Monroe vs Gabriel Shocks and Struts 2021- Detailed Comparison

Monroe vs Gabriel shocks and struts comparison

You love your cars. You own both a sedan and a small pickup truck. They have done you a lot of services and have sent you off to countless places. They have been with you for a couple of years and it’s time to give back. You wouldn’t want to sell them off because they are still in excellent condition.

You’ve noticed lately that on some bumpy sections on the road, the car bounces up and down, more times than necessary. And when you step on the brake, you lunged forward and your head could have bumped the windshield were it not for your body to be retained in your seat by your seatbelts.

Best Overall

When your factory shocks break down after 100,000 miles or so (some even around the 50 or 60,000 mark, you will be looking around for replacement shocks. Preferably OEM shocks of excellent quality that have proven themselves through tested durability and functionality.

If you’re a car enthusiast, no problem. You would be suspecting already that it’s your shocks or struts that are the problems and you’re pretty sure of your diagnosis. The car has been with you for years and the shocks or struts have never been replaced.

If you’re the type of person who is not really into cars, would you like some professional advice on what brand of shocks or struts will make excellent replacements for your old and weary car parts? -Allow me to introduce to you two popular brands of OEM shocks and struts: Gabriel and Monroe shocks and struts.

But before delving into the finer points about Monroe and Gabriel shocks and struts, you should be aware of…

What are the best practices for car owners when it comes to buying new Shocks and Struts?

1. When I replace my shocks or struts, should I replace them simultaneously?

As a piece of advice, shocks and struts should be replaced, at the minimum, in pairs, or all fours.

So that the replaced parts will incur a well-balanced performance on your vehicle. This is also for the purpose of more predictable and more safe handling and control of your car. As far as you know, all 4 components on your car have been through the same situations on the road and have traveled the same number of miles.

2. When your vehicle has incurred 60,000 miles or more of travel, you should be extra meticulous with your spot-checking the health of your shocks or struts.

mechanic explaining to customer

The range from 60,000 to 100,000 miles or more is critical when it comes to the expectation that the struts or shocks are worn out.

3. When choosing your replacement shocks or struts, the most expensive is but necessarily the best.

Gabriel and Monroe Shocks and Struts, although having entry-level prices, have excellent quality and materials that equal or even exceed the performance of more pricey brands.

4. Be observant about the compatibility of the shocks or struts with your vehicle make.

Most Monroe and Gabriel shocks and struts have Variants that fit excellently into the internal mechanism of most car makes. They will come in the box with all the needed screws, bolts, and other required pieces that don’t need extra tools for easy installation.

It is quite important, to be frank about announcing your car make before buying any Gabriel or Monroe Shocks or Struts so as to avoid complications in the future. But 90 percent of the time, they will be compatible.

If you decide to make a DIY shocks replacement, or strut replacement, this is a huge bonus!

5. Ask around from knowledgeable people about brands of shocks or struts which are affordable but have withstood the test of time and longevity.

The best chances are, Monroe and Gabriel shocks and struts will be mentioned. They are made of premium-grade steel components that have been tested to resist extreme temperatures and pressure.

6. Seek for shocks and struts that are able to perform well even on bumpy roads.

car drives on bumpy roads

Another added review you should do on shocks and struts is if they have been tested for vibration reduction because this is an important factor if you want to enjoy a smooth ride on your vehicle even if the road terrain is not so smooth.

7. The shocks or struts should be able to maintain the height of the vehicle

To be able to carry its weight and its expected regular load in terms of passengers or cargo is a very important.

Now that you’re made aware of what constitutes a good buy of new shocks or struts, let’s go into the nitty-gritty bits and details about Gabriel and Monroe Shocks and Struts.

There are some similarities between Gabriel and Monroe shocks and struts which makes it difficult to choose between the two:

  • Installing shocks or struts are among the easiest parts to install in a car by an amateur Do It Yourself auto enthusiast. Especially so with Gabriel and Monroe parts which already have complete shocks and struts assembly parts that are compatible with most car makes. Other car parts require the skills of professional car mechanics to install.
  • Most shocks and struts show and make you feel the wear and tear around the 50 to 60,000 miles usage level. But both Gabriel and Monroe have reportedly blasted through this myth by churning out an average of 100,000 miles of travel before conking out.
  • The cost of both Gabriel and Monroe Shocks and Struts are in the range of only $30 to $130. They are OEM entry-level components but they perform or even exceed the performance of higher-priced shocks and struts which are advertised heavily.
  • Gabriel shocks and struts are made in Mexico whereas Monroe parts are manufactured in the USA.

Differences between Monroe and Gabriel shocks and struts:

  • People say the best affordable shocks but quality shocks and struts in the world is Monroe when it comes to complete OEM shock or strut assembly for vehicles with minimal load and usually drives around smooth urban roads. Monroe products are known to exact smooth, comfortable rides on cars where they are installed in.
  • Gabriel is more the choice of owners of vans, sports utility vehicles, light utility vehicles, and pickup trucks. These automobiles are used to heave bulky loads onto their backsides or usually have passengers of 4 or more. Gabriel is firmer and sturdier, so that is the real need for vehicles with medium to heavy loads most of the time.

Now, let’s load up on Monroe this time without a Gabriel component by its side…


There are only a few shocks that can compare to Monroe Shocks and Struts. But before buying Monroe, also make sure to mention what is your car brand and make because unfortunately, some types of cars are compatible with Monroe shocks or struts.

Monroe Shocks & Struts Quick-Strut 139105 Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

Monroe is the world leader in adaptable OEM shocks and struts. As an excellent example, the Monroe 172263 Quick-Strut Assembly is already a user-friendly pre-assembled upper strut mount that brings with it OE style bearings and also SAE Grade nuts and bolts.

Key Features of Monroe Shocks and Struts Products

  • The quick strut and shock assemblies of Monroe restores the expected ride and handling experience that is unique for every car profile. Monroe has quick strut assemblies that are vehicle specific in their designs for targeted car brands and results in optimal fit and safety of the Monroe parts into the vehicle.
  • Everything you need in a quick strut or shock assembly that’s already complete without you needing a spring compressor. Monroe parts are designed for easy installation by the amateur car enthusiast into their own vehicles. This enables them a lot of savings away from car mechanic costs.
  • Your steering will feel like you’re driving a brand new vehicle. The quality upper strut or shock mount enables you to enjoy smooth steering precision. Noise and vibration will be minimized with the Monroe quick strut or shock assembly in place. Memory steer wherein the car will experience misalignment and will steer more to one direction, will be a thing of the past. How nice it is to be driving a car with no worries at the back of your head that it will break down in the middle of the road.
  • The coil spring type is designed to restore the vehicle ride height and also to painstakingly bear gracefully the bulk of the vehicle.
  • They are made to be durable and to last long to serve you well. Fabricated with premium steel that has an advanced tube and weld design that gives you structural integrity and sturdiness. Makes you forget it’s an OEM part and not original parts of the vehicle.
  • Most Monroe shocks and struts have a lifetime warranty (most products) and some have 2 years. Better to check before buying to make sure.

Monroe 58654 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

Gabriel Shocks and Struts

Gabriel G57109 Ultra Ready Mount, 1 Pack

Key Features of Gabriel Shocks and Struts Products

  • The Gabriel 49235 Air Truck Shocks is consistently being mentioned as a recommended OEM component for trucks. Gabriel has always been known to be the brand of choice for vehicles with consistently medium to heavy loads of human and product cargo. And Gabriel is also the recommended shocks and struts for automobiles that frequent off-road terrain.
  • The process by which Gabriel shocks and struts complete assembly sets are installed is relatively simple, from the Jack up, to the unscrewing of the nuts and bolts, the extraction of the old components, and the eventual installation of the new Gabriel shocks or struts.

Gabriel 81490 Guardian Shock, 6 Pack

Final Verdict- Which ones are a perfect fit for you?

Both Monroe and Gabriel shocks and struts have merits of their own which should be considered by any prospective buyer. But I should say that if your car is a sedan and you are mostly by your lonesome or with a lone passenger most of the time; and you only travel around the city or urban roads which are relatively smooth, do go with Monroe Shocks and Struts.

They seem to be very consistent and compatible with sedans and small cars. And I should say, their lifetime warranty gives you the client, all the security that you are asking for in a car component.

But if you have a pickup truck, a sports utility vehicle, or any other car that is expected to carry 4 passengers or more daily; or you expect your vehicle to be carrying various loads at the back, do purchase Gabriel shocks or struts. They are designed for this purpose.

But their lack of a warranty clause leaves a big question mark up in the air.

How about you, my friend? What do you think?

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