold their products on the internet for five years. 

With its 44 employees, which is a 5% increase since last year, Detroit Axle is slowly climbing the top spots of the aftermarket suspension ladder. You can be sure that behind this brand is a team of professionals that work hard on a daily basis to improve the quality of their products.

I mention this because the Detroit Axle team cares for their creations. That said, all the units go through a couple of tests before they leave the factory.

9. There Is Only One Drawback in My Opinion

Even though Detroit Axle shocks and struts are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, there are still some rides that they don’t suit. More importantly, you can face other issues such as squeakiness or misalignment with some models. However, all this rarely happens, so you should be good to go!


Do Detroit Axle Shocks and Struts Live up to Their Claims?

Having said that, I often search the net and constantly provide my readers with valuable buying guides. I must say that Detroit Axle has plenty of positive feedback on its products listed on Amazon. That leads me to believe one thing: they certainly do live up to their claims!

How Much Do Detroit Axle Shocks and Struts Cost?

Detroit Axles has a variety of struts for almost every vehicle. They can be purchased for as little as $60 and as much as $150 per unit. This differs due to the car brand, model, and type of strut.

Are Detroit Axle’s Shocks and Struts Better Than Competitors?

Detroit Axle does not have as high a reputation as Rancho or Bilstein. Yet again, in my humble opinion, it is a brand that is worth your time and investment. All have their pros and cons, and some brands sell the products at a much higher cost for numerous reasons. 

Are Detroit Axle’s Shocks and Struts Easy to Install?

Yes, they are. In the 21st century, most aftermarket parts brands tend to produce and market more of the quick-struts, or in other words, the pre-assembled complete struts. These units are already constructed by the manufacturer itself, which is an awesome feature that, of course, comes at a higher price. However, the risk you are avoiding of having to assemble the parts yourself, in my opinion, is definitely worth it.

Where Are Detroit Axle Struts Made?

Some parts are made from the Detroit Axle itself, such as the rack and pinion and axles (this is the information provided by their official website)

Still, some people really doubt that information. The rest of the parts this brand sells are outsourced from off-shore companies located in China and then assembled.

Who Makes Detroit Axle Struts?

As previously mentioned, the strut parts are being purchased and shipped from China, as I believe, which is still a rumor and not officially confirmed.

How Long Has Detroit Axle Been in Business?

The Detroit Axle has been in this game since the 1900s.

Is Detroit Axle any Good, in my opinion? (Final Thoughts)

In conclusion, this Detroit Axle shocks and struts review shows that this brand became a major player in the industry. So if you are looking for the best struts for your car, truck, or SUV, then you can not go wrong with a set of Detroit Axles.

Now, I would like to hear from you. Please write in the comments below any positive or negative experience with Detroit Axle’s shocks and struts. Thanks for reading!