Sensen Shocks Review 2022- Are They Good or Bad?

Sensen Shocks Review

You sense something wrong with your shock absorbers. You push on the hood and the shocks doesn’t return to its original level in one bounce but loosely goes up and down. You’re thinking, will you buy generic shocks or Sensen shocks which have been generating very good reviews lately?

What you’re after is long product life and quality of comfort. I’m sure you’re worrying about your shocks at this point. I’ll recommend you take a good look at Sensen shocks and read on with this article to get to know if it will work for your car.

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Sensen shocks are quality OE vehicle fittings suited and adaptable to most car makes and models. They are preferred as replacement shocks by many vehicle owners who are thinking of upgrading the worn and broken down generic shocks of their car brand because of their affordability and reputed long life span.

SENSEN 2900 Front or Rear Struts Compatible with 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Highlighted Functions:

  • Fits 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee
  • Complete equipment items
  • Carbon steel building

If you desire a collection of high quality Sensen shocks for your Grand Cherokee, after that the 2900 complete establish will satisfy your needs in every method.

They surpass assumptions in resilience, efficiency, and really feel.

Basic Trip Really feel

The initially point you will discover while owning your car with this establish of shocks is the spectacular really feel it provides.

On the other hand with various other stun brand names, Sensen ensures you obtain a comparable experience to the manufacturing facility shocks.

Your Grand Cherokee will not really feel as well lively or as well reduced – however practically fresh.

Incredibly Dependable

The twin-tube building of the shocks will enhance the general high quality of the establish.

They include a nitrogen gas bill that enhances the efficiency while guaranteeing your dealing with and manage never ever drops.

Also in the trickiest of circumstances with your Cherokee, these shocks will deal with the task all right.

Simple and easy Setup

From the bushings to the rubbers, your receive the full package so you can set it up with no effort at all.

Also if you are unskilled, the shocks are so well-made that replacing them up will be super-fast. A couple of mins will be enough to set up them on your driveway.


  • Deals with a great deal of stress easily
  • Lasting and well-made
  • Brings back manufacturing facility really feel to the SUV
  • Needs bit to no initiative to set up


  • Might establish corrosion in time

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The Company Behind Sensen Shocks

Started in 1985, Zhejiang Sensen Auto Parts Co. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Sensen shocks. It’s not only limited to shocks, but it also makes struts, combination switches, electronic fuel pumps, throttle bodies, door locks and handles and more.

It has earned titles such as Well Known Trade Name in Zhejiang Province, Enterprise with Great Achievements, and Zhejiang Hi-tech Enterprise.

The Sensen brand has already established a reputable name in the auto parts industry and has become the steady OEM supplier to more than 30 car companies. To name a few: GEELY, BYD, TATA, DONGFENG, CHINA FAW GROUP, BOSCH, SIEMENS VDO and DELPHI.

Pros When Buying Sensen Shocks

1. Sensen Shocks Warranty

Sensen places so much confidence on its shocks and struts that it attaches a lifetime warranty on them as long as the vehicle on which they were installed still has the original purchaser as the current owner of the car at the time the warranty will be availed of.

There had been no change of ownership since the time that the Sensen product had been purchased and installed on the vehicle. So, “lifetime” has a constricting period wherein only the original purchaser will be entertained when it comes to warranty availment.

Do not lose the original Sensen purchase invoice because it should accompany the warranty availment.

2. Sensen Only Uses Premium Eneos&Reg; Oil

Sensen uses top quality Eneos® oil which maintains the premium properties of the shocks even if the temperature readings are from 130c down to – 40c. Eneos® prevents the scenario of the Sensen shocks assembly from fading in the high temperatures and doing noisy operation at low temperatures.

3. Sensen Only Uses Top Quality Oil Seals

Sensen shocks only use NOK double lip oil seals. NOK is a known Japanese quality seal supplier. Sensen doesn’t want customers to experience misting and shortened lifecycle failure due to the use of substandard oil seals.

4. Sensen Makes Own Piston Rods

sensen shock absorbers
Premium quality Sensen Shock Absorbers

To ensure quality, Sensen makes its own piston rods with premium concentricity through the use of Japanese grinding machines. Sensen even has its own automated hard chrome plating line to guarantee that the RMA or roughness will be able to come up to OE standards. In the long run, the quality of the piston rod accomplishes a lot towards the life span of the shock assembly.

5. Sensen Only Uses Steel Tubes

Sensen shocks always use seamless steel tubes. This practice ensures greater concentricity and a longer time of service of the shocks to you. Seamless steel tubes are always more durable compared to welded seam tubes which are used by competitors.

6. Sensen Uses Only Quality OEM Valve Discs

Different road conditions and temperatures require quality valve discs for your shock absorber package. Sensen only utilizes OE suppliers which have proven their quality. Although OE, Sensen makes sure that each value pack is engineered carefully specific to the vehicle requirements.

7. Sensen Shocks Comply With Sae Grade 8 Standards

All components used together with Sensen shocks are at par with SAE Grade 8 standards. Some competitors omit high quality when it comes to some shock absorber hardware.

Sensen shocks are ISO9001:2000 certified.

Cons About the Sensen Shocks

Some customers have reported that Sensen shocks have not reached much above a 100,000-mile lifespan.

If you come to think about it, that’s already great because Sensen shocks are very affordable and 100,000 miles of service means that it is already worth it.

This is as long as your vehicle is not expected to be loaded with heavy cargo consistently and it doesn’t go off-road most of the time. If your car is due to be used regularly as a road monster, then Sensen shocks are not advised for your car.

1. Confusing installation steps especially for beginners

Many Sensen shocks users have claimed that the instruction guide is not very helpful, so if you decide to replace your shocks by yourself using their guide you might wanna reconsider and check out more resources.

2. Poor after-sale services

Many buyers complained about this, so this is a field that they should improve!

Key Features and Benefits of Sensen Shocks

  • Basing on the fact that more than 30 car companies have made Sensen shocks their default OEM shock absorber supplier, it must be really good and worthwhile for its affordable price. A check with online prices on Amazon of Sensen shocks display prices from the range of below $30 to a high of $130. For automobile parts, that is really commendable, given that the Sensen manufacturer is ISO certified.
  • As stated above in the pros of Sensen shocks, its makers have made extra effort that its components, namely its oil used, oil seals, piston rods, steel tubes and valve discs, have all been upgraded to produce the highest quality function possible in an OEM shock absorber set.
  • If you’re a Do It Yourself Guy, you’ll only need a solid 4 hours to have your Sensen shocks installed on your car. Just to be sure, have a friend around to assist you in the process. And be sure to grease the bottoms so that you’ll have an easier time in installing your Sensen shocks.
Sensen Shocks and Struts Replacement on Chevy Silverado

Some Pertinent Questions About Sensen Shocks

The argument in question here is that, is it universally accepted that Sensen shocks is the perfect affordable and quality OEM replacement shocks for all car makes?

I would carefully say, No, it is not. Although, I would point out that most car makes would have the perfect adaptability to Sensen shocks, around 75 percent of them, based on customer reviews, you still have to make sure that your car makes is really suitable for Sensen shocks.

Ask around, especially from friends and car owners who own the same car make as yours. Also, mechanics who are specialists in shock absorbers. Ask them for the compatibility of Sensen shocks to your car, or you’ll end up wasting your money or trying to find a buyer for your purchased Sensen shocks.

This is not to belittle the quality of Sensen shocks. In fact, they are very superior OEM shocks, but the theory here is to really make sure it fits perfectly into your car mechanism.

Reviews From Real Customers

A customer with a Jeep Wrangler says that the Sensen shocks made a wonderful difference to the ride of the vehicle. It took just some extra effort in its back set when it came to pushing up on the upper rod. The owner had to seek assistance from another person to be able to set the nut and turn it until the backset shocks were fully mounted. The front set didn’t have a mounting problem at all…


2 Toyota Rav4 customers who bought a set of each of Sensen’s rear shock absorbers share contrasting reviews. The first one says that the Sensen shocks were a perfect fit, as advertised, for Toyota Rav4. But the other customer comments that although the Sensen shocks were a good fit, they didn’t last on the vehicle for more than 2 months…


A customer who fitted Sensen rear shocks on his Sonata was very appreciative of the quality of this product set because it fixed long term pitting issues of his Sonata vehicle on the rear tires…


Check Out Sensen Shocks at Your Local Auto Store or Simply Shop Online

If all circumstances point towards your vehicle being a compatible fit for Sensen shocks, visit your local auto supply store or purchase them from amazon. Enjoy the moment of going over the range of Sensen products and also other brands that are available. Discuss without hesitation your concerns and budget, and you might end up purchasing Sensen shocks and having it installed. Or you might end up with another brand. You’ll never know.


I speak for most car owners who have a budget to think of. It’s not only car shocks that they have to think about, but also other household expenses.

If the average lifespan of Sensen shocks is 100,000 miles, and your car is only expected to regularly traverse urban roads that are relatively smooth and devoid of potholes and bumps, and it is only anticipated to carry human cargo within the capacity of your car make, I would highly recommend your purchase of Sensen shocks.

100,000 miles is already a lot of roads and happy travel memories for your family. For the service they bring, Sensen shocks are a high-quality bargain!


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  1. Ive bought sen sen struts for my 2013 kia optima and there garbage ive changed them out 3 times thats 3 completes sets there garbage. After 7000 miles theres clunking and banging and car hits the ground. This last set the strut was still good but the strut mount went out and every time i turn my steering wheel i here creaking and banging.

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