4 Quick & Easy Tire Slashing Methods

tire slashing

We talk about cars all the time. We discuss their components and what are the best brands for these. Now we are going to talk about tires, which are also essential auto parts. Not about brands this time, but how to puncture them with a sharp knife or other tools.

Intrigued? Read on.

You hate someone a lot. He did something really bad to you and you want to get even.

What’s a good thing to do to make him feel bad and make him regret being a very unlikable person? -Punch him. That would be so direct and he would know right away that it’s you who did it.

Burn his house. Oh no, that’s too extreme – someone might die.

Maybe vandalize the walls of his house? -Nah! That’s too temporary a setback for him. All he has to do is to repaint his house.

Wait, this is what I’m thinking to really irritate him. You know he loves his car as much as his girlfriend. Doing something bizarre to his beloved automobile would really rattle him and dig deep into his spirit.

You’re thinking of slashing his tires quietly and quickly. You’ll just have to make sure no one sees you so you can get away with this cunning idea of yours!

What if you get caught?

You should know… It’s an act of vandalism.

It is considered a misdemeanor and if you get caught and charged, you will have to do court time. You’ll probably get probation or a fine and you have to pay for the cost of the tires.

There is some possibility you will go to jail, but it will not happen if you don’t have a criminal record. It could be upgraded to a felony, which depends on the cost of the tires.

So the solution here, if you really want to pursue the idea of flattening his tires, is to get away with it.

Here are 4 ways to be discreet and fast when slashing tires


Choose long nails with large heads that could make the nails stand on their heads. This is because these nails to be effective, should be standing upside down on the road, right next to the rolling path of the tire.

When the tire starts to roll, the standing nail punctures deep into the tire and goes in even deeper when the car moves along a mile or so. The chap driving the car wouldn’t have a clue who did the tire popping.

Small Puncture with a really sharp knife

Have your face protected when you slash the tire with a really sharp knife like the Buck Knife 119 Special. It’s a good thing face shields are regular fixtures brought by the pandemic together masks, so it means you won’t attract much attention if you act normally.

Tire puncturing with a sharp knife

Then run or walk really fast away from the scene. Or if you don’t have face protection, look away when you puncture the tire because the sudden rush of air might swoosh into your face and shoot some foreign objects into your eyes. It’s really important to have a very sharp knife in your tire slashing operation.

This is because you can’t afford to not do the job quickly. And some quality tires

are really thick. Within several seconds, you have to finish it off because someone might see you or you might attract attention. Being a scrooge with a dull knife won’t help your tire-slashing career a bit.

Slash the tire horizontally

Someone who knows his tire flattening skills has commented that if you want the tire not to make a loud popping sound that would attract attention, slash it horizontally on the sidewall of the tire which is rather thin.

He said that if you just do a small pierce on other parts of the tire, it will make a sound which will make everyone turn around to you and know you’re the culprit!

The moral lesson here is, do it with a really sharp knife, do it fast, and more importantly, practice several times before doing the actual thing!

Unscrewing and Removing some tire parts

This is a tire puncturing technique that could take several minutes, but it could be done with stealth because the tire would flatten with no sound. You just need to unscrew the needle inside the valve stem.

Then, cut the valve stem, remove the valve stem cover and then press on the core which looks like a needle. The tire will now start to deflate.

If the tire you’re going to flatten is yours, you don’t need to be stealthy about it.

Tires are good material for garbage receptacles, and garden tables and chairs. They are very sturdy and strong and of course waterproof.

Bonus Tips

If you commit to slashing the tires of your enemy, don’t limit yourself to only 1 tire

Puncture 3 tires max, but never 4. Why? Because some insurance companies have this stupid rule wherein if you want them to pay for tire replacement, all 4 tires should be flattened. They wouldn’t refund 3 flat tires. In this way, if you only slash 3 tires, you will give your enemy a major headache, because he won’t be refunded by his insurance company.

Be also aware that CCTV cameras could be all over city streets because it has become go-to equipment for police to solve street crimes

They could identify tire slashers easily but masks and face shields are making the process difficult. But CCTV cameras could really have made the difference in the arrest of a man who punctured the tires of 6 detective cars and 6 civilian cars in Harvey, Illinois, USA recently.

He seems to be taking out his anger on the police force and with the public, in general, because he also slashed the tires of other people.

So, if tire slashing is your thing when venting your anger, be wary of CCTV cameras on the premises. You just can’t slash tires and get away with it with CCTV cameras hovering over you.

And it also seems in the USA, people of color running for public office in the USA, whether on a city or state level, have pledged mayhem by smashing cars and slashing tires.

If police officers who were involved in arrests of black juveniles and youth which turned bad and led to their deaths, will not be charged in court. Puncturing tires is a byword these days.


What the heck. If you really hate someone and want to annoy that person, go ahead slash that tire, better, 3 tires. Just don’t be caught by a mob, the police, or by the surveillance cameras.

Important note: We do not encourage you to do this, or we take any responsibility whatsoever if you attempt this act of violence and face charges by breaking the law. This is only for educational purposes.

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