Rancho RS9000XL vs. Bilstein 5100- Comparison 2022

Rancho RS9000XL vs. Bilstein 5100

You must have often heard people talk about the importance of shock absorbers in your vehicle’s suspension system. They help increase the limits of the tires’ compressibility, offering a smoother, more controlled ride experience. They not only help you steer comfortably through bumps and potholes but also protect your vehicle from damage. 

More importantly, they also play a vital role in improving fuel economy by keeping the tires firmly in contact with the road surface. However, where most people struggle is when it comes to choosing the right brands of shock absorbers.

To answer your question, I will be reviewing two excellent brands of shock absorbers: Rancho RS900XL vs. Bilstein 5100. These are two of the best available options currently on the market, and I am going to help you decide which is best for you. 

Rancho RS9000XL vs. Bilstein 5100 Comparison Table

The table below shows a quick comparison of the Rancho RS900XL vs. Bilstein 5100. It is conducive if you are looking to install new shock absorbers in your ride. The comparison table has all the little details, including the price, highlight features, and strengths and weaknesses of each product. 

If we talk about the Rancho RS9000XL in light of everything that has been mentioned above, it is clearly a highly modernized shock absorber. This simply means you are paying to get the most advanced technology available for shock absorbers.

The 9-position turning allows you to have greater control over the vehicle in all road conditions and environments. More importantly, such a versatile turning technology also makes it highly compatible with trucks and SUVs.

If you are someone who needs a good shock absorber for both on and off-road performance, this is the one. 

As for the Bilstein 5100, it is the traditional driver’s number one choice. All those everyday rides work best with this model from Bilstein because it offers great drive control thanks to the high-pressure nitrogen gas. It might not have the fanciest specifications or feature list, but it sure does perform great when it comes to trucks and SUVs. 

Rancho RS9000XLBilstein 5100
Versatile 9-position knob easily adjustable.There is an option to adjust the ride height.
Monotube nitrogen gas pressurized at 120 PSI reduces air-to-oil mixture.High-tech Monotube design for enhanced ride quality.
Manufactured in Australia.Manufactured in Germany and the USA.
Recommended for heavy duty usage (towing & howling): lifted or stock trucks,SUV's and Jeeps.Best used for lifted trucks and SUV's.
Costlier.Less expensive.
Ensures a smooth and pleasant ride regardless of the driving conditions.This feature is also present with the Bilstein 5100's, brilliant steering control in any road type.
The self-lubrication feature is a high-tech bonus that it's really rare to find such on the market.Deflecting disc valving that self-adjusts
Fully adjustable as you would like (9-position easy-to-adjust knob).Slightly stiffer than original factory shocks.
Metallic finish on a long-lasting and robust body.The Bilstein 5100's feature Zinc-plated steel.
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Rancho RS9000XL Review

Let’s start the review with the exclusive model from Rancho, the RS9000XL. It features a graphite-filled piston, which makes it highly responsive for driving. It is further enhanced with the tri-tube body design that ensures oil moisture and air are kept to a minimum. 

The bigger piston and the extended body complement the nine positions turning technology, making this shock absorber great for even mountain roads. The best part is that the nine position turning technology is adjustable. 

The Rancho RS9000XL has caught the attention of many ever since it hit the market. The nine-setting adjustability is the highlight feature that allows for both off-road and on-road driving experiences. As for installation, you don’t have to go out of your way. Some knowledge combined with the right tools, by following the installation guide, will be enough. 

The nine different settings are divided into three different categories. The first three settings have been optimized for the off-road driving experience. The next three settings are designed for the average daily driving experience. Finally, the last three settings are specifically made for any kind of towing in case you need it. 

You can use the user-friendly dial to adjust the settings. It is as simple as it can get; simply turn the dial anti-clockwise to soften and in the opposite direction to harden. It is an incredible shock absorber with some of the best technology available on the market currently. But which one is better when it comes to Rancho RS900XL vs. Bilstein 5100? Let’s look further!

  • The extended nitro carb rod supports both on and off-road driving.
  • Maximum fluid retention thanks to the tri-tube design.
  • Enhanced durability is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Nitrogen gas for optimum results.
  • It has a large body that allows for a cooler and more consistent performance.
  • The price may be too high for some people.

Bilstein 5100 Review

The Bilstein 5100 is one of the best shock absorbers for the most stringent towing and driving conditions. It features a ride height adjustable system that adds lots of benefits, which include and are not limited to:

  • Maximum ride
  • Drag-race tuning without external lifting or lowering tools
  • Speed-height adjustment
  • Easy access in all weather conditions.
  • Load adjustment
  • Autocross

This specific model and series from Bilstein is extremely popular due to the versatility and support for most of the aftermarket springs. If you own a Jeep Wrangler, this is what you need to improve the ride’s road manners. It does so with perfection and without any compromise to the ride’s off-road abilities. It is without a doubt a high-end shock absorber that leaves no stone unturned to make your riding experience pleasant.

The Bilstein 5100 offers you better handling over the ride along with increased wheel travel. You can rely on their premium quality to withstand wear and tear for longer, even when off-roading. All materials used in the manufacturing of the Bilstein 5100 are reliable for a consistent driving experience. 

The shocks can easily withstand high pressures measuring up to 12 tons, making them highly durable and reliable for driver safety. Thanks to the excellent build, you also won’t have to spend much on maintenance and repair costs. 

The installation process is no rocket science either. Just follow the instruction manual, and you will be good to go. The best part is that all the tools required for installation come with the package. A lifetime warranty is a plus for drivers looking for a long-term product. 

However, there is a little catch. You might find the Bilstein 5100 shock absorbers to be slightly stiffer than your stock shocks. More importantly, if your ride has higher suspension clearance levels, it might not be able to perform to its full potential. Other than that, it is an incredible product that is easily one of the best performing absorbers for your truck or SUV. 

  • Enhances ride smoothness for both on and off-road conditions.
  • Minimized nose dive while braking.
  • High resistance against bumps.
  • Supports 4WD vehicles.
  • Accelerates wheel return.
  • Haven’t found any!

Rancho RS9000XL vs. Bilstein 5100: Differences and Similarities

You might have read people debating Rancho RS900XL vs. Bilstein 5100 on many forums. The debate has been going on for quite some time now. You will find varying expert opinions. However, no one will tell you one is better than the other. In fact, you will see everyone appreciating how good both of them are. 

However, there are still some similarities and differences that can help you make the final decision. But, in the end, it all comes down to your driving situation and personal preferences. Here is a brief comparison of similarities and differences between the Rancho RS900XL vs. Bilstein 5100:


The main similarity between the two shock absorbers is that they are designed for the same types of vehicles. You can choose between Rancho RS900XL vs. Bilstein 5100 if you have an SUV or a truck. Rancho’s RS9000xl has more advanced technology to offer, whereas the Bilstein 5100 is slightly less advanced. 


Body Size

When it comes to size, the Rancho RS9000xl has a larger body, measuring 70mm, as compared to the smaller 50mm body of the Bilstein 5100. 

Rod Size

If we look at the rod size, the Rancho model takes the lead here as well, with its 18mm rod. On the other hand, the Bilstein 5100 features a slightly shorter 14mm rod. 

Piston Size

The Bilstein 5100 takes the lead here with a 45mm long piston as compared to the 25mm piston of the Rancho RS9000XL. 


The Bilstein does not come with any self-lubrication within the package. However, the Rancho RS9000xl comes with a self-lubricant inserted in the main body. 


The Bilstein 5100 has zinc plating on its outside, as compared to the metallic finish on the RS9000XL by Rancho. 

These were some of the prominent differences between the two. However, when it comes to performance, both perform equally well. You can choose either based on the slight differences they have and the functionality they offer. 

For some, the Bilstein 5100 would do the job. Whereas, for others, the Rancho RS9000XL’s more modern technology will be a plus. In the case of Rancho RS900XL vs. Bilstein 5100, it all comes down to what you expect from a shock absorber. 


If you were to ask me my personal choice, it would be the Rancho RS9000XL. But that is because I always wish to go for the more advanced technology. However, you come with your own specific needs, which both of them can fulfill equally. The whole debate eventually comes down to whether you want the more advanced setup of Rancho or the slightly less advanced setup of the Bilstein. Note that you can also save a few bucks with the Bilstein 5100 vs. Rancho RS9000xl.