How to Clean Car Windows – What Makes for a Spotless Glass?

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Cleaning your car is basic car maintenance which is done to keep it looking fresh and shiny. The same goes for the windows with another benefit being driver safety.

Keeping your windshield and windows clean provides good visibility as marks and blemishes won’t lead to sun dazzle blinding you on a busy road.

Grime and dirt can build up and cause other components to fail and wear more quickly such as the wipers. Since we all know that keeping your windows and windshield clean is something that should be done on the regular why not do it properly too.

While cleaning a car window isn’t rocket science there are some tips and tricks that can help you do a better job at it.

How to Clean Car Windows


Before you start it’s important that you gather all the cleaning supplies necessary for this task.

The first item on our list when it comes to keeping a clean window car is an automotive glass cleaner which will require you to dilute it if it doesn’t come already diluted.

If you have a concentrated (already diluted) cleaner you’ll need a bucket, a sponge (optional), wiper treatment (optional) and a microfiber or clean cotton cloth. If you are going to need to dilute the cleaner, you’ll need to add distilled water to the tools


1. Remember cleaning your car windows should be done at the end of every car washing session. You should start by cleaning the front and rear windows as they can be the hardest to clean due to their size and the angle at which they sit.

Make sure you are thorough with your cleaning by working the cleaner in all directions with the cloth. This will also help you spot smudges and missed areas more easily.clean windshield first

2. To remove stubborn stains such as bug splatter you can soak a rag in auto glass cleaner and let it sit overnight. This will loosen up the stain and help you get rid of it the day after.

If you want to speed up this process you can get a specifically formulated product for removing bug stains. But before you splurge your money on an overpriced product you can try putting a little bit of baking soda on hard-to-remove stains and let it sit for a while.

Then just buff them out with the microfiber cloth.

3. When you go onto the side windows you’ll also need to clean the top area where the windows slide into place. Cleaning that area will prevent lines, so by rolling the window down a little bit and going over the top of it with a microfiber cloth you will get rid of accumulated dust.

When wiping down your side windows on the sides you’ll want to start with the outer edges first as the build-up of dust and grime is most present there.clean side windows

4. When you are done cleaning the edges and corner re-wet the surface of the window glass and wipe it in the opposite direction you wiped the inside of the window.

This helps locate missed spots more easily and if you clean your windows from top to bottom you’ll avoid having drips of cleaner on the side you just cleaned. You can apply some of the cleaner on the wipers too to help break up the build-up of pollutants.

Wipe them down with a clean cloth afterwards and apply wiper treatment to prevent the wiper blades from wearing out quickly due to the buildup of grime and dust.

Getting Rid of Hard Water Spots

1. Hard water buildup comes in the form of white stubborn crusty spots that have built up from all the zinc, calcium, magnesium and lime that hard water contains. It’s best that you remove hard water spots as soon as you notice them because they can etch the glass if left for too long.hard water stains

2. Get your vinegar, a microfiber cloth, distilled water, bucket/ spray bottle and some rubbing alcohol. Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle/ bucket by mixing one cup of rubbing alcohol and warm distilled water with one tablespoon of white vinegar.

Depending on the number of hard water spots you may need a lot of this homemade cleaner or just a little bit.Clean hard water marks

3. To clean window car from hard water spots make sure your car is not exposed to direct sunlight as the solution will evaporate rather quickly which will make it ineffective.

Apply the solution by spraying it directly onto the water spots and then start buffing them out with a microfiber cloth until they are removed. When you are done with this car maintenance process polish the glass to bring it back in its original state.

Apply polish that doesn’t contain oils as these aren’t meant to be used on glass. When polishing the glass make sure to use either an old clean soft-fabric shirt or a soft cotton cloth.