How to make your car louder

how to make your car louder

Have you ever thought of this idea to make your car louder? I bet at least once! With the aggressive roaring and satisfying performance upgrades… Oh, boy!

Truth be told it is actually really simple to create your car louder. 

In fact, you will need to take out all the noise-dampening components in the exhaust system. Make it a straight pipe system by removing the resonator, muffler, and catalytic converter. Or simply don’t remove them but drill holes in your resonator and muffler! Additionally, an exhaust kit, performance air filter, BOV(blow-off valve) can be installed.

Performance Air Filter for additional sound & performance boost!

Both stock air filter and performance air filter will certainly make your car louder. In theory talking, performance air filters should make your engine louder since it enhances airflow. I think it is essential to know this. If you truly wish to have a louder car from an air filter, you can choose to change the airbox and air filter with a cone air filter.

Installing a BOV or Blow Off Valve will make your car louder!

A blowoff valve, (in some cases “hooter valve” or BOV) releases the air into the environment rather than recirculating it. This kind of valve is generally an aftermarket modification. The blowoff activity creates a variety of unique hissing sounds, depending on the exit design.

Straight Piping for some additional aggressive sound boost!

straight pipe system on a car

Directly piping your car will certainly make it louder. This will eliminate everything in your exhaust system, therefore, making it one direct pipeline. This includes eliminating the catalytic converter, resonator, as well as muffler. 

This will certainly be enormously loud and we do not suggest deleting the catalytic converter. Nevertheless doing this will likewise trigger your car to have much less restrictive exhaust which might be performance gain also. 

There are various sets offered for various cars if you wish to choose directly piping. Furthermore, you can purchase some steel or stainless-steel tire pipeline and weld/clamp different pieces in also. 

This is typically the most affordable technique to create your car louder, however, it is the loudest. Oftentimes people find this to be too loud however, it is always a choice.

Setting up an Exhaust Kit to make your car even louder!

exhaust performance kit

This is one of the best solutions to make your car louder. The majority of the professional kits available provide a good balance of deep abundant sound without going overboard. Furthermore, this will help out a bunch in terms of the setup also. 

All your exhaust tubes will be pre-bent, align much easier, and generally come with the hangers you have to mount the exhaust up properly. These exhaust kits can include all kinds of various styles and sizes. As an instance, Kit 1 may include a catalytic converter, resonator, and a muffler however it may be an “aggressive” tone. 

This means there are much fewer chambers in the resonator and muffler so the sound bounces around within much less. This projects a louder and deeper tone to come from your exhaust.

Currently, Kit 2 may include simply a catalytic converter without any muffler and no resonator. This is going to make your car considerably louder as you have absolutely nothing to control the pitch of the exhaust, or how loud the exhaust is with a muffler. 

There are a lot of various combinations that are going to want to do some research into a few kits before you make the purchase. One that might be too loud for you, might be ideal for another person.

There are a lot of different kits out there to install with many different materials such as steel and stainless steel. Nevertheless setting up a full-on exhaust set is certainly the very best method to go in terms of cost.

DIY, drill holes in your resonator and muffler

Drilling holes in your exhaust will certainly make your vehicle louder. By doing this, you enable some sound waves to escape before they are actually silenced by the muffler.

Understand each component

WRX- Exhaust system diagram


Your headers are actually the 1st initial part of your exhaust body. This links to the rear of your motor as well as where the exhaust emissions first leave from to be sent down into the remainder of your exhaust body.

There are actually lots of variations of these around like long tube, short, and standards headers. This will not have actually a huge effect on sound, however, if one has a crack in it, you will certainly recognize it.

I suggest operating whatever version of header you want, simply ensure its own free from damage as well as have a great seal.

Catalytic converter

The catalytic converter is what connects to your header. This is likewise in some cases called a down pipeline. Deleting this is not suggested as we recommend a high flow catalytic converter instead.

Nevertheless, deleting this will make your car considerably louder.


This is normally after your down pipeline. This little tool in your exhaust system assists regulate the pitch and tone of your exhaust.

Eliminating this will make your car loud and get rid of the deep grumble. We suggest running a mild quality resonator which will provide you a bit of a roar and enhance the quantity slightly.

This helps accomplish that hostile tone.


And lastly, at the very finish of your exhaust system you will have your muffler. The mufflers task is easy, to muffle the sound coming out of your exhaust.

This is where you will mainly be controlling the quantity of your car. Mufflers will have lots of walls and chambers in them. 

The more walls and chambers there is, then more sound is available to ricochet from within.

The more it jumps the quieter it is. The less space and the less chambers there are in the muffler, the louder it is. You can go multi-channel, straight with designs, the amount of mufflers there are is countless.

Last words

This sound boosting is not a challenging procedure, however it might get really creative and you will definitely enjoy it!

Transforming the pitch of your car can certainly include some rewarding touches to complete your desire. Take your time and piece together something good.

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