How to find a good Auto Mechanic for your vehicle?

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Being a vehicle enthusiastic is one thing, but understanding it, in-depth, is not an easy task. Knowing how your vehicle works and functions is always good, but to maintain it or repair any part of it sometimes you need to reach out to your local auto mechanic. An expert will keep your car running in its perfect shape and will repair it properly too. Therefore, finding a good auto mechanic is crucial. And if you are struggling with finding the best one, then here are some tips for finding an expert.

Research Automation Certifications

A good and professional auto mechanic is always going to be certified. ASE certification is the best of all. However, do look into the areas the auto mechanic specializes in. This lets you know about the dedication of the auto mechanic too.

Ask people around you

If you are new to a place, then ask the people who live around you. You can ask within your workplace or the neighbors. Inquire about how their experience has been with the mechanic. The best mechanics have a very good customer relationship, and they benefit from word of mouth.

Research for Reviews Online

All the big and reputable auto mechanics and their companies have been reviewed online. Thus, look for online reviews. Read through customer experiences. Don’t just look for ratings. Read whatever the customers have to say. Remember that you are looking for a constant pattern in the reviews. You will certainly trust an auto mechanic with 90% positive reviews. But a mechanic who has 50% negative and 50% positive reviews, won’t seem like a sensible choice to make.

Male guy holding a wrench under a car.
Adult male car mechanic wearing rubber gloves tightens a screw underneath a vehicle

Look out for Local Shops

There are several local auto mechanic shops that you pass by daily. You might drive past one or two regularly. Stop by them and see how they are working. You can easily judge them by the number of customers they have in the queue. The expert ones will have a lot of work to juggle with. They might have vehicles parked in their garage. Research thoroughly before handing your car over to them. A lot of car owners would be there too, so you can inquire about the mechanic services from them, directly, as well.

Ask questions

When you find the best auto mechanic, make sure that you discuss things with them. Ask questions that might trouble you. Also, let them know that you want to see all the repairing being done, or maybe you want to see the parts that are replaced or need to be replaced. Let the mechanic know your requirements and then get started with them.


Finding an auto mechanic does not seem much a task until you have to get your troubled car fixed. You want a technician who understands your vehicle in-depth and won’t mess it up. With these little and quick to use tips, you can easily find a good mechanic for yourself. Make sure to research well before you pick one.