Pre-ride Safety Checklist That Every Motorcyclist Should Perform!

motorcycle pre-ride checklist

Regular maintenance is the only way to get the most out of your motorcycle and enjoy the smoothest, longest, and safest rides possible.

The first step to protecting your investment is to perform a motorcycle pre-ride safety inspection. A pre-ride checklist is a visual observation of your motorcycle to make sure that everything is in good shape.

So, if you want to have the best motorcycle trip possible while still being safe, the following is a list of the most important parts to check and how to do it.

Motorcycle Pre-Ride Safety Checklist

The first thing you need to know is that you should always inspect your motorcycle before heading someplace (no matter how long or small the route might be). The first step to ensuring your safety on the road is to take this advice.


Obviously, one of the most important components of a motorcycle is the brakes. In the same way that the oil should be checked every few months, the brakes should also be examined.

Drum brakes are common on smaller motorcycles, whereas disc brakes are more common on larger models and those built for usage on slick roads. However, because both of these brakes will eventually need to be changed, it’s critical to get them checked and serviced regularly.

Most brake systems will have a warning light that comes on when you need to check the brakes. This is an indicator that the brakes are not working correctly and should be checked.


The clutch is another important part of a motorcycle and it should be checked regularly. The engine’s inability to provide power to the transmission is a sure sign of a worn-out clutch. 

As a result, for every given increase in engine speed, the vehicle’s acceleration and speed would be reduced.

If you look for a stuck clutch lever or if your motorcycle can’t shift into certain gears, you should see your certified mechanic.

Checking the motorcycle clutch is an essential step before you hop on your motorcycle for a ride!

Tire Pressure

male checking motorcycle tire pressure

It is important to check the tire pressure of your motorcycle before you ride. This is especially true if you are planning on riding long distances or if you plan on riding on bumpy roads.

When your motorcycle tires are not properly inflated, they lose their ability to grip the road and can easily cause damage to your vehicle. This is especially dangerous when you are traveling at high speeds, because you might not be able to stop in time to avoid hitting a pothole or other object.

Also, the bike’s speed and gas mileage are reduced when the tires are underinflated, and worn tires might burst at any time. For this reason, you should check your tires’ pressure and condition on a regular basis.

As per the manufacturer’s recommendations, either in your owner’s handbook or online, use a tire-pressure tester to check the psi levels of both tires. Check each tire for any defects, such as embedded items, bald patches, sidewall fissures, or the like. Ride only on good tires!

Examine All Electrical Parts

Make sure to check all the electrical parts, such as the turn signals, running lights, brake lights, high beams, and low beams. All of these are essential in order to keep your motorcycle visible to other drivers and for your own safety.

If you see anything that looks suspicious while doing your motorcycle pre-ride safety checklist, it is always better to have it checked by a professional. This is a sure way to avoid a crash.


guy checking motorcycle battery

Motorbike batteries typically last two years before they need to be replaced. However, if you ride your motorcycle on a regular basis, you may see early symptoms of deterioration.

The inability to get started is one of the most prevalent symptoms of a bad battery. If you have trouble starting your motorcycle, you should take it to a mechanic who can either repair it or replace it with a new one. It’s a good idea to check the battery once a month to make sure there aren’t any problems with the device.

Finally, inspect the tyres because under-inflated or over-inflated tyres may cause them to wear out faster. A tread depth of less than two millimeters is one of the most prevalent indications that it’s time for a tire inspection.

It’s also a good idea to inspect them for damage such as holes, tears, or cracks, since these may lead to serious issues, even putting your life in danger.

With regards to motorcycle tire life, it’s generally accepted that the front tire lasts 6000 kilometers, while the rear is only good for 3000 kilometers. In general, how you care for and ride your bike may have a significant impact on the lifespan of your tires.


Check the smoothness of the front forks and rear shocks, as well as the appropriate air pressure if equipped. Take a look at the suspension. Make adjustments based on the kind of usage and the load.

Check the tension of the belt on a regular basis. Check for rocks and other debris after riding on dirt or gravel roads, especially after riding on a trail.

Check the Oils and Filters

According to experts, you should check the oil level before every journey. According to experts, it’s especially important if you’re going on a long trip with friends or family.

While checking engine oil, you should do it when the engine is warm. A warm engine indicates that it has been operating for some time, enabling the engine oil to circulate freely and provide a more accurate result. Allowing the engine to rest for a minute before doing the engine oil check is also a key factor.

Maintain a Full Gas Tank at All Times

It’s recommended that you fill your tank to the maximum amount, as you may be at risk of running out of gas. In the same way that your car has a gas gauge to show you how much gas is in the tank, your motorcycle should have a similar device.

There is nothing worse than being on a motorcycle trip and having the tank empty.


An appropriate license is required if you want to ride your motorcycle on a regular basis. Verifying the motorcycle’s mechanical safety and viability is the primary motivation. In this manner, you and the other drivers on the road will be shielded from any potential danger that may arise from riding a motorcycle without the proper safety gear.

Turning indicators, a working horn, wheel bearings, and so forth are examples of this. An inspection at a recognized testing facility is required for this certificate. In most cases, these certificates are only good for one year, so be sure to keep an eye on their expiration date.

Make Sure You Always Wear Your Safety Gear

girl riding motorcycle while wearing protective gear

You should always consider your own safety whenever you ride a motorcycle. You should wear a helmet and other safety gear when riding a motorcycle, just as you would while biking or skating.

When it comes to avoiding serious brain injuries, nothing beats a helmet.

In the event of an accident, it’s the helmet that will protect your head from bruises and scars, but most importantly, it’ll protect your brain and keep it safe and sound.

In the end, whether you like it or not, it’s the law that also dictates wearing a helmet all the time, so following it could keep you safe both ways.

Helmets have an expiry date, which is the most crucial thing you need to know.

That’s because they are constantly exposed to sunlight, wind, cold, heat, and many other things that can degrade the helmet’s foam and outer material. Therefore, it is recommended that the helmet be replaced every three to five years.

When riding a motorcycle, leather gloves are a must.

Leather gloves will not only protect your skin from the cold, but they can also protect your hands from losing skin, fingers, and breaking bones in the event of an accident. Investing in genuine leather motorcycle gear is a wise decision. There are lots of models to choose from, and some of them have extra padding on the back of your hand and the knuckles.

Why Is a Pre-ride Safety Check Important?

There are many reasons why it is important to do a motorcycle pre-ride safety checklist before riding a motorcycle.

First of all, it is important to make sure that your motorcycle is safe to ride. It is also important to make sure that all parts of the motorcycle are working properly. It is also important to make sure that your motorcycle is in good condition.

Pre-ride safety checks are vital to the safety of the rider. It is a simple and easy way to ensure that your motorcycle is safe to ride. There are many parts that you need to check before riding your motorcycle.


Every motorcyclist should know how to do a pre-ride inspection and keep their bike in good shape to avoid getting into an accident on the road.

The main purpose of this article was to teach you how to perform a complete pre-ride safety motorcycle check. I hope that you learned something new today.

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