The 9 Best Sway Bar Links on the Market- Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

best sway bar links

The sway bar link is an essential part of your car’s suspension. They connect the outer end of the sway bar to the suspension part. 

Because the sway bar has a torsional swing motion, an excellent sway bar link makes the motion transfer between the sway bar and the control arm smooth. It also maintains the camber angle of your car’s inner wheels to control the motion.  

Like all automotive parts, your existing sway bar link will eventually wear out and even break someday. It might be because of age, rust, or lack of lubrication. 

We want you to be safe and avoid trouble. Here is our list of the best sway bar links that you can browse on the market! Read on.

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1. Suspension Dudes Made in USA Front Sway Bar Link

Suppose you’re patriotic and you want automotive car components that are made in the USA motherland. In that case, these Suspension Dudes sway bar links are specially designed for you. 

It gets even better if you have a Mercury Mountaineer, a Dodge Ram, a Ford Explorer, or a Ford Ranger. These quality car components are designed to be the perfect aftermarket replacement sway bar links for them.

But since these trucks and SUVs have several models throughout the years, still refer to the fitment chart to ensure that these Suspension Dudes fit your vehicle right. 

They have proven designs and features when it comes to engineering standards. They have all been treated with a black oxide coating which helps increase strength on the road and corrosion resistance. 


  • Suspension Dudes sway bar links help improve the ride quality back to a more stock feel 
  • They are a complete set that comes with all the stuff needed to make 2 links 
  • Thorough set for both passenger and driver side 
  • Ease of installation 
  • It can also fit torsion twisted Explorers 


  • Only guaranteed to fit the stock height of the Mountaineer, Ram, Explorer, or Ranger

2. Suspension Dudes 2 Front Sway Bar Links for Subaru Vehicles

Suspension Dudes (SD) Sway Bar Links for the front have been engineered and designed solely for Subaru vehicles of various kinds. 

This means these cars all have similar suspension schemes underneath; that’s why they’re all compatible with these SD front sway bar links. 

The availability of these quality SD sway bar links proves that it is still viable to keep and maintain your old Subaru or buy a pre-used Subaru. This is as long as they are appropriately maintained. When replacement of worn-out automotive parts like sway bar links comes around, you don’t delay replacing them. 

In this way, your Subaru will still be enjoyed for several years to come. 


  • Wide range of compatibility for old Subaru models 
  • Heat treated and precision finished ball ends give you consistent torque and smooth operation in the course of your journey 
  • Engineered in the USA 
  • Can withstand the most rugged driving conditions 


  • These sway bar links don’t have grease fittings 

3. Rough Country Front Sway Bar Links for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee

They are premium front sway bar links that have been engineered to custom fit your Jeep branded vehicles. Rough Country made their automotive components reliable in challenging situations and easily connected to your Jeep’s sway bar. 

This distinguishing feature of the Rough Country sway bar end links allows for fast disconnects when offroading with your Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee. On city streets, you will need your sway bar intact to maintain traction and balance. But when you’re in rugged terrain, it’s a different matter. 

It will be best if your sway bar is easily disconnected before doing slow-speed off-road driving. It will be very convenient for you if your links are easily detached and don’t require special tools, like these Rough Country links. This allows your Jeep to have the freedom to allow the suspension to flex in rugged terrain. And when you’re back on city streets, these Rough Country links are easy to put back up again. 

Also read:


  • Rough Country links can be extended to accommodate a lift kit 
  • Unrestricted axle articulation during offroading because can be quickly disconnected (release pins) and they just swing-out 
  • Easy to install too 
  • Durable black powder coat 
  • Also works with Jeep that has 4 to 5″ lift 
  • No drilling required 
  • Lifetime Warranty by Rough Country 


  • You will only receive front links 
  • Doesn’t have grease fittings 

4. 4 Piece Suspension Dudes Front and Rear Sway Bar Links 

This complete set of sway bar links from Suspension Dudes is a custom fit for vehicles from the 2000s years. They range from American, Japanese, and Swedish cars. 

The Rainier, SSR, Trailblazer, Envoy, and Bravada are American cars. The Ascender is a Japanese vehicle, while the 9-7X is a Swedish car. This shows the high acceptability of Suspension Dudes components like the sway bar links to international car brands. 

You don’t have to go back and forth to buy your front and rear links when they alternately get damaged because you can get them all at once in this Suspension Dudes kit. You couldn’t ask for more convenience! 


  • Underwent rigorous testing before being sold into the market
  • Manufactured from premium materials to ensure durability, performance, and longevity
  • Engineered in the USA 
  • Heat-treated, precision finished ball ends provide you consistent torque and smooth driving operation
  • Easy Installation  


  • Some customers say some of the bearings are sloppy 
  • Good fit when installed but have to be tightened every 2 weeks 

5. Suspension Dudes Front and Rear Sway Bar Links for Subaru 

If you have a Subaru Legacy Outback model from 2005 to 2009, and you want to prolong its serviceability, maintain it well. 

One thing you could do is to check the suspension parts underneath. Examples of such components are the front and rear sway bar links, which link the sway bar with the car body. These Suspension Dudes complete Sway Bar Links kit is specially designed for the needs of the Legacy Outback of those mentioned models above. 

You can be guaranteed that this kit is a perfect fit for your Subaru, as long as you review the compatibility chart before making your purchase. You can also make inquiries with Suspension Dude’s support staff. Also, they insist on consistent lubrication at the bearing surfaces so that both the sealed bearings and the boots will have enhanced durability and longer service life. 


  • Engineered in the USA
  • The sway bar links are socket style with durable metal bearings that are designed to resist unexpectedly heavy loads without resorting to deformity (like plastic bearings) 
  • An easy custom-fit installation, which could be a DIY project 


  • Only 5 years (2005 to 2009) of models of the Subaru Legacy Outback are compatible for fitment with these aftermarket Suspension Dudes Sway Bar Links 

6. Suspension Dudes Front Sway Bar Link for Dodge Ram

They are well known in the automobile community as the Code Red Suspension Dudes due to their distinctly Rouge colored bushings proudly made in the United States. Most Dodge Ram owners and enthusiasts are inclined to purchase. 

The Dodge Ram, an American truck, should naturally have the USA-made components, too, even if they are aftermarket replacement parts. The same goes with the sway bar links; after the factory parts have worn out, they should be replaced with the Suspension Dudes Front Sway Bar Link. 

But just any model of Dodge Rams won’t do for these Suspension Dudes Code Red Sway Bar Links. They should be only models from 1995 to 1999 of the Dodge Ram 1500,2500,3500 4WD and the 3500 RWD. They are perfect fits for these models only, and to be sure for your truck, check the compatibility chart. 


  • Expected professionalism in manufacture because made in the USA 
  • Distinctly premium bushings called Code Red 
  • Covered with Anti Rust Coating 
  • OEM Fit, which equals or exceeds the quality of factory shocks 
  • Easy Installation 
  • Very durable, as attested by buyers 


  • Sway bar links only for the front 

7. Scitoo 4 Pieces Front and Rear Sway Bar Links for Honda Pilot and Honda Acura MDX

As a company, SCITOO automotive components are known to only use premium quality materials. These products, like these SCITOO Sway Bar Links, are then made to undergo rigorous professional testing so that quality and durability are ensured. 

Every tiny element has been carefully examined to ensure that this kit enhances the comfort level of your Honda, lowers riding noise, reduces tire wear. All this allows you to effortlessly manage the direction of your automobile.

Before you purchase, make sure that your vehicle matches the compatibility features of this SCITOO front and rear sway bar link kit. 


  • 1-year warranty 
  • Better than OEM quality, as attested by satisfied buyers 
  • Fast shipping within the USA 
  • If there are damaged parts when shipped, the manufacture immediately does a replacement 
  • All sides covered for replacement 


  • They are not pre-greased upon delivery 

8. Suspension Dudes 4 Pieces Front and Rear Sway Bar Links for Honda CR-V

Honda is a quality Japanese brand that demands the best automotive parts to be fitted onto its vehicles. The Honda CR-V is no exception, and if you own one model from 2007 up to 2016, these Suspension Dudes’ complete set of front and rear sway bar links won’t disappoint. 

That’s why many people these days put off buying brand new vehicles and instead hold on to their vehicles which have aged with them for a couple of years. 

The availability of premium automotive components like these Suspension Dudes Sway Bar Links has given reasons for folks to instead hold on to their Honda CR-V. When installed, this kit provides equal or even better ride quality when compared to the factory sway bar links. 

It is good that Suspension Dudes have come up with the front and rear sway bar links that are custom fits for your Honda CR-V. It is a convenience for you that you will appreciate throughout the years after you have installed them! 


  • Perfect for your Honda CR-V (check compatibility chart for year models)
  • Easily installed DIY 
  • Built to smoothly go through the toughest driving conditions 
  • Heat treated and precision finished ball ends ensure consistent torque and flawless operation every time you drive 
  • Complete set for all sides 
  • Newly offered parts for Honda CR-V (only launched Sept 2020) 


  • Noticeable lack of grease fittings and nuts are poorly mulled 

9. Scitoo 13 Piece Suspension Kit Including Front Sway Bar Links, Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Idler Arm, Pitman Arm for Escalade, Silverado, Yukon, Etc. 

Every now and then, there comes a suspension kit that includes sway bar links and other suspension parts, totaling 13 pieces in all. SCITOO multi-piece suspension kit is amazing because aside from being of premium quality, you don’t need to go back and purchase separate parts, but instead, have them all in one kit. 

Most of the time, when your old factory sway bar links have become worn out and need to be replaced with worthy aftermarket parts, other suspension parts like the idler arm and the pitman arm, and the ball joints also naturally require to be replaced. This is the convenience of purchasing this SCITOO kit which is also designed to be a perfect fit for many car models and brands. 


  • They are constructed with premium quality materials 
  • Thorough professional testing is done before they were launched into the market 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Easy Installation 
  • Lots of American cars are compatible with this kit 


  • Packaging is inferior 
  • Customer services could be improved on 

Compatibility to Your Vehicle Model and Year of Launch 

Before making your purchase online, you have to be sure that the best sway bar link kit is compatible with your brand of car, make, and year model. These aftermarket kits are designed only for specific makes. If you order one by mistake and it has already been delivered, shipping it back and waiting for new components would be a major hassle on your side.

Reputation of Manufacturer

Our list of the best sway bar link kits featured here are from Suspension Dudes, Rough Country, and SCITOO. They have made quite a reputation for themselves for aftermarket suspension components, and this time, they’re proving themselves worthy in the sway bar links niche. But this still depends on what car you have and if it’s compatible with what these brands have available. 

the best sway bar links are usually found from the most reputable brands
The best sway bar links are usually purchased from the most reputable brands that sell suspension parts.

Length of Warranty 

Most of them have 1-year warranties, and only Rough Country has a lifetime warranty. Warranties show how confident the manufacturers are with their sway bar links and how long they expect their products to stay, as long as they are used as expected. You’re in luck when your car belongs to the compatibility chart of kits that offer a lifetime warranty. But then, most of them really make an effort to have the best quality they could offer. 

Place of Manufacture

Most car owners swear by aftermarket parts that are made in the USA. They will consider a part made outside the country, but only when they have no choice. Automotive components, sway bar links included, are some products in which the USA still has an edge, even when cheap China parts are flooding the market. 

Completeness of Components of the Kit

I am going to give you a choice if you have the privilege. A kit with only a pair of front sway bar links, a kit with a pair of rear sway bar links, a kit with 4 sides of sway bar links, or a kit with all 4 sides sway bar links, plus several other suspension components. 

Of course, if the price is fair, most of you will go for the last selection. This is because all suspension parts will eventually wear out, and you still need to buy them in the future. No need to go back and forth. All you have to do is just store the unused parts until you need them. 

 Ease of Installation  

It’s pretty common nowadays that aftermarket replacements are snapped in parts. Meaning you just DIY install them without the comprehensive need for complicated tools. This is also true with sway bar links, so it’s quite important if the kit you’re selecting is compatible with your car. 


No matter how good the sway bar links are, but your intended customers can’t afford them, it’s no use to sell them. Strike a balance between a good price and reliable quality, which could last for a couple of years in your car. 

What Are the Signs That Your Car’s Sway Bar Links Need Replacement? 

Clunky sounds when your vehicle makes turns and encounters bumps, a loose or misaligned steering wheel, uneven tire wear, and obvious physical damage that you can see on your suspension system. 

Do You Need to Replace Your Sway Bar Links and Your Sway Bar at the Same Time? 

No, not all the time. But if your trusted mechanic recommends changing both sway bars and sway bar links simultaneously because he or she sees that they have worn out at the same rate, then do so. But if the sway bar goes bad and your sway bar links are still performing well, then there’s no need for replacement. 

signs and symptoms of worn out sway bar links
Replacing worn out rear sway bar links on a vehicle.

Which One Is the Best Sway Bar Links Kit That I Recommend for Your Vehicle? 

This is a tricky question because you guys have different sedans, SUVs, and trucks. There’s not one sway bar links kit in the list that can please you all. 

What’s important is that the kit you have installed is of premium quality and won’t leave you on the road, biting your own dust. The compatibility of the kit is also essential factor to consider. 

I also believe that Suspension Dudes, Rough Country, and SCITOO have put a lot of effort to improve their sway bar links quality throughout the years. 

The missing link here is, what kit gives you the most worth for the money you spend? 

Some kits here only have front sway bar links, others only rear sway bar links, and others have a complete kit (all sides). What’s more complete than that? 

All of these pieces will ultimately need to be replaced one day, but they are all available to you right now. Convenience indeed! 

That’s it. Eventually, it’s totally up to you to make the decision of purchasing the best sway bar links for your vehicle. Afterall, we are only here to serve you with comprehensive information-packed article easing your research process.

We strongly belive that our hard work has helped you even a tiny bit. Message us through our contact page if you have any additional information in regards to this guide!

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