I am a crazy mechanic, dedicated technician, and a perfect grease buddy, and I have started this website to connect with my customers in a modern way. You get the idea of what I am offering, and I plan to bring everything on this website that cannot be displayed on the website. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to be a technician in this industry where high-tech companies are changing the game for everyone.

This place is the perfect stop to connect with me and know about my journey and all the services that I offer. I have grown and flourished in the industry over the years and have done a bunch of crazy things to be where I am today. No matter what car you own, I can help you out. I have worked with some of the best car brands and have become an expert at handling and repairing an array of different vehicles.

This website is completely me. It has nothing to do with the amazing car brands I have worked with and everything I tell you on this platform, is from my heart and soul. You can connect with me through my social media platform profiles too. I am accessible on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest  too. I provide an insight into how I work, with behind the scenes videos on Youtube too. I love sharing my journey with my audience. Also, please keep in mind that I am not a professional content creator or an expert website owner. I am here because I want to offer my services on a large scale and be accessible to larger audiences and connect with them through this medium.

I love cars (that is obvious, isn’t it?) and the word technician is the same as a mechanic, but the technician sounds more appropriate to me. Although my job seems a bit meaningless to a lot of people. But being able to fix some marvelous and huge vehicles is not easy, and my journey over time has taught me a lot. You think you know a lot, but actually putting your hands into the actual task is very complicated. But my love for cars and their internal system is infinite, and my dedication has helped me work with some incredible companies too. It has been a wonderful learning opportunity, and I have become who I am today, due to the immense experiences that taught me the details.

Join me on my journey and have fun looking into the details with me. It is not easy to fix a car, and I am a huge car freak who loves digging into the whereabouts. I’ll share everything I can on this platform to connect with my customers in a better manner.