How to clean windshield haze? Everything you need to know

hazy windshield

Overtime the upholstery of your car vents out gasses that accumulates on the inside of your windows and causes haze.

Reduced visibility when driving can be really dangerous, especially when it rains or at night! Some glass cleaners might just smear the film and make streaks all over.

This can be quite frustrating. That’s why in this article I’ll share all my knowledge and tips for cleaning windshield haze.

What Causes a Film on the Inside of Your Windshield?

Clogged Cabin Air Filter

An exhausted air conditioning system has reduced airflow due to a cabin air filter that is several years old and covered in dust.

Which makes air temperature gradually increase depending on how clogged the cabin filter is, along with other factors such as outside temperature and sunlight exposure.

Not only that cause foggy car windows, but it also produces a musty stench while HVAC is ON. Change your cabin air filter regularly to avoid a hazy windshield.

Heater Core Has Gone Bad

Another possible and common problem that may occur is leakage from one of the connectors to the heater core.

Once the heater is working, the air that moves through the box will collect the coolant and deposit it onto the windows through the front vents, causing haze on the car windows and a sweet smell that comes from ethylene glycol(an organic compound used for antifreeze formulations).

Normally, you see leaking on the driver or passenger floorboard, as the heater core is located somewhere under the dashboard, or in some cases see antifreeze under the car.

At this point, the best advice I can give you is to visit a certified mechanic to verify the leak and give an adequate solution.

Vinyl Off-Gassing or Vinyl Protectors

Complete interior outgassing such as vinyl seats, seat covers, dash may vaporize and make a hazy inside of your windshield.

Vinyl protectant products that have been sprayed on the vinyl itself it’s more likely to be the cause of the problem.

Exposing your car to the sun may enhance the effect.

offgas windshield haze
Vinyl interior off-gassing chemicals may be the main culprit for windshield haze.

Top 3 Products That Clean Windshield Haze

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Plunge the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in water, works superbly to eliminate the oily film and smoke residue on your car’s windshield. Smoke buildup, really tough on dirt and offgas from the vinyl interior.

Quick and easy solution, I have tried this and it works perfectly. Keep in mind, do not use the magic eraser hard and dry or it may leave small scratches on your car’s windshield.

2. Adam’s Aerosol Ammonia-free Glass Cleaner

While eco-friendly, the Ammonia Glass Cleaner it’s safe to use on tinted windows too. Brilliant product to clean windshield cloud for a cheap price.

3. Invisible Glass

The Invisible Glass is another excellent glass cleaner that does an awesome job of cleaning foggy windshields. Do not leave streaks and gets rid of residue of your inside glass perfectly as the name says, you have a feeling like the glass is invisible!

How to Clean Windshield Haze- DIY Process (Vinegar and Alcohol Spray)

Vinegar and Water MIX

We are using a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean and remove the stubborn thin coat of film on your car.

Items Needed:

  • 250ml distilled white vinegar
  • 250ml distilled water if possible
  • empty spray bottle with a nozzle
  • clean microfiber cloth and towels

Pour the liquids into the bottle and shake them well until they fuse.

Next, protect the dashboard from accidental drops by putting paper towels all around. Spray the cleaner mixture of vinegar and water generously on the windshield surface. After, wipe the windshield clean with a microfiber cloth.

Boom you’re done with cleaning! If you are not satisfied, repeat the process again to remove haze completely from your glass.

removing windshield haze with DIY mixture
Removing windshield haze is a satisfying job that can be done DIY, bright and clear view is needed for everyday driving.


Another DIY way to clean windshield haze is by using rubbing alcohol.

All you need this time is, one part water two parts rubbing alcohol in your bottle. It is a good cleaner, but keep in mind it’s not recommended as it’s harsh and strong-smelling.

Store-bought glass cleaner formula consist of alcohol mixed with other ingredients which make it safer to use.

Prevent Windshield Haze


Sunshade Cover

Especially if you park outside in the sun and deal with vinyl and plastic offgas, a good windshield sunshade cover is a great idea. To keep your vehicle cool and clean in the summer months.

sunshade cover to protect car from direct sun exposure
High temperature and direct sun exposure will expediate the vinyl off-gassing process, using sunshade cover will keep your vehicle protected from that and cool while summer periods.

Side Window Deflectors(Open Windows)

If you have a problem with a clogged air filter, open one or two of your side windows to provide fresh air. Window deflectors come in clutch here when you park your car outside.

You can leave your vehicle with opened windows to the point where fresh air will be provided, and at the same time, you are protected from rain or snow coming inside your car.


One of the best products that I like to prevent windshield haze on the exterior inRain-X. Prevents water from drying and forming a thin coat of haze, it also does a good job in making it difficult for other substances (like pollen) from sticking on the surface.

When you apply this product a haze will appear, which is normal. After when it’s dry, pour water and clean the remaining haze.

Make sure to read instructions for the best results. Do not apply this product on an interior surface.

Final Thoughts

If a glass fog occurs to your vehicle, take it seriously. It may seem harmless, believe me, it can get you in a lot of trouble.

Now it’s your turn to tell me, from all the things explained above what’s causing you the annoying windshield film on your car?

If you have any additional proven tips and tricks, please be sure to share them in the comments below!

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