Xxr Wheels Review- The Truth About Xxr Wheels

XXR Wheels Review

XXR wheels, rims, mags or magwheels (depending on what part of the world you are in) have had a bad reputation. Actually it’s from Taiwan, but people in the Western world tend to bunch everyone with chinky eyes to come from China, and Taiwan is not China. 

Heard of Acer and Asus? It’s from Taiwan and it is a quality computer brand. Heard of XXR? Well, it is a quality Taiwanese made car wheel and bashers have alleged that some of its variants are replicas of well known and highly expensive wheels.

Well, they might be jealous because XXR can come up with wheels that are just as sturdy and well made but sell them at fantastically low prices. 

XXR are licensed wheels that are manufactured for several major brands at present around the world. It already has 4 wheel factories since its inception in 1976 and that goes to prove its wide acceptance in the automotive world. 

XXR Brand History

XXR started in 1976 in Taiwan. It was created to fill a largely untapped aftermarket wheel niche that nobody in the established wheel industry addressed – the beginning or grassroots car enthusiast who is beginning to show signs of investing in good quality but affordable wheels.

That is what XXR Wheels recognized as a lucrative market which it quietly tapped into. 

For over 40 years, XXR have manufactured and designed attractive looking aluminum alloy wheels for car manufacturers and several aftermarket wheel companies. 

The designs, styles and fitments of XXR reflect the passion of the people who work there and also of the enjoyment of the customers with their car rides with XXR wheels fitted into their vehicles. 

The standard of XXR Wheels stands with 4 elements – design, quality, fitment and affordability rolled into a fantastic product.

Are XXR Wheels Fake?

Definitely not! It would not sustain a successful existence for more than 40 years if it’s not authentic.

It would only take a few months when people would say negative things about a wheel they’ve purchased and word would get around, social media posts lambasting the wheels would go viral, and boom, the fraudulent wheel brand would go bust and eventually go out of business. 

And would you imagine? XXR wheels have earned the trust of the finicky Japanese motoring market since 1983. The Japanese, as a whole, are loyal to their own Japanese products.

So your product better be something special that can fit into their Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles or you won’t last that long in their list of things to buy. 

And there had been reviews of XXR wheel dealers, whether physical stores or online stores, who sell the wheels and never see an instance wherein they are returned because of various complaints. 

Another reason why they are branded as fakes (even though they are not) is that XXR factories are also commissioned by other car accessory brands such as work to make licensed wheels for them.

This will mean that they will be all made on the same machines, with the same machine operators, with the same paint and finish of the rest of the wheels.

Actually, XXR is the original and it’s other brands that have their wheels made in XXR factories. And one other thing, XXR has always prided itself in its own brand name of XXR. They never pretend that they are the wheels of the more expensive brands. 

The most popular and biggest selling XXR wheel is the 527. There are online theorists who say that they are ripoffs or replicas of Advan RS.

But put them side by side, and if you are a wheel and motoring fan, you will clearly see that they are not the same. Maybe it’s because it has 10 thin spokes just like the Advan RS, but nowhere in the annals of motoring regulations will you see that Advan RS owns the rights to be the only wheel with 10 thin spokes.

And the controversy goes even further, when others say that the Advan RS is also a ripoff of Wedsport TC105N. 

So which is which? But the truth is XXR will never be a copycat wheel. 

XXR wheel designers have done their homework and it’s paying off dividends in sales. The wheels come in a wide range of offsets and widths (for the purist car accessory enthusiast) to achieve the concave look and visuals without getting too wide and making your ride wobbly. 

Are XXR Wheels Durable? 

Consider this. Japan is the biggest market of XXR and you will not make it in Japan if your product is of inferior quality.

XXR wheels are also certified by both the Vehicle Inspection Association of Japan (VIA) and the Japan Light Alloy Wheel standardization (JWL).

This proves to show that they have passed strict and rigorous wheel testing, just like any JDM or OEM aftermarket wheels which gets accepted into the sensibilities of quality minded Japanese car and car accessory buyers. 

And wait. Did you know that, contrary to public perception that XXR wheels are not good enough for competition track use, do you know that there are Nissan R35 GTRs in Australia using XXR wheels exclusively?

And again, what perceived quality wheel in the world goes through each of these cruel and rigorous tests before they are passed on to the consumers?

Well, XXR wheels go through each of these gas chamber, electric chair or lethal injection processes:

  • Finite Element Analysis 
  • Raw Aluminum Test 
  • Metal Spectrum Analysis 
  • Coordinate Measuring 
  • Wheel Impact Test 
  • Wheel Bending Test 
  • Wheel Radial Fatigue Test 
  • Air Leak Test 
  • Xray Test 
  • Vibration Test 
  • High Speed Rotation Test 
  • Corrosion Resistance Test 
  • Chemical Resistance Test 
  • Accelerated Weather Test 
  • Paint Adhesion Test 
  • Flying Stone Resistance Test 
  • Paint Hardness Test 
  • Cap Thermal Cycle Test 

Are the Prices of XXR Wheels Worth Your Money? 

We don’t want to put down the other pricey wheel brands like the high end JDM wheels. But XXR offers a fresh alternative of high quality, good looking and reliable wheels offered to you at surprisingly affordable prices. They are a fantastic value for your money. 

If you will check Amazon, a good quality XXR wheel will average below $200 per piece. Other brands would set you back more than $200 to nearly $700 per piece.

As you’ve read above, each XXR wheel goes through rigorous tests to show its compliance and it has been accepted with respect in the Japanese market. That’s already enough proof that the $150 and below price range of a XXR wheel is shockingly low. 

Take a look at the XXR 527, the best selling wheel of the brand. It’s priced at $157 per piece in Amazon but it’s a timelessly aclassic alloy with a wide muscular stance and a concave dish which makes it so appealing. 

Basic Information About 527 XXR Wheels

Since the bestselling XXR wheel is the 527, let’s take a look at its specifications. 

The XXR 527 wheel is designed with extra wide widths and and accurate offset pairings to permit a huge allowance in tire stretch fitment. It also features a fascinating concave spoke design. 

They are lightweight wheels that clears even the largest big brake calipers on cars such as EVO, STi and G37. There are 4 lug sizes that you can get in both 15″and 16″ diameters in 3 regular colors, plus the exclusive Hyper Silver and Matte Bronze hues. 

There are 3 distinct features that you can see, feel and appreciate immediately. It has this genuine and authentic XXR logo center cap, it is super lightweight, and has this deep concave wheel design with unique widths available. 

More Information About Xxr 527

Shipping weight 23.4 lbsShipping dimensions 18 × 18 × 10.25 in
Wheel style527
Wheels size17×8.25
Bolt pattern5×100, 5×114.3
Wheel offset35mm
Backspacing6 in.
Color3 regular colors, hyper silver, matte bronze 
Load rating1580 lbs
Approximate wheel weight21.2 
JWL/VIA certifiedYes
Wheel constructionCast
Required lug nut typeTuner style
Replacement center capCAP 654F-BLK/BK
Wheel designConcave, dual drilled, multi-spoke
XXR Wheels 527 basic information

How to DIY Install Your Brand New Xxr Wheels, Step by Step 

Tools Needed to DIY Install Your Brand New Xxr Wheels 

Power tools are not recommended. 

  • 4  way wrench or socket on a breaker bar 
  • Car jack 
  • Thread repair kit 
  • High quality grease or anti seize(Permatex) 

The Actual DIY Wheels Replacement Process

  • Position properly your XXR wheels. You have to make sure that you match your new wheel to its proper position on your car. Go ahead and feel the adrenaline of a NASCAR pit crew and set each wheel and tire around your car in the proper position.

Make sure that you positioned the wheels and the tires so that their sidewalk brand print faces outwards. If your tires are directional, make sure the arrows are pointing in the correct direction. 

  • Start in the rear and test the fit. Make sure your car is situated on a flat surface and in a safe location without a lot of people passing by who might collide with you or the car. Start on the left rear wheel. 
  • Loosen the lug nuts or bolts. Loosen them with a 4 way wrench or a socket on a breaker bar. Power tools are not encouraged to be used here because you will be risking damage to the bolts or the studs. 
  • Jack up your car. Refer to your owners manual on how to use your jack. Jack up your car and also have jack stands installed, if you have them. Then remove the wheel to be replaced and the tire too. 
  • Check the lug studs or wheel bolts. Examine them and make sure they are free of dirt and grease. If there’s a burs on the thread, stop over to your trusted auto parts store and buy a thread repair kit.

Now, check the fit of your new lug nuts or bolts by installing them without the wheel, for now. If you feel any resistance, check again to make sure your threads are clean and then, try another one.

If you still have problems, contact the XXR wheel dealer you purchased them from and ask your inquiries. 

  • Check the fit. The wheels must be entirely flat against your hub. If you see any debris or rust on the mounting surface of the drums and brakes, wipe them away.

Remove also indicator pins and stud clips. They were put there in the factory when the car was still on the assembly line.

If they are not the first aftermarket wheels that were installed, they’re expected not to be there by now. Then install the centering ring, if needed, to acquire the right fit on the hub. 

  • AGAIN, Check the fit of the wheel. See if the bolt circle of the wheel match. Does the wheel fit flat against your hub? Is the bolt pattern correct? If something bothers you, ask your XXR dealer again. 
  • Check your brake clearance. Make sure the lug nuts or bolts are finger tight by hand snugging them. Don’t use a wrench.

Put your car on neutral and make the wheel spin by hand. Observe if the brake caliper doesn’t touch the rim, the wheel backside or the wheel balancing weights.

If everything is in order, then proceed to the next wheel. This procedure is done on all four wheels. After done with the left rear wheel, go to the right rear wheel and then move to the front wheels. 

  • Installing your XXR wheels. After fit verification, remove the wheel and apply a thin coating of antiseize like for example Permatex to the hub.

If you don’t have this, a high grease to the hub will also do well. This makes wheel removal easier the next time you rotate your tires.

If antiseize is used, be careful not to smudge any on the bolts or lugs. 

  • Now is the time to install. Put the XXR wheel back to the hub. Hand snug the bolts or lug nuts. Tighten using a torque wrench. Review your owners manual for torque specifications. Tighter doesn’t always mean best. 

Four bolt – Rotate so that one lug nut is on the 12:00 position. Tighten it, then move on to the 6:00 position, the 3:00 and then lastly, the 9:00 position. 

Five bolt – Rotate to make one lug nut set at 12:00 position, then tighten it. Then tighten the lug nut directly across it. Then move on to the position farthest from the previous nut. Putting it another way, the sequence is 12:00 first, then 7:00, then 2:00, then 10:00, and lastly, the 5:00 position. 

Six Bolt – Rotate the first lug nut to 12:00 position, then tighten in the order of 6:00, 2:00, 7:00, 5:00, 10:00. 

After about 80 to 100 miles, check all lug nuts and bolts again and re-torque, if needed. 

Should You Purchase Xxr Wheels? My Honest Opinion 

Actually, the low price of XXR wheels is quite shocking, considering the many different processes and tests that they undergo to ensure their quality. For sure these procedures entail a lot of costs and it’s quite puzzling how XXR could recoup its costs with the prices they are offering. 

Maybe it has something to do with economies of scale. XXR manufactures a lot of wheels in their 4 wheel factories and they recoup their costs by manufacturing wheels in substantial numbers. 

And the fact they they are well accepted in Japan which is quality conscious and also the fact that the XXR organization have survived for over 40 years is truly phenomenal. 

Considering the fact that wheels, rims, mags or magwheels, depending on what you call them in your part of the world are an integral part of your car and should be sturdy and safe for the passengers, if I have the money to pay, I would buy XXR wheels.

The mere fact that I want my car to look good (most wheel buyers are car enthusiasts with the money to burn) should make me prepared for the costs of nice and top quality car accessories.

Even if a newbie car enthusiast would ask my advise, I would recommend XXR too. But what’s really puzzling is the complaints against XXR wheels are minimal. 

Is it just a bashing game or a marketing tactic by the big names in wheels to make people hate XXR? What do you think? 

What’s your own take on XXR? Let me know. 


If you’re a grassroots car enthusiasts, still without the knowledge of what wheels really work for you, go beyond the looks and the charisma of the wheels.

Do your research of what went into the fabrication of various wheel variants that appeal to you or gets your attention. Also go the rounds of your motoring friends and your helpful car accessories store and chat with people who know about wheel technology extensively.

Eventually, you’ll get the feel if XXR wheels will do your car justice. Anyway, millions around the world, especially in Japan, have trusted XXR for decades. 

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