Corvette c4, c5, and c6 Replacement Shocks- Complete Buying Guide 2022

c4,c5,c6 corvette shocks

The Chevrolet Corvette, otherwise known as the All American Sports Car with the two-door, top-down convertible appeal and racing prowess, is here to stay. Who says that old and preloved Corvettes don’t have people who want to adopt and take care of them?

They’re like wine – they get better with age! Even though new Corvettes are still being manufactured, the old Corvettes still have buyers. 

And when these vintage C4, C5, and C6 models of the Corvette have worn out factory shocks, you would need quality replacements that can stand the rigors of being inside a much sought-after American Sportscar! 

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Best Corvette Replacement Shocks

1. New Bilstein c4 Front and Rear 46 MM Shock Absorbers 

Complete compatibility with the Chevrolet Corvette or C4  sports car models from the years 1989 to 1996 only. With your purchase, you get a complete set of Bilstein Monotube Shock Absorbers for all sides – 2 for the front and 2 for the rear. 

They are heavy-duty gas pressure shocks that provide the much-needed stability for your Corvette without sacrificing ride comfort. 

For the Corvette, which is a sports car, these Bilstein B6 shocks provide the superior damping ability that every Corvette owner requires and expects from the vehicle. But at the same time, these exceptional shocks also let you enjoy an enjoyable street ride around town. 


  • Increase the power reserve and service life of your Corvette even when used frequently on trips with some load
  • Maximum adhesion and improved lane change stability for both regular and extreme situations. 
  • No need for additional springs, but there is improvement in performance and safety 
  • Bilstein gas pressure and Monotube tech are sourced from Germany 
  • Track tested for fine-tuning 
  • Made in the USA 


  • Excludes 1983 to 1988 Chevy Corvette C4 models 

2. New Set of Two Front Monroe Oespectrum Shock Absorbers 

Perfect compatibility for 1984 to 1996 Chevy C4 when you need to replace your front shocks. Manufactured by the company NewParts. 

M-RTECH2 Rebound Valve Technology, which is unique to OESpectrum shocks, offers nearly immediate feedback and responsiveness to changing driving circumstances. In addition to that, these high-tech shock absorbers give you complete control over your vehicle!


  • Monroe brand reliability 
  • Good traction on the road


  • Provides shocks only for the front side 

3. KYB Four Piece Gas-a-Just Front and Rear Shock Absorber Set 

These KYB shocks are compatible with any 1989 to 1996 versions of the Chevrolet Corvette without Electronic Suspension on the front and the rear sides. 

Buyers have been saying that these KYB suspension gear, when installed on their Corvette, far exceeds their expectations and are well worth their cost. 

They easily and conveniently replace worn-out Bilstein shocks, which were the factory-installed shock components on the Corvette. They ride comfortably, even without adjustments. KYB shocks are an excellent budget alternative.


  • Overall ride and handling improvement
  • Complete four-piece set for the front and rear shocks of the Corvette 


  • May be a problem if you are not into buying a full set of shocks

4. New Bilstein Front and Rear c5 & c6 46 MM Gas Shock Absorbers 

They are complete replacement shocks for Corvette C5 and C6 models from 1997 to 2013. In addition, these Bilstein shocks are also compatible with the suspension needs of the Indy 500 Pace Car Edition, the 50th-anniversary edition, the 427 Limited Edition, the Z06, and the Grand Sport. 

This kit for your C5/C6 includes 2 Bilstein 46 mm front and 2 46 mm rear shocks. They are B6 Heavy Duty monotube gas pressure shocks which are custom fits for your C5/C6, guaranteed. 

They will enable your Corvette to bring improved handling and stability without sacrificing comfort.


  • Increase your Corvette’s service life and power reserves, even when used on frequent trips with loads on the vehicle 
  • Well gripped adhesion and flexible lane change stability in regular and unusual situations 
  • Provide super damping ability, which is agreeable to the driver who wants excellent sports car performance 
  • Maintain an exceptional street ride 
  • Very safe even without any spring changes 
  • Quality German monotube technology 
  • Road track tested 
  • Made in the USA 


  • Only fits Chevy C5 and C6 models (1997 to 2013) 

5. Koni (3013 1023sport) Front Sport Shock for Chevy Corvette C5/c6

Koni has this iconic yellow color that has been familiar for decades for sports struts and shocks. 

This Koni shock variant sold as one individual shock per purchase is the product of a company that has been a recognized industry leader for customized and adjustable damping for both day-to-day drivers and weekend journey trekkers.

It is customized for the Chevrolet Corvette C5 and C6 versions from 1997 to 2013. It is still advised that you still buy a minimum of 2 Koni shocks for optimal balance every time you replace old shocks. 


  • Reasonable ride quality 
  • It can be rebuilt for custom vehicle setups 
  • Very suitable for lowering springs 
  • Lifetime Warranty 


  • Kit contains only one shock. It is advised that purchase should be a minimum of 2 shocks for one side (front or rear) to maintain the Corvette’s balance

6. Performance Corvette Genuine OEM Front and Rear Shocks Suspension 

They are authentic shock replacements for all C5 models from 1997 to 2004 and all C6 variants from 2005 to 2013. Furthermore, these shocks adapt well to vehicles with F55 Ride Control which requires shock simulators for proper installation. 

Your purchase includes two front and two rear shocks, sway bars, end links. 


  • One year Warranty 
  • If you have a C5 or a C6, they will fit 
  • Purchase consist of add-ons like sway bars and end links 


  • Pretty much unproven performance 

Should I Replace All Four Shocks at the Same Time?

At the very least, get your car suspension checked once a year. Shocks and struts should always be replaced in pairs (front axle or rear axle), and it’s even better to replace the shocks/struts on all four wheels at once. This helps maintain reliable handling and a consistent response on both sides of the vehicle.

For example, replace two front shocks at the same time. The same goes with the rear. But the best scenario is replacing all four shocks at the same time. 

Why Do Owners of Sports Cars Like the Corvette Want Their Vehicle to Be as Low as Possible as Opposed to Truck Owners Who Want Their Vehicle to Be as High as Possible?

Sports car owners want their vehicle to be lowered because the new center of gravity gives the car better and faster speed on the road and allows it better performance when turning on curved and when changing lanes. 

Truck owners want their vehicles to be as high as possible because they desire to put in bigger tires. It also gives them a sense of superiority on the road. The higher lift also allows more allowance against obstacles like giant rocks, especially when they go into off-road terrains

What Is the Difference Between a Sports Car and a Regular Car? 

A sports car has a higher insurance premium and has more expensive auto components. They are expected to perform better on smooth roads. Therefore, in case of any accident, the replacement parts will cost you much more. 

Sports cars like the Corvette are designed to give their owners dynamic performance in several aspects like handling, acceleration, fast speed, and thrill when being driven. They are known to be gas guzzlers. 

Standard cars put an emphasis on fuel economy, safe driving, and relatively comfortable rides. Their auto parts are relatively affordable. 

What Are Your Thoughts About Buying a Used Corvette? 

Since the Corvette was introduced in 1953, it has had the reputation of muscle and classic looks. Being a two-door sports car, there is always a market for these kinds of flashy, higher-end vehicles. A lot of motoring enthusiasts are crazy about them. 

If you’re buying them used, just like any vehicle, they need a professional inspection before deciding to buy one.

What are some of the deal breakers? 

You need a trusted mechanic for the inspection if you’re not a car professional yourself. It should not be just any mechanic. That person should be someone who understands Corvettes and the particular year you’re considering to buy. 

You should also be familiar with salvaged or reconstructed Corvettes. They are difficult to resell because they are not in their original state. Well-maintained Corvettes command high prices. You should also be wary about Corvettes that have had cruelty regarding attention from their previous owners. 

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing Shocks for Your Chevrolet Corvette c4, c5, C6 – Buyer’s Guide

Custom-Made for Your Chevy Corvette Model

You should know that the Corvette has been manufactured by Chevrolet continuously for over 60 years. Its variants have ranged from the C1 of the 1950s to the C8 of the 2020s – a long span of 8 design generations. 

When buying replacement shocks, you should be cautious about the adaptability of the shocks you select from for your Corvette variant. 

The Reputation of Shocks Manufacturer Company

Many shock components companies have earned names for themselves. Some brands are designed for regular cars, trucks, SUVs, and sports cars. This also holds true for your Corvette, which has a low center of gravity, just like other sports cars. Be sure that the shocks brand you choose is adaptable to the racing, recreation, and thrill factor associated with the Corvette. 

Shocks Should Be for Racing, Not Off-Road

Shocks for sports cars are designed differently than shocks for trucks, SUVs, and ordinary cars. They require special features that resist the road’s pressures when your Corvette speeds up and sweeps along road curves like there’s no tomorrow. 

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The Number of Shocks in One Kit 

Some shocks sell per unit, while some are marketed only as two front or two rear shocks. While others sell as four complete shocks in one kit. Remarkably, some other shock brands have all four shocks in 1 kit plus more freebies like sway bars and end links. 

When it’s time for you to buy replacement shocks for your Corvette, be sure to get your money’s worth. If possible, get all four shocks plus freebies. And it’s not even necessary that you need to install all four shocks at the same time if you don’t need them all. Install a minimum of two shocks, whenever necessary. 

Where Are the Shocks Manufactured? 

Naturally, because the Corvette is an all-American sports car, automotive fans prefer that their replacement shocks for their beloved Corvette be American-made. All other shocks made elsewhere pale in comparison to American-made shocks. 

What Shocks I Recommend for Your Chevy Corvette c4, c5, and C6

These are two recommendations – one for the C4 and one for the C5 and C6 because these two variants seem to have the same aftermarket shocks that are adaptable to them. 

As you guys would have known my character by now, I don’t want to buy my shocks separately. I want all my four shocks in one sale. Purchasing shocks independently is not my thing , and what’s even worse, as different brands! 

I also like to buy brands that have proven themselves, without experimenting so much. It’s also crucial that a so-called set of shocks specialized for the Corvette can also be fitted to another sports car brand. That’s lazy designing and engineering. 

For the C4, hands down, my heart goes to the Bilstein complete 4  Monotube gas shocks. 

They’re already a complete set, and you won’t have a problem the next time the rear or the front shocks break down. You already have ready replacements. 

But take heed that it only takes in 1989 to 1996 C4 models, not from 1983 to 1988. What’s more, they’re made in the USA and have German engineering. The best of both worlds. 

They have been tested for optimal performance when speeding on the highway and for situations wherein you go on trips with some baggage inside it and during change lane and curve turning situations. These are essential features when you talk about a sports car like the Corvette. One marketable feature it has is that it provides thrill and the joy of driving. 

For the C5 and the C6, two Corvette variants that are almost like twins, it’s almost like a tumultuous recommendation for the Bilstein brand because the shocks have the complete kit for all four sides of the C5/C6 also have Bilstein as the hands-down winner! 

As a testament to their quality, Bilstein doesn’t only fit comfortably under the C5 and C6. They also fit the Corvette editions for Indy 500 Pace Car Edition, the 50th Anniversary edition, the Z06, and the Grand Sport Corvettes. 

This means these Bilsteins have really special attachments to Corvettes. 

Buy your Bilstein shocks now for the C4, C5, and C6!

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