The 4 Best Godspeed Coilovers You Can Buy- Comprehensive Rev

Godspeed coilovers are crucial for a car, and it is necessary to install them. However, the challenge comes in finding the right Godspeed coilovers. So, have you been looking for the best Godspeed coilovers on the market?

We understand that it can be a difficult job to find the right coilovers, especially for people who are not mechanics. People who are new to cars and car parts will also find it difficult. Understanding the features to go for is the problem.

We have researched the best Godspeed coilovers based on features, car compatibility, and other elements. In the list below, you will find the top-ranked Godspeed coilovers on the market.

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What Should You Consider When Buying Coilovers?

things to consider before buying coilovers
4 features that you should notice when buying coilovers for your car

When buying coilovers for your car, there are 4 features that you should notice.

To find the best coilovers for your car, you must take your time and consider several factors. These are factors that are related to the coilovers themselves and your car. The goal is to get the best piece for your car model.

Car Model

Not every coilover can fit in every car. Some coilovers are big while others are small. As a result, you have to make sure you select the right one.

Make sure you understand the dimensions of your car. Then buy coilovers that are compatible with your car. Otherwise, you won’t use them.

In cases where you do not know the dimensions well, you can check your car buyer’s manual. You can also talk to your mechanic, who will help you understand the measurements.

Spring Rates

Spring rates refer to the strength of the springs and how they respond to weight. This is measured in terms of kg/mm. As a result, a heavy car will require coilovers with high spring rates.

Make sure you find out about this to avoid buying coilovers with too much strength or too little for your car’s needs. Remember, the front and rear Godspeed coilovers have different spring rates.

Ensure you find out about your car’s spring rates before buying it. Small saloon cars will have low spring ratings, while bigger cars will have high ones. Consult your mechanic before buying if you are not sure.

Adjustable Damping Rate

The best Godspeed coilovers are the most adjustable ones. You should buy coilovers that can be adjusted for damping. As a result, check the damping rate before buying.

For coilovers with several levels of damping adjustment, there is more room for changes depending on your weight.


Price is a crucial factor in making sure you get value for the products you buy. Again, you do not want to overspend on your products.

Make sure you compare different products and sellers to make sure you get good value for your money. Compare the features you are getting vs. the money you are paying.

Review of the Best Godspeed Coilovers

Godspeed (MSS0150) MonoSS Coilover For Mazda Miata


  • 16-level damping adjustments.
  • 52mm mono-tube shock (stainless steel).
  • Racing grade shock oil.
  • 2.75″ extended top hat on the rear.
  • 1-year warranty.

The Godspeed (MSS015) coilovers are MonoSS and made for Mazda Miata models from 1990-2005. These coilovers are made of 52mm mono-tube stainless steel shocks.

So, they can adjust the damping to 16 different levels that are good for different driving conditions.

There is also a 2.75″ extended top hat to provide extra shock travel for the rear strut. They are fitted with Koyo Japan 6204z bearings in the internal piston. This provides smooth strokes.

The accessories are coated with carbon steel and machined aluminum for durability. These coilovers have independent height and spring tension adjustments. They also have racing oil to affect performance and protection.

  • 16 different damping levels offer good adjustment.
  • Accessories are coated in carbon steel.
  • Fits Mazda Miata MX-5 models manufactured between 1990 and 2005.
  • Simple to install and a perfect fit.
  • A manufacturer’s poor quality control can lead to buying shocks with the wrong bushing size.

Godspeed MSS0131-B MonoSS Coilover For Acura RSX


  • Stainless steel mono-tube shocks.
  • 52mm mono-tube shocks.
  • 16 force levels for adjustment.
  • Koyo Japan 6204z bearings.
  • Spring rate of 10kh/mm front and 12kg/mm rear.
  • 1-year warranty

The Godspeed MSS0131-B MonoSS Coilover is made for the Acura RSX (DC5). The coilover is compatible with models made from 2002 to 2006. This type of coilover is made up of a front piece with a spring rate of 10kg/mm and a rear of 12kh/mm.

This coilover also comes with 16 levels of damping, allowing maximum adjustment.

For the mono-tube shock, it is made of stainless steel and of 52mm size. The internal pistons are fitted with Koyo Japan 6204z, ensuring smooth strokes under different driving conditions. The accessories are coated in carbon steel for durability.

This coilover’s shock absorber gives room for rebuilding in case of wear out. However, it comes with race-grade oil for high viscosity. 

  • Strong spring rating.
  • Durable stainless steel mono-tube.
  • Affordable price.
  • Only available for models until 2006.

Godspeed MSS0440-A MonoSS Coilover For Honda Accord


  • It comes with a lowering kit.
  • 16-click damping adjustment.
  • Spring tension.
  • 8kg/mm spring rate for front and 6kg/mm rear.
  • 52mm stainless steel mono-tube shock.
  • 1-year warranty.

This is a coilover for Honda Accord models between 2013 and 2017. The Godspeed MSS0440-A is a monoSS coilover with a lowering kit and is fully adjustable. For this coilover, the spring rate is 8 kg/mm for the front and 6 kg/mm for the rear.

It is also equipped with a click damping feature with 16 levels of adjustment. This allows one to correspond to various driving conditions. The coilover comes equipped with a 52mm mono-tube. 

The internal piston is fitted with a Koyo Japan 6204z bearing, hence ensuring the right performance for various strokes. With the accessories coated with carbon steel and machined aluminum, durability is assured.

This coilover has an anodized body and uses race shock oil for high viscosity.

  • Anodized body for durability.
  • It offers a lowering kit.
  • Handles loads well and rides smooth.
  • Too heavy at 56 pounds.

Godspeed MSS0320 MonoSS Coilover For Mitsubishi Lancer


  • The 16 rebound level adjustment
  • The shock absorber can be rebuilt.
  • 52mm mono-tube stainless steel shock.
  • 6kg/mm front spring rate.
  • 6kg/mm rear spring rate.
  • Race oil for high viscosity.
  • 1-year warranty.

The Godspeed MSS0320 MonoSS coilover is made for the Mitsubishi Lancer and is compatible with (CX/CY) models from 2008 to 2017. It is also compatible with the sportback and ralliart, but not the evolution models.

The spring rate for both the front and rear is 6kg/mm on each. With the coilovers having 16 levels of rebound adjustment, they are good for various driving conditions. Here, there is also a 52mm mono-tube shock.

The mono-tube shock is made of stainless steel. The coilovers have independent height adjustment and spring tension. In the shock, there is race oil for a good viscosity index. The internal pistons have Koyo Japan 6204z bearings.

Since the shock absorber is easy to rebuild in case of wear, they offer a long service period.

  • Models from 2008 to 2017 are compatible.
  • High-quality Koyo Japan 6204z bearing
  • Not compatible with the evolution model.

Coilovers vs. Shocks: Similarities and Differences

What Are the Similarities?

Coilovers and shocks are both parts of a car/ automobile’s suspension system. As a result, both are used to absorb and reduce shock during movement. They are key in providing a smooth drive for any automobile.

They also hold the weight of the car. Coilovers and shocks hold whatever weight a car is carrying, whether it is luggage or people.  

What Are the Differences?

the main differences between coilovers and shocks
  • Coilovers are an assembly of many parts that serve different functions in a car’s suspension system, while shocks are just one part for shock absorption.
  • Coilovers have shock absorbers within their assembly. However, shocks are just shocks as they are.
  • A coilover is a device that does more than just absorb vibrations. It can support weight. Whether it is a truck or a sedan, a coilover will support weight. On the other hand, a shock will only absorb shock but not support weight.
  • Coilovers can help adjust the height of a vehicle by adjusting their springs. A shock is fixed and does not adjust the height of the vehicle.
  • Coilovers give more room for adjustment for both springs and dampers. Shocks have less adjustment as they do not have springs.
  • Coilovers have higher prices than shock absorbers.


Before you can get out to buy coilovers, like discussed above, you should know as much as possible about your car. You need to know the model of your car and the year of its manufacture. This will enable you to buy the right Godspeed coilovers.

When it comes to buying coilovers, there are several things to check. To get the best performance, compare different spring rates and adjustment mechanisms. This will ensure your car is able to handle different terrain efficiently.

The above-discussed products have varying features, and you should check to make sure they meet the requirements of your car. Remember that your budget is crucial. So, buy high-quality coilovers to get value for your money in the long run.


Where Are Godspeed Coilovers Made?

Godspeed Project is in charge of manufacturing all coilover products, but production sites differ as per different product lines.

Godspeed ProjectMonoSS CoiloversChina
Godspeed ProjectMonoRS CoiloversChina
Godspeed ProjectMonoMAXX CoiloversTaiwan

How Low Do Godspeed Monoss Coilovers Go?

Godspeed coilovers are able to go low by 2″, even with the bottom locking collar there and the upper locking collar. As a result, this provides a car owner a lot of space to play around with, depending on their needs. For someone carrying a lot of weight or wanting the shocks to be low, it is a good feature.

How to Adjust Godspeed Coilovers?

To adjust the spring on a Godspeed coilover system, start by unlocking the steel perch. Do this from the bottom by loosening a ring on the spring’s bottom. The next step is to turn the shock either clockwise or anticlockwise. This will allow the threaded shock to rise or fall.

If you would like to tighten the spring, extend the coilover to make it long and make the spring loose to shorten it.