Why Are Coilovers So Expensive?

why are coilovers so expensive

Coilovers are some of the most expensive aftermarket parts on a car. So why are they so expensive? Is it because of the cost of materials? Is it because they require a lot of engineering? Or maybe it’s just because they’re very popular.

The reason why coilovers are pricey is that they are the result of a high-tech engineering process and expense of materials. Coilovers oftentimes come with a progressive dual rate spring, damper, upper and lower mounts, dust boot, and more. Lower ride height, increased rigidity, and a more comfortable ride while cornering all come at a price.

This article will go into detail on why coilovers are so expensive. We’ll talk about what makes them special and what other options there are for you to improve your car’s performance.

Why Are Coilovers So Expensive?

Coilovers are really a great investment. They offer a significant number of safety and performance benefits, and they’re a very good way to enhance your car’s overall performance.

That being said, I understand why people might be hesitant to invest in them.

They can cost anywhere from $300 to $4,000 or more. But I think you’ll agree that they’re worth it. I’ve never seen an instance where a coilover failed.

And the performance gains you get from installing them will completely justify their cost.

The biggest benefit is the way they improve handling. While stock suspension systems are great for most vehicles, they don’t perform well for sportier cars. This is where stiffer suspension with coilovers comes in. These systems are designed to give you a firmer ride and make you feel more connected to the road. This is especially useful when you’re on a tight street or driving on a curvy road.

This feature makes coilovers great for cars like Mustangs, Camaros, BMWs, Subaru WRX/STI, and Challenger Hellcats. Even though they look intimidating, they can actually be installed in a matter of minutes.

Here are a couple of reasons why coilovers are so expensive:

The Use of High-Quality Materials

The best coilovers are made from premium materials. The spring rate, top mounts, dampers, and spring adjustability are all specifically tailored to your vehicle’s intended use. Drifting, drag racing, rallying, or auto-crossing vehicles benefit greatly from stronger springs.


Furthermore, the more expensive coilovers also provide greater options in terms of adjustability.

You have many options. You could modify the ride height, compression, rebound, and preload if you want to go with a higher-end model.

Driving Experience

Expensive coilovers also provide a level of ride quality that less expensive coilovers do not. If you pick a more costly option, you will be able to make use of the brand’s extra features.

This is due to the fact that the high-priced coilovers are designed to function effectively and exceed the demands of high-performance automobiles. Given this, a costly, high-quality coil over may enhance your riding experience.

Resell Value

Because they don’t depreciate significantly over time, the more costly coilovers have a higher resale value. 

The resale value of expensive coilovers, of course, is determined by the mileage and current condition. However, they usually do not go way above the MSRP, so you can expect a very solid price if you decide to ditch them.


The warranty is a big factor in the aftermarket suspension world. However, you can be assured that the more expensive coilovers will have a longer warranty.

Most companies offer a warranty of 10 years, and even a lifetime warranty is provided by some brands.

Most brands will give you a lifetime warranty, as they know what kind of product they sell. This is one of the biggest signals of confidence, and it attracts more sales.


lowered vehicle with installed expensive coilovers

Coilovers are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles. If you want a custom look for your vehicle, you can opt for a coilover that offers a custom look. These systems can be very classy and offer an upscale appearance.

That is one of the reasons why they are the choice of a lot of high-end performance cars.

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The maintenance of coilovers is easy. If you choose to go with an expensive coilover, you will most likely need to perform very little maintenance in order to keep them in their perfect shape.

Coilovers have a recommended service interval of around 50.000 miles.


Good coilovers that are properly developed and operated might last a long time-around 150,000 miles or more. Coilovers below this range that are creating squeaky noises or thumping sounds might simply be repaired without replacing the old part.

Are Coilovers Worth It?

expensive coilovers installed on a car

Coilovers are worth it because they will enable your vehicle to perform way better than regular stock suspension. The ability to alter your ride height at any time is a unique feature. A lowered car will definitely enjoy the benefits of better handling, cornering, less body roll, and acceleration. If you want your car to be a lot sportier, coilovers are an excellent investment.

Usually, people that love to spend their weekends on the race tracks will opt for coilovers. This is because the coilovers will give them the ability to perform at their best.

Coilovers are also a great option for those that love to cruise around the neighborhood. That means that daily driving coilovers are also a thing and can improve your everyday commuting experience.

What’s more, you can also change the look of your vehicle with coilovers.

And the fact that there can also be affordable options makes them a great option for a lot of car enthusiasts.

Hence, I think that most people are unaware of the fact that coilovers aren’t just for show. They are designed to make your car more safe and comfortable.

This is why it is a good idea to research and learn about coilovers before you decide to buy one.

Why Are Coilovers So Much More Expensive Than Struts?

Coilovers are far more costly than struts because they give substantially more advantages. Original manufacturer aftermarket struts are a no-brainer for keeping the factory ride height and ride quality, and they don’t need any extra work after installation.

On the other hand, lifting or lowering coilovers is a significant improvement for any home mechanic. With only a few hours and a few simple tools, you can vastly increase the quality of your ride.

Please remember that elevating or lowering your suspension frequently affects alignment angles, which might contribute to excessive tire wear. If you do this, get a suspension alignment as soon as possible.

What Are Good Cheap Coilovers?

Cheap coilovers usually don’t come with all of the features that premium products do. However, they still provide enough of a difference that they should be considered.

I would definitely consider MaxPeedingRods as a company that has been evolving throughout the years and is recognized on the market as a cheap yet reliable and robust option for your next suspension budget-friendly upgrade!

In fact, I have recently made a MaXpeedingRods Coilovers Review and a Top 9 MaxpeedingRods Coilovers for Daily Driving Guide just to help out all of you that are on a budget!

The Bottom Line

Coilovers are one of the costliest parts in the suspension system of your car. 

Nevertheless, they are worth every single penny. They are reliable, safe, and allow you to enjoy your car more.

And if you want to find a coilover company that sells cheap coilovers, you should check out my other guides where I review different cheap coilover options.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know in the comments below what next I should write about!