Shocks and Struts Replacement Cost?

shocks and struts replacement cost

Suddenly you notice a deterioration in driving comfort and realize that shocks and struts replacement is inevitable for your machine. As with any other parts, they have a certain lifespan and you should know that every 50.000-100.000 miles you have an obligation to replace them in order to have a safe and smooth driving experience.

So how much does shocks and struts replacement cost? Don’t be so impatient, in the next couple of minutes you will find out!

Shocks and Struts Replacement Cost

Shock Replacement Cost

When replacing shock absorbers, you want to make sure you do them in pairs even if you think one of them is in a good condition. It is totally not worth it to risk much more expensive repair by saving a couple of dollars.

So, the average cost of shock absorbers in pairs is 300$. An individual shock will cost you around 150$.

Put the laborer’s work for 2-3 hours depending on where you bring your vehicle:

  • Car dealerships charge somewhere around 80$-120$ per hour.
  • Independent repair shops charge 80$ per hour. If you can find a local mechanic that you can trust and do a good job for less money, then go for it and save some cash!

That adds up to around 450-600$, multiply by two if you need to replace all four of your shock absorbers.

Keep in mind the shock absorbers prices listed above do not apply to luxury and sports cars. Some quality high-pressure gas-charged shocks price can reach up to 500$-1000$ per piece.

Strut Replacement Cost

Like the shocks, replacing struts in pairs is mandatory if you want to avoid much bigger expenses. One strut assembly can cost you up to 150$-200$.

As opposed to the shocks, the strut replacement is costlier due to the fact there will be much more work and tools involved. An average independent mechanic in the USA charges 180$ per strut replacement. While car dealerships may be as twice as much more expensive.

After you are complete with your struts replacement process, whether you do it by yourself or take your car to a professional, a wheel alignment is required to be done. Two-wheel alignment costs around 50$-90$ dollars.

All this adds up to a total of approximately 900$, again multiply by two if you plan to replace all four struts.

Things to Consider When Differentiating DIY(Do It Yourself) To an Expert Mechanic Shop

  • If you are a complete beginner this might take a few hours up to a full day. Rusted bolts and lack of specific tools to execute the job. Even professionals might take much longer because of the car age.
  • You are working in the street or garage and probably won’t have a helper besides you.
  • No additional costs to pay such as rents, insurance, employees, or any costly equipment.
  • Local store parts that you acquire may not be the same quality as the ones you get from car dealerships.
  • Independent repair shops and car dealerships warranty their work.
  • Include the cost of the alignment(many people forget this)

Is It Worth It to Replace Struts/Shocks on Older Car?

Think like this, if the shocks and struts replacement cost is 50% of the total value of your car then it’s definitely not worth it! You may love your old 4-banger, but let’s be honest and realistic. It is much better to arrange secondhand cheap shocks and struts or simply sell it and buy another vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Okay so now when you know the replacement cost of your shocks and struts, what’s your decision? You may do as you wish but it is clear that driving with bad struts or worn-out shocks is by no means advisable. May affect other parts that lead to additional expenses and most importantly difficulties to control your car which compromises your safety.

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