What Are the 7 Benefits of Having a Stiff Suspension for Your Car?

Car with stiffer suspension

Many people think that the main purpose of a car’s suspension is to make it smoother and more comfortable for the driver. This is not true. The main purpose of a car’s suspension system is to keep its wheels on the ground, no matter what terrain it goes over. Whether it be smooth or bumpy, wet or dry, rough or sandy – if your vehicle has good suspension then you’ll be able to maneuver easily without getting stuck in any situation.

How Does a “Stiffer” Suspension Work?

When you’re driving fast or hitting bumps, your car will essentially be bouncing up and down. But the stiffer your suspension is, the less that it will bounce up and down (which equates to a smoother ride). If you have a lighter car, the suspension will be able to bounce up and down more – making it seem as though it has a stiffer suspension. This is because “stiffness” is measured by how much movement the vehicle gives i.e. how much the chassis is jiggling.

Which Type of Suspension Is Best for You and Your Car?

As long as you have quality shocks and struts, chances are that your vehicle will perform well in just about any road condition. There are certainly cases though, where one type of suspension will work better than the other. If your car is designed with performance in mind, and you mainly drive on the highway or country roads with smoother surfaces, then a softer suspension might perform better than a stiffer one. On the other hand, if your car is designed for performance driving (and think of it as such), then a stiffer suspension will accomplish that goal.

Is There a Difference Between “Stiffness” and “Durability”?

Yes, there is! Even though they are both referring to the same word, for cars they mean two things. A more durable suspension will stand up better to heavy use and exposure to dust and dirt which can be caused by off-roading. A more durable suspension will also provide additional strength to your vehicle. The durability of a vehicle’s suspension may be the most important factor when it comes down to how much abuse you can put it through and still have it work well.

adjusting vehicle's suspension
Adjusting vehicle’s suspension

How Does the Engine Affect the Suspension?

If your car is lighter, it can handle a stiffer suspension – but if your vehicle is heavier and much bulkier (even though this makes you accelerate slower), having a softer suspension may be better. If your engine has more power, then you’ll want to steer clear from using a stiffer suspension because it can make your vehicle jittery when accelerating. So even though stiffer suspensions will give you better performance, if you have more power in your engine then a softer suspension may work better in this particular case.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Stiff Suspension for Your Car?

A Stiff Suspension Will Provide a More Comfortable Ride

By making your suspension stiffer you are going to get a smoother ride because of the higher level of control it will have over the wheels. The bumps and cracks in the road will no longer move up to your vehicle, but instead, they will be absorbed by your suspension. This will help your car perform better and feel more comfortable.

A Stiff Suspension Will Improve Handling

If you want a vehicle with good handling, then you’re going to want at least a moderately stiff suspension system. If the suspension is very soft then the wheels may begin to lose traction when you go over bumps or holes. This will cause the vehicle to become more unstable.

A Stiff Suspension Will Allow Your Car to Accelerate Faster

If your suspension is stiffer than the wheels, it will be able to grip onto the road without slipping, which will allow you to accelerate faster. This is especially important if you have a sports car since this way you will help it perform at its best.

It Can Be Adjusted for Different Driving Conditions, Such as Snow and Rain

If your suspension is going to be used for different driving conditions, then you’ll want it to be adjustable. This way the settings can be changed and stiffened for better performance when needed. If you live somewhere where there are different weather conditions throughout the year, then having a car with adjustable suspension will come in handy.

The Car’s Handling Is Improved with a Stiffer Suspension Because It Provides Better Control Over the Vehicle During Sharp Turns or Sudden Stops

A car that has a stiff suspension gives its driver better control, especially during sharp turns or sudden stops. This is because the tires can maintain better traction with the road and keep their grip even when they begin to tilt sideways.

The Tires Are Less Likely to Wear Out as Quickly When They’re Not Always Bouncing Around Like Crazy 

By giving the tires a stiffer suspension, you are going to help prolong their lifespan. This is because they will not be bouncing around like crazy over bumps and holes on the road – instead, the shocks will absorb these movements without going into the vehicle. This can help save you a lot of money in repairs and maintenance.

stiffer suspension prevents tire wear
Reduced tire bouncing due to stiffer suspension may prevent tire wear

If You Want to Save Money on Gas Costs, a Stiffer Suspension Could Be Just What You Need!

If you don’t have good control over your vehicle’s suspension system, it could start to bounce around a lot. When this happens the tires are going to be making less contact with the road which will lead to increased fuel consumption. If you want better gas mileage (as most people do), then getting a stiffer suspension is going to help out.


If you have read the article in its entirety then you should be left with a clear understanding of the benefits that come with having a stiffer suspension as well as some considerations when deciding if a certain type of suspension is right for your vehicle.

It is important to remember that there are many different variations of suspensions, each with various advantages and disadvantages. If you are planning on buying a new car in the near future, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to do some research about suspensions so that you can make an informed decision.

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